Thursday, March 03, 2011

                           Palestinians, Fatah and Hamas Join to Boycott USA and Obama
Nadene Goldfoot
This boycotting happened last week but never made it into the Oregonian.  I guess they don't take it seriously.  The Palestinian Authority has called for boycotting all American products and aid.  The reason they are so mad is because the USA vetoed their anti-Israel resolution that they wanted passed.  Even though President Obama asked the Palestinians not to boycott our country, they did it anyway. 

Both Fatah and Hamas have called for A Day of Rage against the USA and Obama.  Last Friday Fatah's Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, residing in Judea/Samaria or West Bank, said that he wants to meet with Hamas, occupying the Gaza Strip and a consistent enemy of Israel,   to join together in the creation of a Palestine.  Who didn't know that this is the ultimate conclusion of these two groups who were united not long ago. 

This reaction doesn't surpise me at all.  What surpises me is that so many did not see it coming.  Now I don't think that the world will respond in their favor, and they may be rich in weapons supplied from Iran to use against Israel, but I doubt if they are rich in money in order to boycott American goods.  Anyway, usually they receive things for free.  About the only group that may go along with this call are other  Muslim countries in the Middle East, but then they are all in an upheaval right now with governing problems of their own.  Many of them are looking to the USA for assistance already. 

One accomplishment in their call of "boycott them" is that it shows the world what their state of mind is like.  Maybe then people will see what Israel has been facing and understanding all along.  You either go along with what they want or suffer the consequences.  from AIPAC

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