Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Attacks in Israel: Jerusalem and Ashkelon
Nadene Goldfoot
The morning news greeted me with the horrific news that there had been an explosion in Jerusalem that has killed one 59 year old woman and injured 50 others.  It was from a bag left at the bus stop in the center of Jerusalem where an Egged bus 74 was waiting.  The bag was seen to be left by a man and contained about 1-2 kg of explosives packed with shrapnel.  This happened on Shazar Avenue.

MK Shai pronounced that warfare has begun again.  The quiet period is over.  Salam Fayyad has denounced the attack.  At the same time his Fatah group recognizes and rewards terrorists who get their names on different things in their community.  Fatah does nothing to deter such activity.  They only keep the pot boiling, then announce to the outsiders that they feel so badly. 

France wants Israel to reign in with the retaliation, but what does a nation do to terrorists who  attack civilians continuously?    Just because Israel is an established nation with an army is not reason to not show terrorists that they cannot get away with killing their people.  Giving into  their demands does not get a desired affect.  It only enboldens them to take more and more as the past has shown.  Only a peace that is discussed and accepted can be the answer to a war. 

At the same time, 7 mortar shells were shot into Ashkelon.  Ashkelon is Portland, OR's sister city which holds the large hospital for all in the region.  Lately it has become a main target.  of the "admired terrorists."
3/25/11 from Debka File : The woman killed in the terrorist bomb blast in Jerusalem Wednesday is identified as Mary Jane Gardner, a British citizen.

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