Thursday, March 24, 2011

Egypt Not Against Israel Again
Nadene Goldfoot
It looks like my source misunderstood a map he or she had seen from Egypt's airline.  I'll leave my story, but the explanation is at the end.  To have seen a map without Israel on it caused some panic.  The upcoming Muslim Brotherhood is still causing consternation among us all, so we are quick to be wary of problems. 

Egypt seems to learn the hard way that they shouldn't cross Jews.  They did it the first time in the Exodus when they told Moses that he and his people could leave, then chasing after them only to be drowned in the sea.  They repeated their folly by joining their brothers in attacking Israel at its birth and continually in the many wars after that.  It's been heaven-sent since Sadat made peace with Israel and Mubarek carried on with the peace.

Not now can Israel depend on their peace with the coming change in their political order.  Suddenly Egypt Air, the main airline in Egypt removed Israel off of their map.  they are showing Jordan reaching the Mediterranean Sea.  Are they anticipating the near future?  If so they certainly are wrong, or is this a continuation of the brain washing that the Palestinians maintain in their schools. 

Their subsidiary, Air Sinai has been flying to Israel daily.  Ben Gurion Airport will not be on their map.  I wonder if they'll ever land there again and if so, how will they find it?  Egypt Air has been flying to Israel 4 times a week but when the uprising in Egypt started, the flights were halted but had started up again.  This airline has had an increase of 27% in 2010 from 2009, so if they don't land in Israel they're going to lose some of their profit.  Evidently they don't care.

It's too bad that Mubarak wasn't the mentch that Sadat was.  The Egyptian people might have been treated better and more democratic meansures could have transpired.  With the fall of his regime, I see the Muslim Brotherhood stepping into the forefront with their hateful rulings against Jews and Israel, and here is  one big indication of their powerful influence.  All this is happening at the same time Gaza is stepping up its attack on Israel.  Egypt, don't be surprised when your plans backfire as it has done in the past.  Treat Israel badly and you'll get only the backlash.  Treat Israel well and you will be rewarded with peace, happiness and many Israeli tourists.

PS The map shown on the link is the route map of Egyptair showing their destination cities – to which I referred in my email yesterday. Air Sinai destinations are not shown as they are not Egyptair. The Israeli borders are shown. It seems someone is misreading the map.  from Keith Grenville.,7340,L-4046460,00.html

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

Egyptair’s subsidiary Air Sinai has been flying Cairo/Tel Aviv for many years. Flight schedules have been curtailed in and out of Egypt for a while since the recent Egyptian revolution – on the Cairo/Johannesburg route there are 5 flights weekly instead of the usual 7. I don’t follow why temporarily curtailed Air Sinai flights Cairo/Tel Aviv can be considered as “brainwashing” – nor a nascent form of persecution.

Also, which map does not show Israel but with Jordan bordering the sea? See the Egyptair route map at
From Keith, a friend of a relative.