Thursday, March 03, 2011

  Put Palestine on the Back Burner
Nadene Goldfoot
From my view of Palestine and Israel, the Palestinians have done nothing to show that Palestine would be a viable and honorable state existing next door to Israel.  That this should be a requirement doesn't seem to qualify as a number one position in anyone's list of pre-requisites other than Israel, who must put up with their destructive ambitions. 

On the Palestinian's side, they have shown that they cannot even get along with each other shown by splitting in two being Hamas and Fatah plus a number of other smaller factions bent on destruction of Israel.  They didn't just split like a political faction might do, but they fought each other bitterly to the death.  Right now they are contemplating  teeming up against Israel again since they didn't get a veto passed against Israel in the U.N.  I guess with Gadaffi gone in the Human Rights Council, they have lost their clout. 

Is it in the world's best interests to declare land a state that harbors such ambitions as to destroy its established neighbor?  Would they wish this for themselves?  Will the world self-destruct if there isn't a 48th Muslim state created which would put the only Jewish state in the world on the sacrificial altar? 

Israel has just now come out with the statement that they really don't see at this time a way of making any peace deal with the Palestinians.  The Palestinians aren't  giving in an inch in their demands.  This is something that Israel has done over and over in the name of peace that rarely comes.  Palestinian leaders deplore that Israel would still have military control over land.  The reason is that their neighbors are always dropping bombs, missiles,  and mortars on them as well as trying to kill civilians on Israeli soil . So, when the times have changed and Palestinians change their tune dramatically, then this might take place.  I wouldn't look to see a peace pact between the two very soon though Netanyahu and the government are trying to come up with some alternative ideas.  Look for an announcement in the next few weeks about it.    The problem still lies for Israel in how to live in such a dangerous neighborhood.

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