Monday, March 28, 2011

A Nazi Philosophy Working on U.N. Members
Nadene Goldfoot
The Nazis taught that if you tell a lie long enough with enough sincerity behind it, it will be believed.  This is happening to the U.N. members in connection with their present attitude towards Israel.  They believe all the lies told about Israel.  Even Goldstone of South Africa went along with all the false accusations, and once accepted, these lies  were unable to be corrected. 

Carolyn Glick, political analyst points out that no matter what injustices are happening to Israel, the Palestinians have now brought about a "Pavlovian response" where every report about Israel makes them hate Israel even more.

What is disgusting is that David Cameron, Prime Minister of England lied when he called Gaza and open air prison.  He had just been talking to Abbas and knew that Hamas is a jihadist terror group closely connected to al-Qaida.  David did this because in Britain's last elections the Muslim Public Affairs Committee was able to oust 6 members of parliament who were supportive of Israel.  That's how they play ball. 

Palestinians have been trying to wear out Israel with all the innumerable wars and attacks since 1948, and they haven't.  But the rest of the world seems to be saturated with hearing the same old same old story and are giving in.  It's a life and death situation for Israel but not for anyone else, they think.  People care more for their sports outcomes than the presence of a teeny country who came about in a righteous way that is about to be eaten up by the voracious and innumerable Muslim enemies. 

Take the very recent attacks in Itamar, Samaria and in Jerusalem as well as the shelling in Southern Israel.  Nobody is taking responsibility for all these attacks of late.  The youth of Gaza and the "West Bank" are trying to teem up to gang up on Israel but they really don't want either Fatah or Hamas.  These young Palestinians have no freedom in Gaza because of Hamas and Fatah, in their eyes, is trying to appease Israel.

500,000 Israelis are about to lose their established homes in Judea and Samaria because of this "who cares" attitude of the U.N.  Israel is about to be forced into a defenseless position and will be in even more peril than at the present.   The Palestinians feel they now have Europe brainwashed and intimidated from establishing communities around the world.  Saudi Arabia is already a part of the bombing squad over nearby Libya! 

I used to think that at least the USA, original backers of Israel and strongest country in the world, would continue to stand with her.  We saw a veto against a horrid vote against Israel from Obama, but it also came with chastisement from him as well.  Can we count on the USA again?  Will Holland?  Will Canada?  This is coming to fruitition at a time where Obama and his wife are so concerned about the bullies in our school systems and how the children being bullied are badly damaged.  Do they ever think that perhaps Israel has been bullied every step of the way since its birth and has also suffered from this injustice? 
Read the Caroline Glick article below.  It's excellent.

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