Monday, March 14, 2011

Itamar-Town in Samaria-Am Yisrael Chi (The People of Israel Live)

Nadene Goldfoot
The head of the family that was murdered in Itamar on Shabbat in the middle of the night  was a Rabbi who taught in the town's Yeshiva.  He was the opposite of a violent man  His baby had her throat cut.  So did his 11 year old son.  The 4 year old was stabbed in the heart.  Bloody slaughter seems to be the only way to solve things in the minds of Palestinian terrorists.  I have seen the pictures of the deaths of this family and it is truly shocking. 

Israel's government is outraged, also.  They were contemplating building 1,000 homes for every person killed, but have decided to build 500 more homes in Judea-Samaria as their reaction to these deaths.  It stands as a sign of life and survival amidst hatred and killing.  No doubt this is going to hit the Palestinians in the kishkas, but I'm sure Israel is trying to teach that hatred and slaughter is only going to hurt themselves and that a discourse and smoking of the peace pipe is the only way to behave in today's world. Running away from the table accomplishes nothing.  They can't scare away Israelis or bully them to get their way in this claim of this piece of land. 

The Oregonian printed an article in today's paper about the killings that comes from the McClatchy-Tribune.  I take note of the sentence that says...Most of the international community views the settlements as illegal because they are built on land seized by Israel during the 1967 war.   I wonder if the reporter or the international community remembers just how Israel came to have this land. It was attacked by the surrounding Arabs that became known as the Six Day War in which with odds no gambler would bet on, though outnumbered and outdone by weaponry, Israel  won the war.  In doing so, they found themselves in control of Judea and Samaria, land that was promised to them in the creation of Israel in talks with Britain before 1948, who was the overseer of this land when the Ottoman Empire fell due to the 1st World War when they were allied with Germany.  It wasn't like Israel decided they wanted the land and SEIZED it.  At this point I feel the international community is disgusting in their constant condemnation  of Israel.  Whatever has happened, Israel to them can do no right.  Israel is under the barrage of missiles and bombs and is criticized for defending themselves.  As if in a game of dodge ball, how dare Israelis dodge! 

The people of Itamar are not people that are opportunists out to make some sort of financial killing.  Despite the crazy world that we live in of drugs, alcohol, and cheating people out of money, there are still a handful of Jews who are awed by their religion and study it.  Think of the Llamas of Tibet.  They are people who study the Torah and take it to heart.  They are trying to live a good life and revere the land of their fathers, the place Ha Shem led them to in order to come to these states of mind.  That's why the land Itamar sits on was chosen. 

The latest news is that the slaughter was done by Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Fatah's military wing.  That figure as it had to be someone living in Samaria or even Judea.  and Fatah controls the area.  Their brothers in Gaza celebrated the deaths by passing out candy and acting out in a jubilant manner.  This is how they celebrated USA's 9/11.  Of course Hamas claims the act was justifiable.  When people think that the slaughter of children in such an act of bloodletting is justifiable, the earth is in a heap of trouble. 

Reference: Stand With Us
Oregonian 3/14/2011


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