Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Jerusalem Cannot Be Divided

Nadene Goldfoot
"The area you are accustomed to calling "east Jerusalem," in other words, the area north and south and east of the Green Line that split the city in half during the Jordanian occupation, is home today to some 200,000 Jews comprising 41 percent of all the residents living in this area. Eighty-five percent of the 295,000 Arabs in east Jerusalem were born after 1967 into the reality of a united Jerusalem under Israeli governance, and were never exposed to the reality of a divided city."

"Palestinians living in east Jerusalem  are extremely fearful of Palestinian Authority rule and the division of the city. Tens of thousands of them voted with their feet by crossing the security barrier in north Jerusalem over to the Israeli side, to remain inside the united city. Additional tens of thousands have said in surveys that they will do the same thing if the city is once again divided."

"The health care system in Jerusalem serves both populations, as does Hebrew University, the Roads Authority, public transportation, shopping malls, electricity grids, telephone wires and the sewage system. The neighborhoods themselves are also intertwined. Even the barriers between the different quarters in the Old City are increasingly blurred. Jews live in the Muslim Quarter; Muslims live in the Christian Quarter. In contrast to the period under Jordanian rule, the holy sites are open to everyone. The only such restriction is against Jews — on the Temple Mount."

Mahmoud Abbas b: March 26, 1935, former PLO terrorist who took over from Yassar Arafat, now Chairman of the Palestinian National Authority, has been holding this post since November 11, 2004.  His capital has been Ramallah in Judea-Samaria, but he and Khaled Mashaal of Hamas are pushing for east Jerusalem which they would make Judenrein.  Four days ago Abbas said that he wouldn't allow Israel to build in the E1 area.   Reports in the London Sunday Times from 3 days ago say that Hamas is preparing to oust Abbas from Ramallah and take over even it means another war.  They've had an on and off love affair ever since Hamas kicked him out of Gaza in 2007 in a bloody coup.    

"Nir Barkat is the mayor of Jerusalem.  Barkat also makes the important point that Jewish sovereignty over the city has been its only reliable guarantor of religious openness, access, and equality.   By 2030, the city’s population will expand to one million residents from 800,000 today (33% Muslim, 2% Christian and 65% Jewish). Where does the world suggest we put these extra 200,000 residents?

The expansion of Jerusalem’s residential areas is essential for the natural growth of all segments of our population. It enables Jewish and Arab families alike to grow and remain in the city. The capital of a sovereign nation cannot be expected to freeze growth rather than provide housing to families of all faiths eager to make their lives there.
As for “E-1,” this land has always been considered the natural site for the expansion of contiguous neighborhoods of metropolitan Jerusalem. “E-1” strengthens Jerusalem. It does not impede peace in our region. The international alarm about planned construction is based solely on the misplaced dreams of the Palestinians and their supporters for a divided Jerusalem."
Resource: from: "Europe, face reality in Jerusalem" by Nadav Shragai by Seth Mandel , explanation of the fallacy of E-1 causing problems of movement

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Palestinians Died in Gaza?

Nadene Goldfoot
April 16, 2001, the first rocket was fired from Gaza into Israel.  

On November 14, after 12 years of having been shelled by Gazan terrorists, Israel warned, begged help from the UN,  and were ignored by the world.  They were forced to retaliate with Operation Pillar of Defense, and as a result killed 178 Palestinians.

Only 169 of the casualties were ever identified.  It was found out that 101 were terrorists, with 71 of these affiliated with Hamas.  17 were affiliated with Islamic Jihad, 6 were members of the Popular Resistance committees, 3 were Fatah terrorists, 2 belonged to the Army of Islam, 1 was a PFLP terrorist and 1 was a Salafist terrorist, which are the most extreme Muslim faction.

 68 people were  civilians.  This amounts to  the fact that 60% were  terrorists   What these terrorists do is place their launching pads for their rockets, mortars and missiles among civilian population in order to have further ammunition against Israel by saying, "See, they hit our civilians."  Civilized countries do not put their civilians in harm's way, regardless.

Even in this the terrorists are still terrorizing Israel by misconscrewing the numbers.  The terrorist groups published a smaller number of actual terrorists and made the civilian number larger just to defame Israel.  Then they had the chutzpa to add the names of those who died in other circumstances to the death list in order to vilify Israel.

Since 2001, the terrorists have fired 12,800 rockets and mortars into Israel.  44 Israeli civilians were killed since 2006 and 1,687 were injured.  In 2006, 9 were killed and 371 injured; in 2007, 10 were killed and 578 injured; in 2008, 15 were killed and 611 injured.   By December 27, 2008, Israel had enough and followed up with Operation Cast Lead.  63% to 75% of the Palestinian casualties were men of combat age.  Total casualties amounted to 1,400 in the 22 days that Israel had to go into Gaza.  . 308 of them were under age 18.   5,000 were wounded.  The terrorists managed to kill 10 IDF and 3 Israeli civilians.

The Palestinian terrorists were unperturbed.   In 2009, 2 were killed and 11 injured; in 2010, 5 were killed and 35 injured; in 2011, 3 were killed and 81 injured.  Then in 2012, 1,822 rockets, mortars and missiles were fired into Israel.

March 9-14, 2012, Israel held Operation Returning Echo where they pinpointed Zohair al-Qaisi, the Secretary General of the Popular Resistance Committees. Along with him, another terrorist companion was killed as well as a nearby civilian.   This led to the Palestinian retaliation with the terrorists shooting 300 plus Grad missiles, Qassam rockets and mortar shells into Israel.  177 of them hit Ashdod, Ashkelon and Beersheba.  23 civilians were injured.  Israel shot down 56 rockets out of 71 attempts.

Israel takes all the steps possible to protect their citizens while the Palestinians put them in harm's way on purpose.  This is why there is a difference in fatalities.  Israel may have suffered less deaths, but have been under attack since 2001 with indiscriminate shelling coming into civilian populations without anyone stepping up to stop it such as the UN.  It happens to be against international law.  This has been war.

I note that the Palestinians have been accepted into the UN under a nonmember observer state while the Palestinians  refuse to recognize Israel as a state.  Is this their reward for shelling Israel and not making peace for the past 12 years?

In Bethlehem, which is in Judah (West Bank and under Fatah rule), thousands of Christian tourists are celebrating the birth of Jesus, and the Muslims are celebrating the UN's recent recognition of an "independent Palestinian state."  Considering how the Christians are being treated in Egypt under their new Muslim Brotherhood politics, it won't be long before things change for the few Christians in Bethlehem.  I don't know why the top Roman Catholic cleric in the Holy Land, Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal, the Palestinian Archbishop who was born in Jordan, mentioned that the road to actual freedom was still long, but....the birth of the state of Palestine.  I have a feeling he is expecting more attacks on Israel, especially for Jerusalem, as it is a telling statement.  For a religious man, he is not hiding his political feelings.

Reference: Arutz Sheva: 60% of Palestinian Casualties in Recent Gaza Fighting Were Terrorists;
Oregonian newspaper 12/25/12 Front page, In Bethlehem, two reasons to celebrate by Dalia Nammari, AP  IDF going into Gaza  by Ariel Siegelman, an IDF, possibly in Operation Cast Lead, uploaded in 2010.
Added 1/7/13

Monday, December 24, 2012

Violations Affecting Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
War is like a football or basketball game.  There are actually rules and regulations today on what's allowed.

Where did Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committee and other resistance groups shoot from in Gaza?  They shot from their own densely populated areas into the civilian population centers in Israel.

Did they make any statements about what their aim was in doing this?  Yes, they stated clearly that harming Israeli civilians was their aim.

What they did was in direct violation to international law in the laws of War.  It's only taken the Human Rights Watch (HRW) about 12 years to make such a statement.  It was particularly noted during the recent "Pillar of Defense" attack of November 14-21, 2012,  in which the Palestinians are now taking so much credit and bragging rights for succeeding.

According to the laws of war summary, the Palestinians had placed their own population in grave risk by doing so which is an act that is condemned.

"Under International Humanitarian Law or the laws of war, civilians and civilian structures may not be subject to deliberate attacks or attacks that do not discriminate between civilians and military targets. Anyone who commits serious laws-of-war violations intentionally or recklessly is responsible for war crimes." (HRW)

Israel has been calling out for help about this ever since 2001 or earlier, but nothing has ever been said as condemnations of. the terrorists actions against Israel.   Now it's coming out that there is a prohibition of reprisal attacks against civilians regardless of attacks from the other side.  That's what's been happening between Gaza and Israel.  Israel has gone in to hit with precision the rocket launchers and their soldiers/terrorists manning them and then Gaza shoots rockets, missiles and mortars into a civilian population.

Israel was also in the wrong by attacking media facilities resulting in journalists being in harm's way according to HRW.  This was called a violation as they didn't say specifically that they were military targets and command centers for the terrorists; thus were not legitimate military targets.  They were in fact military facilities placed in these places that Israel knew of.  They  just didn't announce is early enough, though they did warn journalists and others to leave areas where military action was happening.  However, according to HRW, this was not a proven fact and that even though the TV and radio were cheering on the Palestinians, it was not a legitimate reason to attack them.

HRW is a Human Rights Watch and  is a nonprofit, non-governmental human rights organization started in 1978.   They will go to the UN to campaign for their decisions.  Their 280 staff members are country experts, lawyers, journalists, and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.  Human Rights Watch is an independent, nongovernmental organization, supported by contributions from private individuals and foundations worldwide. It accepts no government funds, directly or indirectly.

Professor Gerald Steinberg, who received his doctorate at Cornell University in 1981, now at Bar Ilan University in Israel,   is an expert on international relations, law, and is a prolific writer.  One paper he wrote on February 26 of this year is about the Human Rights Watch's lost credibility.  He feels they have a consistent credibility gap between their universal moral objectives and the reality of its Middle East political agenda--including obsessive focus on Israel and their cooperation with dictatorships.  He's disappointed in that they haven't yet condemned the use of genocidal threats by the Iranian regime.

Perhaps Professor Steinberg's paper accelerated this HRW report to come out now.  I'm not sure.  If Steinberg watches and reports about HRW and HRW watches and reports on the ills of the world, it's all more than the UN is capable of doing.

Added 1/2/2013 Testimony of how Israel put themselves in harm's way in order to protect civilians, (The Israeli army has backed the rights of civilians in a combat zone)
Update: 1/28/13

Monday, December 17, 2012

Bethlehem Loses Christians

Nadene Goldfoot
Bethlehem came under Palestinian control on December 22,  1995 as the Oslo Accords had Israel control transferred.  Bethlehem had 45,000 residents and was the 6th West Bank city to come under the PA rule.  The others were Jericho, Jenin, Tulkarm, Nablus and Kalkilya.  Right next door to Bethlehem is the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo.  The PA police are to keep order.

A ceremony saw the transfer, but afterwards, crowds pulled down a fence surrounding the police station at Manger square.  Church bells rang and fireworks were lighting up the sky over the square,  jammed with merrymakers, vendors selling kebab and cotton candy and dancing boys in circles to recorded music.  Arafat's picture was in many windows.  Along Manger Street, many Santa Clauses passed out candy to children.  The Muslims were happy about it.

Not on Christmas day was everyone enthused about the change.  1,200 opponents of the Oslo Accords were outside the city limits rallying with the banner saying, "We have come to dispel the darkness," and vowed that Israel would regain control.  Jews were also upset about Rachel's Tomb being under PA control.  Israel's government did not allow this rally, so they moved to the Mar Elias monastery, north.

King David of Israel was from Bethlehem and crowned there as King of Israel.  His ancestors, Ruth and Boaz were married here, so it is a special city to Jews as well.  

 "Bethlehem's chief economic sector is tourism which peaks during the Christmas season when Christian pilgrims throng to the Church of the Nativity.  Bethlehem has over thirty hotels and three hundred handicraft work shops. Rachel's Tomb,  an important Jewish holy site, is located at the northern entrance of Bethlehem."  Jacob's 2nd wife was Rachel, who died in childbirth of Benjamin.  Jewish women like to go to her tomb to pray for children.

The Christian community privately expressed fears of falling under the control of Muslim Palestinians, but were afraid of speaking out publicly.  That was 17 years ago.  Today, the Christian population has dwindled.  In 1948 they were  85% of the population of Bethlehem.  It has now shrunk from 20,000 of 1995 to 7,500.

Bethlehem, which is 5 miles south of Jerusalem,  was a center of terrorism during the 2nd Intifada of 2000 to 2005.  Israel then built a security wall around the city in 2005 to fight terror, which may be one of the factors in driving Christians away.  Then again, Christians most likely have family in the US, Canada, Australia, and South or Central America. Christians have sought education and employment out of the city.  They are also suffering from Islamic extremism due to signs of disturbing anti-Christian feelings among parts of the Muslim population, even though they have had a tradition of coexistence.  The Muslims have intimidated the Christians and practice land theft, discriminate in the public sector in employment, along with abuse and economic hardships.  This all makes the Palestinian Christian leaders feeling insecure, and so place the blame on Israel when they speak on record.

At any rate, they expect to have thousands of tourists to celebrate Christmas.

Reference: A Star Sets in the East by Tamara Zieve, Herb Keinon and archives of Jerusalem Post

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mayor of Jerusalem Appalled by EU Minister on Jerusalem

                                       A Divided Jerusalem Will Not Stand -
by  Nir Barkat (Wall Street Journal)
  • Here in Jerusalem, we stand saddened and appalled by the EU ministers who condemn construction projects that are well within the municipal borders of Jerusalem, while ignoring calls from the leader of Hamas for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.

  • Isn't it ironic that many in Europe who recently celebrated 25 years of the reunification of Berlin are at the same time calling for the division of another capital on another continent?

  • By 2030, the city's population will expand to one million residents from 800,000 today (33% Muslim, 2% Christian and 65% Jewish). Where does the world suggest we put these extra 200,000 residents?

  • The expansion of Jerusalem's residential areas is essential for the natural growth of all segments of our population. It enables Jewish and Arab families alike to grow and remain in the city. The capital of a sovereign nation cannot be expected to freeze growth rather than provide housing to families of all faiths eager to make their lives there.

  • As for "E-1," this land has always been considered the natural site for the expansion of contiguous neighborhoods of metropolitan Jerusalem. "E-1" strengthens Jerusalem. It does not impede peace in our region.

  • Jerusalem has been and forever will be the heart and soul of the Jewish people. It is also the united and undivided capital of the State of Israel.

    The writer is the mayor of Jerusalem.

  • I note that the Palestinians living in Jerusalem are not being hurt by the E1 decision.  Actually, they are being helped.  Only the Palestinians who are aching to take away all of Jerusalem from the Jews are complaining.  They will have to learn that they should take the opportunity to make peace with Israel when the time is presented, not keep putting it off for 64 years.  

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Jimmy Carter's Dissing Israel Again

Nadene Goldfoot
88 year old Jimmy Carter is slandering Israel again with so many lies, and USA Today thinks being an ex-president, that he is beyond fact-checking.  None of his allegations are true.

The facts are that Netanyahu has endorsed a 2 state solution.  You heard him beg Abbas in the UN meeting to join him in a peace talk.  Only Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994 have made peace with Israel.  Building in E-1 doesn't cut the "West Bank in two or separates east Jerusalem from the West Bank.  The West Bank will still be 9 miles wide at its narrowest point.  Israel in the pre-1967 armistice is only 9 miles wide just north of Tel Aviv and 4 miles wide just west of Jerusalem.

Jewish villages and town make up less than 5% of the disputed West Bank.  After the UN's vote to make Palestine a state observer over the USA and Israel's warnings, Israel announced their   plans to go ahead with them, which were announced in 2010,  for housing in existing communities and with the E-1 project next to Jerusalem.  This is not "rapidly confiscating Palestinian territory."

 Legally, none of it was ever Palestinian territory.  Jordan had grabbed it illegally in the first place.  Israel won the 1967 War and it was then under Israel's domain.  Remember, it was Judea and Samaria, Jewish land in the first place.

Too bad Carter doesn't read history books written by historians.  For a religious man, he is "bearing false witness, "  and he was a Baptist Sunday School teacher.  What he does besides prevaricate, is put in errors, omits important facts which are misleading and tries to undermine legitimate Israeli positions and Jewish rights. He favors Hamas, a terrorist organization, evidently.  Camera calls him a shill for Hamas.   It's a Shunda!  He was a religious Southern  President of the USA who has turned against USA's only friend in the Middle East.  He was not reelected because of how he handled problems in the first term.

Added: 8:25pm: Israel's Building No Obstacle to Peace - Jonathan S. Tobin (Commentary) from daily alert
  • It is argued that by allowing building in the E1 development area that connects Jerusalem's Ma'ale Adumim suburb to the city, Israel will be foreclosing the possibility of a two-state solution since this would effectively cut the West Bank in half and forestall its viability as an independent Palestinian state. Yet highways and tunnels could easily be constructed to allow access between Arab areas to the north and south of Jerusalem.
  • If the Palestinians did want a two-state solution, the new project as well as others announced for more houses to be built in 40-year-old Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem wouldn't stop it. Jewish housing in the disputed areas is no more of an obstacle to peace than the far greater Arab housing boom in other parts of Jerusalem.
  • Everyone knows that proposed land swaps would have to account for the Jewish suburbs of Jerusalem, including Ma'ale Adumim and the other towns in the vicinity that are already inside the security fence. The notion that Israeli building - in areas that everyone knows they would keep if there was a deal in place - is stopping peace from breaking out is ludicrous.
  • The argument about the West Bank is not solely about pitting rights of Palestinians against Israel's security needs. The West Bank is, after all, part of the area designated by the League of Nations for Jewish settlement under the Mandate of Palestine. It is also the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland to which Jews have historical, legal and religious ties that cannot be erased by a century of Arab hatred.
  • Throughout the last 20 years, Israel has been in engaged in peace talks or attempts to revive them, during the course of which it has made numerous concessions about territory to the Palestinians. For its pains, Israel has been subjected to even greater vituperation and delegitimization during this period than before.
  • So long as it does not speak of its rights, Israel will always be treated as a thief who must return stolen property rather than as a party to a conflict with its own justified claims. 


Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Rockets Shot Into Israel

Since November 14, 2012,      933 rockets shot into Israel.

So far, the  total for 2012 has been 1,697 rockets shot into Israel.

Last year, 2011,                      627 were shot into Israel.  

If one rocket fell near my house here in the States, I would probably have a heart attack.  

What's the point, Gaza?  Why did you do this?   When terrorists in Gaza fire into Israel, it falls anywhere in a civilian population.  It can be on a home, apartment building, school, business or anywhere.  When Israel has had a stomach full and retaliates, they shoot at a target of where the strikes are coming from and take out ammunition dumps, tunnels where such arms are smuggled in.  They avoid civilians as much as humanly possible.  What do the terrorists do?  Place these arms among civilians daring Israel to strike.  Such is the value of their people.

Resource: report. 

Sunday, December 02, 2012

How Gaza's Debt to Israel Electric Corporation is to be Paid

Nadene Goldfoot
The Israel Electric Corporation collected back payments from the  debtor, Gaza, by Israel deciding to suspend this month's  funds collected as tax payments they were going to turn over to Gaza, but will use the money instead to get this debt paid.  The amount suspended is $120 million dollars.  Gaza's bill had added up in the unpaid amount of $700 million dollars.

On August 14, 2012 Israel threatened power cuts since the East Jerusalem Electricity Company was past due by $175 million.  They were in the worst  financial crisis they have experienced since their inception in 1994, so Israel withholding money shouldn't be a surprise to Abbas.  .

Israel collected about $75 million per month in tariffs on foreign imports and value added taxes (VAT) on Israeli goods and services and on average kept about $15 million for the payment of water and power bills of Palestinians, while forwarding the other $60 million to the PA.  They are not going to be so generous now that Abbas went to the UN and was declared to have the same status like the Vatican as a non-member status, done defiantly since Israel and the US warned them not to take this step.  "The United States said the expansion plan, which also drew strong European criticism, was counterproductive to the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks frozen since 2010."

Usually Israel collects $100 million per month in duties on Judea-Samaria's  (West Bank) behalf.   Up to date their balance is past due by $200 million right now.  The PA authority has little money coming in other than this , which has exercised limited self-rule in the occupied Judea-Samaria West Bank, largely depends on the tax money to pay civil servants' salaries.  It should be noted that Qatar's Emir just visited Gaza and made them a huge cash gift.

 All of 3.6 million  Palestinian refugees sitting in 59 camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Judea-Samaria and Gaza are receiving funds from the UNRWA and have been since 1948, being the longest receivers of such funds in the world. They are supposed to be the people who from June 1946 to May 1948 lost their homes do to the war.  Now, 3 generations later, the number includes children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  The original number of people were 914,000  displaced in 1950 and this has multiplied to 4.6 million in 2009.   In other words, this is a welfare issue and the United States has been the largest contributer even though the Arab countries have promised to donate millions, but never come through.  The US just gave $80 million for this.  They evidently have not been allowed in infiltrate into the population of the country they reside in.

Resource: About UNRWA

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All Is Not Quiet in Israel/Gaza: Presidents Keep Working

Nadene Goldfoot
We may not be reading articles about what's happening in Israel right now, but Ashdod just saw and felt a rocket fall in their neighborhood on Tuesday morning.  The IDF air force responded overnight by hitting 2 rocket launching sites and an arms storage facility.

That makes 858 rockets and mortars that have been shot into Israel this year so far.  119 of them were shot in the latest round that fell into Israel.  The Iron Dome also intercepted 110.  Dozens fell inside the Palestinian territory.

Besides this one rocket shot during the new ceasefire, Gazans were rioting near the border fence trying to damage it.  The IDF were forced to shoot at them and injured 7.  So the IDF must remain alert to problems that keep happening.  Jerusalem Post has an article saying that Hamas is counting on Jews leaving the country because they feel they have scared them enough to leave if another round of shooting starts up again.  They don't know the resistance these people have to their adversity.

In the meantime, Fatah, living in Judea and Samaria territory have Abbas who is going to the UN to become a state of sorts.  There already are 48 Muslim majority states, and this would make 49.    The United States will not be able to veto this as it'll take place in the General Assembly, but not surprising, France said they will go along with it.  What do they care?  They're not neighbors.  They're not involved.  What the USA has done is threaten Abbas that they will cut off  the annual $500 million aid if they make the bid without any negotiations and peace terms with Israel.

Why I"m against it is that it gives Fatah clout that they will use against Israel, making a solution even farther away; definitely in the time of the Messiah, no doubt.  Abbas is intent on retiring with this accomplishment, as he'll be 78 years old on March 26, 2013. If he gets this bid, it'll also mean his political survival if he wants it, as he took over leadership from Arafat when he died 8 years ago.    Only someone like Israel's President Shimon Peres, who'll be  90 years old on August 2, 2013, has the stamina and intelligence to keep working for the public.  This Polish-born dynamo is the grandson of a Rabbi in a line of Rabbis.  He seems to know how to live with stress, and is in good shape.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood and Pharaoh Mohammed Morsi

Nadene Goldfoot
Yesterday while we Americans were eating our Thanksgiving dinner, the top leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood denounced Morsi's peace efforts and urged a holy war to "liberate" Palestinian territories, which means all of Israel.

Old Mohammed Badei, General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood,  thinks Israel knows nothing but force, but that is the only deterrent that seems to stop such a group as the Muslim Brotherhood; that and baksheesh  or money.    He's all for Jihad and said it's an obligation.  All Muslims are to "back their brothers in Palestine and supply them."

That is exactly what Iran keeps on doing.  An Iranian 150 ton freighter named "Cargo Star" left Bandar Abbas port on Sunday, November 18th with a load of 220 short-range missiles and 50 improved long-range Fajar-5 rockets for Gaza.  These Fajars are newer with longer range capabilities than what was recently used.  they have a 200-kilo warhead and the others were 175 kilos.  It is 85 km or about 53 miles from Gaza to Tel Aviv.

Iran is adamant about the fact that they are bankrolling Palestinian terrorists and will not be letting Morsi be a moderate.  This of course would be running contrary to Tehran's plans and interests of destroying Israel.

Morsi, however, says he will abide by Egypt's 1979 treaty with Israel that Mubarak was following, established by Sadat.  He has quite a challenge of restoring order, solving crises that come up, and restraining the radicals he had helped to brain wash.  He just gave himself greater authority Thursday by neutralizing a judicial system by declaring that the courts are barred from challenging his decisions.  That's helpful.  The public might become very angry over this move, though.  It's not democratic of him.  He says it is necessary to protect the revolution that toppled Mubarak 2 years ago and to become democratic.  The pro-reform leader, Mohamed El Baradei wrote on  Twitter,  "Morsi today usurped all state powers & appointed himself Egypt's new pharaoh."  Mass protests have been called for to dissolve his declarations.

Oregonian Newspaper page A 10,  Egypt's Morsi grants himself broad powers , AP by Hamza Hendawi

Monday, November 19, 2012

Israel's Relationship With Gaza

Nadene Goldfoot
Back in 1948 when Israel was declared a state on May 14th, Gaza had been under Egyptian control and was the only part of the British Mandate held by the Egyptian forces.  Jews lived there and had been there for centuries.

When the 1967 War occurred and Israel won against her many aggressive neighbors, it came under Israel's control being Egypt was one of the losers. Since the Palestinians kept attacking Israel, protective measures had to be taken.  The uprisings were called Intifadas.

The 1st Intifada started December 6, 1987 in Gaza.  It was a violent attack lasting 4 years.  Palestinians threw 3,600 molotov cocktails, 100 hand grenades, 600 assaults with guns or explosives at soldiers and civilians.  27 Jews were killed and 3,100 were injured during this time.  1,100 Palestinians were killed in combat with the IDF.

This is the difference between the two entities.  Gaza targets civilians while Israel targets the weapons and only the leaders of terrorist groups who plot the death of their civilians.  Israel takes every precaution to protect is people while the terrorists put their rocket launchers amid women and children.

The 2nd Intifada occurred in September 2000.  It was a large terrorist campaign.  Israel decided to move all its Jewish citizens out of Gaza in the name of peace in 2005.  They left businesses for the Palestinians as well as homes.  They have been repaid by constant rocket shelling since the moment they left.  The population voted in Hamas, a terrorist organization for their government.  They seem to be in step with the Muslim Brotherhood Charter which calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of all Jews.  Other terrorist groups have also branched off from them.  Over 4,000 rockets, mortars and missiles have fallen into Israel since it withdrew from Gaza, and that's not counting the present attack that started last Wednesday. on the 14th by hitting an IDF vehicle and killing a soldier and wounding the other 3 while on patrol of the perimeter.  

 Under disengagement plans, Israel retained exclusive control over Gaza's airspace, and has the right to patrol and monitor the external land perimeter of Gaza Strip and the coastline.  Israel provides water, electricity and communication infrastructure for these people.

If there are any problems in the line of food, medications, medical supplies, fuel, or electricity, Hamas should be addressed since it is in their responsibility, not Israel's if there are any shortages.  Israel keeps bringing these things in by truck.  What Hamas does with it is something that can be questioned.  They have been most busy stockpiling their armory with over 12,000 rockets brought in from Iran and then through Sudan and Egypt.

The reason Israel must guard what goes in Gaza is that they are at war.  When a neighbor keeps shelling you and will not sit down and discuss peace terms, you are at war.  They have managed to get thousands of rockets into Gaza and Israel is trying to stop this without an air or land incursion, but when it does not stop, this is the only alternative.

The ugly truth is that Israel keeps on trucking in goods to make sure there are no scarcities and at the same time must try to prevent arms getting into Gaza.  Yet there are do-gooders (?) who insist there are and come on flotillas trying to break the law already established to bring in boatloads of who knows what.  What they are doing is just feeding into the Palestinian right to bomb the Jews out of existence.  Do-Gooders they aren't.  They are aiding and abetting an enemy of Israel.


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Three Lost Syrian Tanks Who Are in Israel's Golan Heights

Nadene Goldfoot
Are they really off track?  Three Syrian tanks entered the Golan Heights, home to 18,000 Jews, and  belonging to Israel on Saturday.  It's a demilitarized zone.  The distance from the Golan to Haifa is only 60 miles!  The violence in Syria seems to be spilling into Israel now.  These tanks haven't left yet.  They have been attacking Syrian rebels.  The is the first incursion in the past 40 years.

Of course Israel has complained to the UN about it.  Israelis have reported hearing the shouting of  "Allahu Akbar!"  The UN response is low-key saying it didn't see the Syrian armor as an immediate threat.  So for them it's okay for an enemy to park 60 miles from a major Israeli city and make war on its people from Israel and of course they won't turn an then attack Israelis.

However, Israel is not stupid.  The IDF is ready to defend Israel.  The area is very small consisting of 250,000 acres , but surely these tanks know where they arrived.  The Golan Heights was a part of the 1967 War that Israel won against huge odds of the many Muslim countries against tiny Israel. The word "Heights" tells you of the terrain.  It is from 400 to 1700 feet high and overlooks the Huleh Valley.   The Golan Heights is important to Israel for their security measures.  Otherwise an enemy can bombard Israel from on high. The Arabs would bombard kibbutzim along the upper Jordan Valley. " In a surprise attack on Yom Kippur, the Syrians overran the Golan Heights before being repulsed by Israeli counterattacks.  After the war, Syria signed a disengagement agreement that left the Golan in Israel's hands".  Many Israelis live there today.  There is one major city and 32 towns.   In 1985 the population, include the Druze was 22,500.

 Our history goes way back with the Golan Heights.  It had come into Moses's hands when King Og ruled the  Amorites of Bashan. Og, referred to as a giant,  was killed by the Israelites at Edrei   The kings of Israel had to fight the Aramaeans from Damascus here.  Golan had been a city of refuge for the Jews.  It was a capital in 2nd Temple times and had a Jewish settlement until the 5th Century CE.

In the meantime, Islamic Syrian militants made an assault on a Syrian airbase in the north.  They were trying to disrupt strikes by Syrian warplanes and helicopters.  These government planes hit targets in the Damascus suburbs and killed at least 10 and wounded dozens.  So if that's where the rebels were, why are the tanks in the Golan Heights?

The Golan Heights would be big enough for 400 settlers in Oregon who would have bought 640 acre plots that had been offered to them for $1 per acre in the Homestead Act of 1862 with one farmer being shorted. Then again, since most couldn't afford this, 320 acre plots were sold off.

Oregonian newspaper 11/3/12 page  A2 Developments in the Middle East:  Syria
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

Monday, October 29, 2012

Amazing Facts About Qaradawi, Qatar and Palestinian Leaders

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas took over Gaza's rule in 2007.  Khaled Meshal is their leader, but the spokesman for the Palestinians has been Fatah's leader, Mahmoud Abbas from Judea-Samaria (West Bank). They have joined together and are both very strong against Israel.

Both Meshal and Abbas have been living in Qatar.  In the mid-1950s, Abbas became heavily involved in underground Palestinian politics, joining a number of exiled Palestinians in Qatar, where he was Director of Personnel in the emirate's Civil Service."  "The eldest son of Mahmoud, Mazen Abbas, ran a building company in Doha and died in Qatar of a heart attack in 2002 at the age of 42.

Not surprisingly, Khaled Meshal has had a house in Qatar for many years and has been seen in the capital, Doha since Hamas organizers were forced to leave Syria in early 2012.  What happened was that Meshal had been living in Damascus but when Syria wanted to have some indirect peace talks with Israel, Meshal objected.  The result was that Syria asked him to leave.  Meshal then went to Sudan.  Meshal had been living in Syria because he had been kicked out of Jordan 10 years prior.

 Qatar's Emir Hamad bin Khalifah Al Thani just visited Gaza and made the the gift of $400 million.  Immediately, the effect of that gift has been a bombardment rocket attack on Israel.  By visiting Gaza, he has in effect put an end to any chance of peace agreements between the Hamas-Fatah union and Israel.  Now Abbas is game enough to go to the UN on the 15th or 29th of this month to ask for recognition.  He's doing so against the advice of the USA and of course, Israel.  He's liable to lose their money, but who needs it when he as Qatar behind him.

Gaza had been fortified with money from Syria, who are a mixture of Sunnis and Shi'as and who are an extension of Iranian Shi'a Muslims.  In fact, it was Iran's money which was going to Hamas.  Hamas stopped supporting Syria, so Iran stopped supporting Gaza.  That's where Qatar stepped  in.

 Iran's terrorist group is Hezbollah,  Shi'as who plot and scheme out of Lebanon. They were trained by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. So Lebanon is really an arm of Iran, just like Syria.

  Abbas, who represents Judea-Samaria (West Bank) , is a little grumpy about Meshal's strong connection with Qatar saying, "no one should deal with Gaza as a separate entity from the Palestinian territories and from the Palestinian Authority", which he represents.

Qatar is supporting the rebels in Syria. Qatar also are the power-people in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Qatar  houses Qaradawi, the Egyptian religious leader who leads the Muslim Brotherhood.   Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is supported by Iran. So Qatar and Syria are now at odds.

The relationship of the Arab countries is not all sweetness and light.  Sunnis and Shi'as fight like enemies when is suits them though both are Muslims.

Qatar(Sunni)  with a population of only 744,029 is taking on Iran (Shi'a) with a population of 76,923,300.  Qatar follows the  Hanbali fiqh of Sharia law while Iran follows the Jafari fiqh.  Qatar has been buttering up the USA while Iran only ignores the USA and is contemptuous.  Qatar and Iran share the world's largest gas field which is why Qatar has so much money.  Iran stooped low and starting attacking and stealing equipment from Qatari gas rigs.  They pretend to be nice to each other but Qatar is making Iran mad.  What will the outcome be here?  Qatar houses Qaradawi, the Egyptian religious leader who leads the Muslim Brotherhood.   Iran has the Ayatolla Khomeini.  I see a brawl over not only oil power but religious power as well.  Both Qatar and Iran want all Jews dead according to their respective leaders, Qaradawi and Ahmadinejad.  .

This gets so convoluted.  Here is the line up of countries involved and the oil they produce and keep in reserve.  .

1. Iran -Shi'a-  2nd largest oil reserve  136.3 billions of barrels
2. Iraq-Shi'a and Sunni-3rd larges oil reserve  115.0 billions of barrels
3. Syria-Shi'a and Sunni- 15th largest oil reserve  2.5 billions of barrels
4. Lebanon-Shi'a and Sunni- no oil
5. Qatar-Sunni- 8th largest oil reserve 15.2 billions of barrels
6. Eygpt-Sunni- 13th largest oil reserve  3.7 billions of barrels
7. Sudan-Sunni-12th largest oil reserve  5.0 billions of barrels
8. Saudi Arabia-Sunni  Has the most oil 262.3 billions of barrels in reserve
9. Libya-Sunni- 6th largest oil reserve 41.5 billions of barrels
10. Jordan-Sunni- no oil
11. Israel-Jewish-no oil  -oil found, may be in production by next year.

The result is that these two Palestinian leaders have spent much time living in Qatar.  The larger neighboring countries have been pouring money into Gaza to gain power.


Revenge of 18 Rockets Attacking Israel; Israel Needs Bomb Shelters

Nadene Goldfoot
Today since midnight, southern Israel was hit by 18 rockets  by Hamas's Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades  in revenge, they say, after a retaliatory raid by Israel got one of their men, Suleiman Kamel al-Qara,  in an IAF air raid.  Hamas said they aimed at 5 military locations in southern Israel.  It just happens that these 5 locations are civilian communities so their information is wrong.  They always manage to hit civilian areas.  

The Hamas terrorists even posted a poorly-made video showing them launching 9 rockets early in the morning.

Israel had carried out two late-night air strikes which according to Arab sources, did not cause any injuries.  

Southern Israel has been hit with a barrage of 80 missiles, then 60 missiles, and right now the count is at 18 for today.  All this comes about since Qatar's Emir visited them promising more money for various enterprises.  I doubt if any of it will ever be used for a new hospital.  

Israel needs more bomb shelters.  United With Israel tells us that :

The residents of southern Israel - men, women and children have been traumatized by the terror of ongoing rocket attacks. With only 15 seconds to find cover, lives are in jeopardy. Nearly 1 million residents are within striking range of missles from Gaza. There is an immediate need to protect the people of Israel. Portable shelters can be moved to where they are needed most.
Over 12,000 Kassam Rockets have been fired into southern Israel in the last 10 years, deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, causing chaos, destruction and death. An entire generation of children has been raised to live in fear of rocket attacks. Israeli cities such as Sderot, Ashkelon and Beersheba continue to be in real danger. As Hamas' Kassam Rocket stockpiles continue to increase, this is a war on terror that needs your support. More shelters are needed today!

Resource: Arutz Sheva Daily Humiliation Continues:  18 Rockets since Midnight by Gil Ronen 
United with Israel,  bomb shelter campaign

Friday, October 26, 2012

Gaza's Weapons Store is Sudan: Mysterious Attack On It

Nadene Goldfoot
Sudan, in Africa, is the 8th largest Muslim-majority country in the world with 43,939,598 people who happen to have 70% of the population as Sunni Muslims following the Maliki fiqh like most African states.  Islam is not considered the state religion, though.  Way back in 1885, the Mahdi "compelled" Jews and Christians there to convert to Islam.  Sudan had a Jewish community  dating from the end of the 19th century, but few if no Jews live there today. In 1991 Sudan became the vanguard of Islam revolution  on the African continent with Hasan al Turabi's help.  From 1992-1996 he invited  al-Qaeda which was  then based here.

After a coup d'etat by Colonel Omar al- Bashir who executed it for the sake of Muslim values, bin Laden helped Sudan by setting up businesses and camps.  According to Pakistani Ijaz, the Sudanese government offered Madeline Albright chances to arrest bin laden which she wanted to do, but Susan Rice and Richard Clarke were against the idea.

Weapons have been going from the Sudan, defined as a hostile state by Israel,  to Gaza to use against Israel.  Sudan's government have accused Israel of attacking their convoys in 2009 and last December 2011.  Last Spring they accused Israel of targeting a car carrying a high-ranking Hamas official there.  It has become a transit spot for weapons smuggling, going through Egypt to get to Gaza.  Also,Sudan  has become a center for al-Qaida terrorists.

Sudan is threatening to strike Israel over a recent bombing on Wednesday of a weapons factory in Khartoum. Two were killed in the attack.   By doing this they are admitting to making weapons.  They say they have the right to strike back, remarked their Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman on Wednesday. They immediately asked the US Security Council to condemn Israel.  Their complaint cited that the attack was a violation of peace and security.  How do you like that?

To top it off, our present US government thinks that Sudan is a partner in the War on Terror and thinks they cooperate with us.

Because of the violence in Sudan, 2 million people were displaced and 450,000 have died.  By 2004 the American Jewish World Service was there helping out in camps in Sudan and Chad.  A complication has been the tens of thousands of refugees that swarmed into Israel from 2005 on  because of all the fighting from a civil war going on there. Refugee status has been given to 650.   In 2008 4,000 infiltrated into Israel through Egypt of which 1,200 alone came from Darfur.  The rest of the refugees were Christians from southern Sudan. Not all were found to be political refugees.   The flood has continued but in February of this year, the conditions changed for the better in Sudan so that Israel told them they must repatriate,  go back home.  Israel would give each $1,300 and a plane ticket back or risk being deported. Most have been refusing to leave.  This is certainly a situation that Israel hadn't thought of in the midst of all their other threats to their existence.

Resource:  The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, Sudan section,7340,L-4233020,00.html

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anti-Israel Demonstration at Edinburgh U in Scotland

Nadene Goldfoot
Waving lots of Palestinian flags Wednesday night tells me who was organizing this anti-Israel group. The "Justice for Palestine group" wrote to the university objecting to the invitation asking the man to speak to this school known for its public research.  The Israeli ambassador to the UK was trying to speak at Edinburgh University, the "Athens of the North",  and there they were, all the protesters waving those flags.  Even though Daniel Taub had been invited to speak by the Edinburgh University Politics and International Relations Society, these protesters disrupted by chanting and waving their flags.

Luckily there was the university security group there.  The ambassador had his own protection unit with him as well, and finally the audience must have come under control, but Taub wasn't able to have private meetings as planned with Jewish students.

It was felt that most of the students in the hall wanted to hear the ambassador.  A few weeks ago they had carried out a referendum on whether or not to boycott G4S, a Danish-British security firm that operates in Israel.  The votes were 538 for and 410 against.  The motion needed 1500 votes to pass. " The Scottish trade union movement has pursued a policy of boycotting Israel despite a dialogue with the Jewish community aimed at understanding both sides of the conflict."

Ambassador Daniel Taub is a British born Israeli who attended schools in Britain such as Oxford.  He is currently the ambassador of Israel to the Court of St. James's which is the royal court of the UK.  "Taub is a much sought after lecturer on Middle Eastern issues, international law and negotiation theory. He is frequently invited to appear on television and radio, and lectures widely in universities and policy institutes in Israel and abroad."

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.  The university is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.  It ranks 6th and 7th in Europe and 21st in the world.  An important ambassador speaking at such a well thought of university's speaking engagement  turned out to be downright dangerous.  It's a sad state of affairs when ambassadors have to travel with their own guards.  At least he had them.

About 30,000 Muslims  live in Glasgow which is about 42 miles away from Edinburgh.  Jews are a smaller group than Muslims in Scotland.  Most Jews lived in Glasgow, also.  Only the Sikhs are smaller than the Jewish group.  The main religious group of Scotland is the Church of Scotland.  The largest non-Christian groups are atheists and then agnostics.  Muslims come next.  Jews number 18,000 in 1950 but have emigrated, leaving about 10,000 there today.  There are about 1,000 Jews living in Edinburgh.

An interesting book out by Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman, "When Scotland Was Jewish" goes into history showing that many of Scotland's heroes were Jews from France and Spain who had immigrated to Scotland in the 1100's.  DNA might show that many of today are related to  Jewish families.  Those that stood with the Palestinian anti-Israel group might have had dna of Jews living in Israel today.  This might not make any difference to them, but it is too bad that they are not getting the unadulterated history of the Middle East in a highly rated university..  

Is there an improvement?  "Worse still, in 2010, a student at the University of Oxford shouted Itbach Al-Yahud [Slaughter the Jews]” at Danny Ayalon, Israel’s then Foreign Minister."  Protesters were holding up signs saying, "Stop the Occupation!"  They don't even know that Israel is really not occupying Gaza, Judea or Samaria.  They're all under Hamas and Fatah.  Well, they could have heard all the particulars but chose to just yell and shout.  By me, they're not students in any way shape or form. 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Raining 80 Rockets in Southern Israel Again

Nadene Goldfoot
Tuesday seemed to start a barrage of 80 rockets and mortars hitting Israel that lasted through Wednesday night.  If citizens were living within 10 km (6.21 miles) of the Gaza border, they had to take cover in bomb shelters within 15 seconds, or at least be inside their own homes.  School was cancelled.  5 homes were damaged.  One received a direct hit with the bedroom of the daughter being the target.  Luckily, the girl was in Jerusalem visiting and was not there.  The miracle continues with her parents having breakfast and not being able to hear the siren giving people a 15 second warning so that they were still at the table and shrapnel went flying, but didn't hit them.  The pieces veered off in the opposite direction of where they were sitting.

We lost an IDF soldier Tuesday night when he evidently touched a gate close to the border in which was hidden an explosive bomb.  This was near the Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha.  6 people were seriously inured in the attack, 3 of them being foreign workers from Thailand. Dozens of others were treated for shock.

The terrorists were not only Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigade men but also the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine).  They seemed to work separately but under the same time frame and goal of hitting southern Israel.

As usual, we hit Gaza after being hit, and then they hit Israel after being hit in retaliation, and so it goes.  Israel managed to get in an air strike from 7:00pm to 7:30pm on Wednesday.  When Israel didn't retaliate, they just kept pounding away, anyhow.  The Gazans' terrorists have been told. : You hit Israel and we will hit back.

Ashkelon, Portland's sister city, was to be hit with 7 rockets aiming towards it, but was missed.  With all this furor hitting Israel, it looks like Qatar's Emir's money does nothing to quell Hamas's need for peace.  It probably has the opposite effect in emboldening them.  They may now think they have a partner.   This might cause Israel to  rethink Operation Cast Lead.  This deluge was a lot to bear.


Friday, October 12, 2012

A 60 Rockets Week in Southern Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Southern Israel has had 60 rockets rain down on them this week, ending the week on Shabbat at 7:30 pm during dinner with sirens going off in Netivot.  Two grad missiles landed.  One woman suffered shock so badly that paramedics had to be called.

These rockets and missiles from Gaza get to the terrorists from Egypt through tunnels.  The usual type are 122mm Grad rockets with a range of about 25 miles.  This type of artillery has been used since the days of Viet Nam  in the 1960's to today in Southern Israel and Syria. A 5 man crew is needed for some types and there are those that have a range of 251 miles.  

This is not the first time Netivot has been hit this year. Earlier a rocket fell near a school.   They have been targeted  since 2008.  This city of 26,700 lies between Beersheva and Gaza. Beersheva is the 7th largest Israeli city of 194,300 people and lies in the Negev desert.  The distance between Gaza and Beersheva is only 15.8 miles.   Beersheva is only 59 miles from Tel Aviv or 52 miles from Haifa. It's only 34 miles away from Jerusalem.   Everything is close in Israel.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simcha Torah Observed Despite Mortars and Missles Raining

Nadene Goldfoot
This has been the joyous season of  our High Holidays concluding with Sukkot on October 2nd and then Simchat Torah (Rejoicing of the Law from Moses) on the 9th, Tuesday. This was the time that reading of the Pentateuch in the synagogue was completed and the reading will start over again from the beginning.

For Southern Israel, it also meant the attack of 50 kassam rockets and mortars raining down.  Early that day 2 rockets fell, one at 6 am to start the morning off with and then another in the afternoon.  The city of Netirot was hit with one while the others fell without harming anything.  That night 3 Kassam rockets rained down.  That was it.  The IAF retaliated that night and hit a tunnel used by the Hamas terrorists.

50 kassam rockets and mortars rained down on Southern Israel.  Goats were killed on a kibbutz that belonged to the children.  The barrage came at 5:50 am.  That was in retaliation to Israel's retaliation of hitting 2 Jihad terrorists on motorcycles in Gaza.

Though Egypt told Hamas to cut it out, the terrorists ignored their directive and continued to attack anyway.

Resource: Arutz Sheva, IAF Hits Terror Tunnel in Gaza by Elad Benari

Arutz Sheva: Report: Egypt Orders Gaza Terrorist Ceasefire with Israel

by Chana Ya'ar 

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Drone Over Israel Downed: Possible Hezbollah-Iran Financed Terrorism

Nadene Goldfoot
A drone, possibly from the Lebanese Islamic militant group, Hezbollah, was sited over Israel on Saturday.  Israeli fighter jets shot it down.  That was the first time in the past 6 years that a hostile aircraft got into Israel's airspace.

Hezbollah is backed by Iran.  they are known to have sent drones over Israel before.  Right now Iran and Israel are at odds over the Iranians creating uranium to service A bombs which would be used on Israel.  Iran has threatened Israel saying they are going to destroy her and drive her into the sea and other nasty expletives.  After calling Israel every horrible name imagined and then some, they have the audacity to say that their program is for peaceful reasons only like medicine.

At the same time, Iran is having to deal with their very angry citizens who find the value of their money is shrinking quickly.  Iran is trying to placate international concerns over their nuclear program which has brought about restrictions on Iran and is starting to hurt them.  They say they have converted more than 1/3 of their most enriched uranium into a powder for a medical research reactor.  They say that this stuff would be hard to reprocess to make atomic weapons.  The goal for them now is to restart nuclear talks with the world powers and soften demands by the US and others to stop their top-level uranium enrichment.

The USA and allies want them to stop the 20% production and ship the rest outside the country.  Iran is adamant that they will never give up the capacity for this enrichment program.  Sanctions need to continue and the Iranians need to keep being vocal about their situation in order to change Tehran's leadership to finally make a deal.

Iran has almost 419 pounds of 20% enriched uranium produced.  They have made U308-uranium oxide from 157 pounds of it.  Experts say that it's not good material for making weapons.  Just how much of it do they need for medical research?  We're talking about the remainder of the 262 pounds they have ready to go into death dealing atomic weaponry.

Resource: Oregonian Sunday paper 10/7/2012 page A 11: Israeli jets down drone that had entered airspace, AP
page A12 Iran makes move to ease fears over nuke program by Ali Akbar Dareini, AP 

Anti-Semite Terrorist in France Killed

Nadene Goldfoot
Last month on September 19th an anti-Semite terrorist threw a grenade into a kosher grocery shop in Sarcelles, near Paris.  Yesterday the French police found the culprit through DNA results plus past history and raided his apartment.  Jeremie Louis-Sidney, 33, fired at the police with a a.357 Magnum pistol when they entered his apartment in Strasbourg and they shot back, killing him.

The police were busy that night, raiding around Paris, Nice and Cannes and rounding up 11 suspects.  They even found a list of Paris-area Israeli associations during the raid to be used by radical Islamists who recently converted to Islam.  Jeremie had been under the police radar since last spring as he had been sentenced to prison for 2 years in 2008 for drug trafficking and converted to Islam while in jail.

The grocery attack happened last month and the poorly made anti-Islamic video's reprisals just happened recently though about 8 minutes of the video has been online for several months already.  Cartoons had been published in a French satirical magazine of centering on Islam.    These are not reasons for any reprisals other than looking into themselves in some sort of  self evaluation.  There was no reason for picking on harming Jews other than plain old anti-Semitism that still hangs on.

Resource:  Oregonian Sunday newspaper, page A9, French cops kill gunman during anti=terrorism raid by Steven Erlanger, NY Times

Friday, September 21, 2012

Large Terrorist Attack Cost an IDF Death'

Nadene Goldfoot
A large terrorist attack which would probably have resulted in a killing spree either inside Israel or along the border was stopped by the IDF who were ambushed.  What were the IDF soldiers doing?  They had been giving water to a group of African migrants who had arrived at the border trying to cross into Israel.

As they were doing that good deed, a heavily armed terrorist cell from the Sinai Peninsula opened fire on them, killing Netanel Yahalomi, age 20, and injuring another.    The shots came from a distance of 100 meters.  Netanel was killed immediately with a bullet wound to his head.  The soldiers instantly returned fire and shot and killed 2 of the terrorists.  A group of Border Patrol soldiers also responded, gave chase and killed the 3rd.

One of the terrorists was wearing a suicide bomb belt and it went off.  Shrapnel from that injured one soldier enough to rush him to Be'ersheba where he was operated on.  IDF sappers recovered a lot of firearms and explosives after the incident including an RPD machine gun and a rocket propelled grenade, Kalashnikov guns, ammunition, grenades and personal equipment.  They were dressed as civilians.

Of course it happened along the border where the fence hasn't yet been completed.

"Border security incidents have increased over the past 18 months as a wave of lawlessness has gripped the Sinai since the overthrow of veteran Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Are Egypt and Israel Getting Along During This Rioting?

Nadene Goldfoot
At least Mubarak was continuing the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, something Sadat previously had established.  Israelis were even tourists happy to see Egypt for the first time.  I missed the chance of doing so in 1981 and opted to study for my year end exam in Hebrew instead during my Spring break.  Today, I wouldn't do it out of fear for my life.

So what's going on now that Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood Makha, is at the helm?  I found out that as far back as 2007 when Condoleeza Rice was Secretary of State, the USA had the US Army Corps of Engineers in Egypt making plans to improve the security on the border.  The USA has a $23 million dollar project which has seismic sensors there to alert others about invaders through tunnels, etc.  They have another $50 million dollar project to promote development in the region as they feel it takes more than alarms to secure the region.  So America has invested money into Egypt to keep the peace through both Bush and Obama.

Now, just since August 11, we have brought in 700 American soldiers in the region.  16 Egyptian soldiers were killed by 35 masked gunmen in the Sinai. Then they "barreled" into Israel in a truck they stole and an armored vehicle.   Egypt has been getting $1.5 billion per year in arms and military assistance, but it didn't keep out the terrorists on the border.  Morsi must now realize that it's to both Israel and Egypt's good to keep out terrorism.  The question is whether or not Israel will make be forced to make concessions in modifying a 33 year old peace treaty to allow for a more "aggressive Egyptian military presence."  Israelis see Morsi as one who supports the international system of states.  There are people in Egypt who are tying to challenge this.  Since Morsi is a head Muslim Brotherhood person, and this group is all for jihad, I see it is causing difficulties for him to make a decision as to which path to take.

An APC or armoured personnel carrier 

Egypt needs to become sharper and more efficient concerning terrorism. Morsi traveled to the Sinai with his defense minister, intelligence chief and interior minister.  They blame militants in Sinai who were aided by Palestinians in Gaza.  Here again, is the wrench in the works.  The Muslim Brotherhood said in a statement on the Web that Israel had sought to "thwart Egypt's revolution and could be responsible for the attack and that the attack highlighted the need to reconsider the peace treaty with Israel which restricts the number of troops Egypt can station in Sinai.

Israel shut down Kerem Shalom, the one commercial crossing into Gaza.  Egypt closed Rafah where goods and people pass through.  Hamas blocked the tunnels which everything goes through that are smuggled out of Egypt.  The Gazans wound up in long lines to load up on gas and food out of fear of higher prices.

Since then we have had the explosion of anti-American riots where Egypt's American Embassy was the first to be hit.  The security forces did not stop the American flag from being taken down from the outer wall and replaced with a Muslim one.  Somebody there has a talent for scaling walls.  This rioting has spread to over 20 other Muslim countries with religious leaders egging the masses on.

There are foreign peacekeepers in the Sinai today made up from a Multinational Force and Observers base who were just attacked by armed Islamist militants out of the latest protests sweeping the Muslim world.  They threw hand grenades and fired rocket-propelled grenades and had entered the peacekeepers camp and of course raised a black Islamist flag.  5 officers were wounded; 2 Egyptian military officers, 2 Colombians and a British fire chief.  Americans were also there. and they were all part of the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.  This happened on Friday at 4:30 Cairo time on September 14, 2012.  Militant had set tires on fire outside the base.  The wounded were evacuated to Israel.  American and fijian troops are now responsible for securing the camp.

What did the Egyptian military do about it?  They sent 4 armored personnel carriers there and sent reinforcements 2 hours later.  They have 12 Egyptian military APCs surrounding the base.  Base officers think local tribal elders were at the base convincing attackers to retreat before the Egyptian military arrived.


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Payback For Hitting Sderot

Nadene Goldfoot
This week the UN wrote such a pathetically terrible report, inaccurate and unbalanced as usual on Gaza that Israel's ambassador, Ron Prosor, wrote a sharp letter to the Security Council's President Gerard Araud "that a group of researchers on the moon could have produced a more accurate and balanced report than this one on Gaza.  This week, Israel's children started their school year with the all-too-familiar sounds of sirens and explosions as terrorists in Gaza fired 6 more rockets into their communities," he wrote as a starter.

This week southern Israel suffered rocket fire from several rockets, one of which had hit a home in Sderot early Friday morning, so the Israel Air Force (IDF) identified the cell responsible and identified an accurate strike.  At least 3 Palestinians were killed and one injured.  It was near the border.  The wounded were rushed to a local hospital by ambulances.  Three targets in Gaza were struck for the rocket fire on Sderot and the surrounding area.  Two weapons production sites and a weapons warehouse were hit in northern Gaza in the retaliation.

The terrorists should know by now that when they hit Israel, it's a sure thing that they'll get it back in return.


Sunday, September 02, 2012

Counterterrorism in Gaza: AQAP Saudi Cell Caught With Poison Chemicals

Nadene Goldfoot
Last Sunday, August 26, 3 rockets hit Sderot, Israel which lies just a few miles from the Gaza Strip border.  This time 2 workmen were injured.  On the very same day, 2 terrorist cells were captured in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Both were created by Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula  This group, AQAP, has ordered its Sinai cells and the Egyptian and Palestinian branches to step up their attacks from Sinai and the Gaza Strip.  AQAP is an al--Qaeda group who revere Osama bin Laden of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi government evidently chased them into Yemen, whose government is also against them.

The AQAP have been found with not only weapons and explosives, but chemical substances for loading into explosive charges.  This type of evidence was found in 2002 when a bomb was found packed with poison chemicals and was detonated by a Palestinian suicide killer in Jerusalem.  It is feared that those weapons may also now be in the Sinai.

The result was 3 Qassam missiles fired into the industrial zone of Sderot-Shear Hanegev.   This started an even stronger anti-Israel offensive from Gaza.  The group in Gaza shooting is the Shura Council that is actually from the East Jerusalem area who are a 6,000 force of well-armed terrorists commanded by an Egyptian, Hisham Saydani.  Al Qaeda calls him Abu al-Walid al-Maqdisi.  His lieutenants and he serve as liaisons between the Sinai cells and the AQAP in Yemen.

Hamas terrorists who rule Gaza were holding Saydani in a special security prison cell until 2 weeks ago when they let him go.  He set up the Shura Council's attack near Rafah.  They killed 16 Egyptian soldiers and rammed the Kerem Shalom crossing barrier into Israel.    Egypt demanded that Hamas find and arrest them. The 3 missile strike on Sderot was warning Hamas to stay away from Saydani and his new group or they'd keep striking Sderot until the IDF would attack Hamas's areas.

Hitting Eilat, Israel on August 17 was also a warning to Cairo to stop looking for the Salafi terrorists in Sinai or else southern Israel would continue to be hit, bringing out the IDF strikes.

Resource:  Al Qaeda targets Saudi Arabia, Israel, Saudi cell found with chemicals, special report  very thorough

Friday, August 31, 2012

Sderot Home, Family Hit Twice in 5 Years

Nadene Goldfoot

School started in southern Israel and the children were greeted by more rockets raining on their countryside from Gazan terrorists.  The IDF retaliated by hitting a munitions depot on Tuesday in response to the shelling.

Rockets from Gaza terrorists have been raining on southern Israel almost daily since 2001.  Since January of this year, 450 rockets have fallen into southern Israel.   It happened again just this morning.  The town most hit is Sderot, which is just a few miles away from the Gaza Strip border.  Sure enough, the Timsit family's home was hit 5 years ago in 2007, and again this morning.  The house was damaged and the woman in the house at the time was traumatized.  I would be too, if a rocket hit the roof of my house and came through.

An Al Qaeda affiliated group were the attackers, the Mujahedeen Shura Committee, who are spread out in the Sinai and in Gaza.  They are retaliating, they said.  I can't figure that one because what Israel does is go after the sources after an attack on Israel.  This group had also attacked with a  rocket barrage earlier this week as well.  They take responsibility for previous attacks, too.   They just keep on shelling and there aren't excuses they can hide behind except their unreasonable hatred for Israel.

A second rocket, causing the red alert alarm to cry out, fell in an open field.  On Thursday evening a rocket landed in the Ashkelon area north of Sderot.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shock and Awe Over "Breaking the Silence" Group

Nadene Goldfoot
If ever there was a state of individualistic thinkers, it's Israel.  This is a more democratic state than others professing to be one.  Like Chaim Weizmann said to an American president in conversation; he was the president of 2 million presidents.

Jews have been taught to think for themselves in Yeshivas and in their homes and not be swayed by mass opinions.  Israel was created on democratic principals and is sticking to their decision.  Lately, a group of 30 former Israeli soldiers wrote about their experiences in the treatment of Palestinian children during operations and arrests in occupied territory as well as disclosing events about checkpoints which they themselves did not understand the rules they had to follow.  This was published by "Breaking the Silence."  Where this more likely would have been the topic of conversation with a guidance counselor in an AA group in the states,  it's made the press.  I have a feeling that their well developed sense of what is right and what is wrong brought about this admission.

We have our Peaceniks and parades of people in Israel marching for the left.  When lives were in jeopardy and even they were worried, the right gained momentum.  Everybody always has an opinion of their own.

One thing for sure; we don't cover up facts or gloss over them.  We are a people with ideals from the extreme left to the extreme right.  Where Egypt just erased (not an easy thing to do on stone walls) the presence of some Pharaoh who lost his following, we let it all hang out, like the escapades of King David and Bathsheba.  Even the story of how Joshua entered Eretz Yisrael is told in detail.  Our Tanakh sometimes reads more interestingly than today's soaps do with all our heros'  foibles because people are exposed with their frailties as well as their achievements.  .

Now I'm afraid that this will be fodder for Arabs and people like Goldstone to bash over Israel's heads.  Most soldiers try so hard, at the expense of their own lives even, to be more than fair with their dealings with the Palestinians.  Like American soldiers, sometimes this has not been the  case.

One thing I noticed was their disagreement at a checkpoint on the stringent Israeli rules that if someone's great grandfather had thrown rocks at Israelis, they couldn't get into the land to work.  That told me that these things are not forgotten and are on record.  I know that Israel has to take extreme care not to let anyone in who might either be a terrorist or who has terrorist connections.  I'm much older than this young soldier who in the sunlight and beautiful scenery might not feel the same way when greeted by some Palestinian needing a job in the Jordan Valley.  The fact that we've been at war with Palestinians for 64 years now makes this modern day soldier look at throwing things as not a big deal.

One thing to realize is that theseare the confessions of just 30 soldiers over the past 64 years where a state has had to have all their citizens be drafted into the army.  It's a very small % that have stories such as these.  What is important is the freedom of the press, and that freedom of speech is not suppressed.

 This would not happen in  a Palestinian state where Jews will not even be allowed to live.  It's already been planned that the future Palestine is to be Judenrein, (no Jews allowed.).  Judea and Samaria and Gaza use school books calling Jews all sorts of animals and debased creatures.  The hatred they have towards Israel has been well developed through horrible brain-washing techniques.  Yet Israel must stick to their principals of  not treating others as they wouldn't want to be treated.  The Golden Rule must be carried out, even under these outlandish circumstances.  

America's Discrimination Problems Enter Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
"The State of Israel is a democratic state and  an enlightened state.

That is what makes us unique in the environment around us and this will continue to make us unique. I hope that one day our environment will change as well. But we will be persistent in our complete opposition to racism and violence.

We are not prepared to tolerate racism in Israel. Neither are we prepared to tolerate the combination of racism and violence."  These are words spoken by Prime Minister Netanyhu  when he signed a document encouraging the integration of Ethiopian immigrants and against discrimination and racism.

Lately Israel has had some acts of discrimination  towards the Ethiopian immigrant communities and 3 Arab teenagers in Jerusalem which have included violence.  When Israel comes across acts like these, the entire state and all of its leaders come out together against such actions, and they will continue to do so.  It is not to be tolerated.

What seems to have happened in Jerusalem was a Palestinian boy flirting with a Jewish girl who told her friends which brought about a mob attack and sent some young Arabs to the hospital.  Ethiopians are having problems getting flats rented in all white centers.  Hiring practices and segregation in schools are also problems creeping up and brought to the attention of the citizens.

Things like the Kassam rocket that hit a building in Sderot fired by Gaza terrorists Sunday doesn't help to calm the environment and steady people's nerves.  One person was wounded and a second treated for shock.  Terrorists from Gaza have attacked Southern Israel since Jews were expelled from Gush Katif by Israel in order to bring about peace between Israel and "Palestinians" in 2005.  Over 12 Israelis have been killed, hundreds injured and thousands have suffered from shock and trauma.

Then there's the immediate threat of an atomic bomb crashing into Israel from Iran with the constant talk of having to take out their manufacturing center and what that will ensue.  There's also Syria with their stash of chemical or biological warfare getting into the wrong hands.

One difference that is noticeable between Israel and the USA is that all children go into the army at age 18.  It's compulsory.  Girls serve for a shorter period then boys.  So far, the only way to avoid this is to be a yeshiva student, and this may be changed.  It's something parents must face and must be difficult for them.  Many parents in the states planned to send their children to Canada to avoid any possible draft.  No parent wants to put their children in harm's way,  whether they live in Israel or the USA.  It's enough to make people high-strung.

When I lived in Israel from 1980-1985, the biggest thing I noticed that shook us all up was the devaluation of the shekel.  People drove erratically on the highways, a sign of nerves on edge.  Everyone rushed to banks to see what the value of the shekel was at that moment.  Outside attacks were not on my mind then.  Ethiopians were just moving into Safed and the community was busy rounding up clothing for them, as they arrived on the planes wrapped in white sheets and were barefooted and some were ill.  They were going through a huge culture shock.  I remember going to an art show where they showed off their wares.  I was extremely impressed by their talent and glad they were in our town, an art colony, really.  That's why I had wanted to live in Safed.  I indulged in oil painting and loved to do portraits.

Americans have problems, but nothing like what faces their friends in Israel.  Americans have discrimination over racial problems as well without the same violence threatened on them by outside neighbors.  It's taken years since the Civil War of the 1860's to get around to behaving like just and moral people.  It took the USA over 100 years to face the problem squarely.   Netanyahu and the Knesset know of  America's history and are dealing with Israel's new situation well.   Israelis have been too long the brunt of discrimination themselves, and won't  allow it to happen to others.    It seems that people will get away with unsuitable behaviors that suit their personal feeling until brought up short and shamed a little.  It will stop like pinching out the flame of a candle.

Resource: Stand For Israel