Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Around Nablus, Bomber Ready and Waiting

Just south of Nablus at a checkpoint, border police found a man concealing 5 pipe bombs and 3 Molotov cocktails all ready to use.  Nablus is the largest Palestinian city in Samaria, which is also called the "West Bank."  Supposedly this area, under Abbas,  is peaceful, but the Palestinians  living there are still being fed the ideology of Hamas.   It's sad because we just heard at an AIPAC meeting how some Palestinians are working well with Israelis, giving us some hope that perhaps life could be possible between the two. 

Israel has to remain forever alert.  Just last month Israel took down a checkpoint making movement easier for the residents in the area.  Perhaps that was done too soon. 

AIPAC Dinner Meeting 3/6/11 Portland, OR.

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