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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Speaks Out on Israel-Palestine Situation
Nadene Goldfoot
Israel had to fight a war of all wars in 1967 and really doesn't want to have to repeat that.  Israel survived an attack from many of her neighbors  and in doing so inherited their own  ancient land of Judea and Samaria that in the bible days had belonged to the Jewish nation which is now called the West Bank.  Jordan referred to it as the West Bank when it was under their control. .  There are about 500,000 Israelis living there now as well as about 2.5 million Arabs.  The Palestinians want Judea and Samaria for their  state along with Gaza, but  want all Jews to move out.  Netanyahu has tried to hold peace talks with Abbas but they have not succeeded.  Abbas wanted his way decided upon before he even sat down to talk, of which left little to talk about.  Abbas has walked away and now has gone to the UN to pass a bill proclaiming Palestine and thus avoid peace talks with Israel.  Note that Israel contains over a million Arabs that have citizenship.  Israel did not force them out which is what  Abbas intends to do to Jews. 

Israel is thinking about annexing their Jewish cities and towns (so called settlement blocs in the paper)  now that peace talks have hit the futile point.  Israel has not done this in the past 40 years .

The outcome of the 1967 War was that Israel got Jerusalem, its old capital, and then did annex East Jerusalem which contains shrines of all 3 religions; major ones for Jews.  Up to this time neither Jews nor Christians  could get to these shrines.  Jewish shrines were being desecrated with human dung and were even being broken and definitely unkept.  The Palestinians want not only ALL  of Judea and Samaria but they want ALL of East Jerusalem, too.  After reading the 34 page Hamas declaration, many of us fear they are after ALL of Jerusalem and then after that ALL of Israel. 

Now General Ban Ki-moon, the UN's Secretary General, has called for efforts to break the impasse in the Israel-Palestine peace talks.  That's better than going ahead and pronouncing a declaration of a Palestine state.  He said that this is "long overdue."  He must feel the pressure from all the unrest in the Muslim region of overturning governments.  I hope he remembers that because of the fact that Abbas wouldn't come to the peace table, Netanyahu felt free to go ahead with building plans.  The time had run out preventing Israel from doing so . 

His statement of Israel occupying Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem from 1967 being morally and politically unsustainable is wrong and shocking to me.  Wasn't the attack on Israel morally wrong as well as politically wrong?  After all, Israel was created through the U.N.'s blessing and had been attacked ever since then without the U.N. ever speaking up against all these attack from 1948, 1956, and then in 1967.  Isn't this what happens when countries attack?  Attack me and if I win you pay the consequences-otherwise there will always be a bully around to attack.  That's called "justice."  Attack me and you'll go to jail. 

The U.N. Secretary did mention that he didn't like the rocket fire from Gaza towards Israel targeting civilians, but didn't like Israel's retalitation fire, either.  I didn't see or hear the U.N. doing anything to stop it to help out Israel, ever.   Does he think that Israel should just take it and shudder?  He also condemned the bomb attack in Jerusalem which killed one middle-aged lady tourist and injured about 40 some people. 

There had been two Jewish nations of Israel and Judea .   The Romans ended the last remaining one with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD.  They carried Jews away as slaves that they gathered up, but though most had died, there were some that survived and remained in the land.  There has NEVER been a nation or state of Palestine.  Read "From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters-a thick book by a Christian lady reporter who started out to prove that Palestinians deserved their own  country-but found out otherwise in doing excellent research that a reporter or librarian knows how to do.  She went to the original papers to write her book.  She found so many errors and cover-ups in British reporting.  She was so respected that the President of the United States  had her on his staff.  Presidents since then have referred to her.  Too bad that the UN Secretary Generals haven't read this book or any other real history book about this situation. 

Oregonian Newspaper page A5 3/30/2011, from Jerusalem-Israel weighs annexing West Bank territory

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