Monday, August 25, 2008

USA-Israel Friendship Questionable
The USA is installing a radar system at its US base in Israel's Negev desert but will not be for Israel's protection or use. Unlike Poland, who insisted on having Polish crews train to man their US missile interceptors, Israelis will have no access.
This system will track not only Iranian and Syrian missiles and aircraft but also Israeli actions, asking as a spy system on its host.
Besides this, USA is refusing to sell planes to Israel for fear that they will be used to attack Iran. Israel's planes are now very old and need replacements. Israel feels that no options should be taken off the table, but are now stymied.
To make matters more complex, USA has told Israel that it cannot fly over Iraq. To get to Iran, evidently one must fly over Iraq.
USA State Department spokesman said that the US is committed to Israel's security and that the US would defend Israel from any attack from Iran. I say that would be like closing the barn door after the horse got out and ran far away. If Israel is attacked with a nuclear bomb, the whole country would be devastated, burnt to cinders, including the Palestinians. There would be no need to "defend Israel" as there wouldn't be any Israelis around to defend.
Why Olmert allowed such a deal in his country is known only to him and the knesset. It's bad business.
While all the attention is presently on Iran, I'm still worried about action from Libya and Syria. They were found to be the enemy of Israel in the Bible Code. Israel has many enemies who are jealous of its successes, and who haven't given up in their desires to see Israel's demise. Lebanon has joined Iran in threatening Israel if they dare to strike.
Reference: Bible Code I and II The Countdown by Michael Drosnin
Jerusalem Prayer Team
Israel Project Ads from 19 August
Israel blog of 8/24/08

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Human Rights Advocates and Their Aims
People are backing the group who has been acting like the bigoted bully because they either don't read history or are just plain anti-semitic.
They called Israel "illegal and immoral" for "sieging Gaza." Little did they care to acknowledge that 7 Arab countries had attacked teeny Israel and in doing so, actually lost their war, giving Gaza, which was originally in Egypt's control, to Israel. The same situation applies to Judea and Samaria, which others term "The West Bank".
At any rate, these forty do-gooders, from the ages of 22 to 81 of about twelve countries, sailed from Cyprus on Friday in two boats to Gaza on Saturday with the purpose of challenging an Israeli blockade of the Hamas terrorist-run territory. They wanted a confrontation with Israel to gain publicity, hoping to show how terrible Israel was.
Israel decided to let them land to avoid their publicity stunt. They knew what was on board and what cargo they were carrying.
It galls me to think that there are idiots out there who back these bloody killers who have attacked Israelis for so long by attacking civilians in buses and schools and shopping centers. Many Israelis have endured so much. They were almost wiped out in the holocaust, had to fight after arriving in Palestine and after the creation of Israel, never knowing when the next attack would come, and now people are arriving in boats calling them such names and helping the very enemy who has been attacking them just to create propaganda. The Gazans are receiving aid and really didn't need whatever is loaded on their ships. These very terrorists were on the side of Hitler, no less, and gain support as if they are the trod-upon people. It is they who have doing the trodding, bullying, hating, shelling and killing!
Resource: Oregonian Newspaper 8/24/08 page A16, Gaza City, Gaza Strip

Monday, August 11, 2008

Israel and Georgia's War with Russia
Israel has been selling defensive arms to Georgia for about 7 years, but now must halt the sales because of fear of Russian retaliation. We have Israeli companies in Georgia and Jews do live there. Israel doesn't want Russia to get even by getting arms to Iran and Arab states.
South Ossetia became independent from George in the early 1990's. It's independence has not been recognised by the international community. Last Friday Georgian troops went against South Ossetia to control the area. The Russians then invaded with jets and tanks to stop the Georgian soldiers.
Ha'aretz as reported by newkerala.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Propaganda Against Israel by Nadene Goldfoot
I just read that an independant organization called PHR-I, which stands for Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, is not a part of the international PHR framework, but are being quoted by big newspaper outfits like BBC, Washington Post, Daily Telegrah, Guardian, Independent and AFP. They claim that they are doing good, while they are bloodying the name of Israel. What they say is being taken as the gospel truth, and their goal seems to be to fight Israel in this manner.
They are making allegations about Palestinians being pressured by Israel when they are seeking medical treatment outside of Gaza to become informants. Their evidence is unverifiable. It comes from 11 Gazans who allegedy asked for permission to come for medical care. Some may have needed medical help, but some may also have been inventing stories to gain entrance to Israel. We know this happens in Ashkelon, when Gazans have come to Barzelai Hospital seeking medical help. The story they tell is that a person who asked permission to enter had died, and this was a press release. It turned out later that the person was alive.
Another way they are hurting Israel is by saying that Gazans are being denied permission to study at universities in the USA. Some Gazans have been found to be imposters An example is what happened in May 2008 when some Palestinian students had their Fulbright fellowships and were not allowed to leave. Israel said they were security risks, but finally agreed to give them special exit permits. In the end, our US State Department withdrew three grants because of security risks. The US finally saw that Israel had originally turned them down because of the backgrounds of these students. Yet mainstream media came down solely on Israel because of this vile propaganda.
Palestinians have enjoyed using Human Rights as an issue against Israel. It appears that newspapers are very lazy and do not check out their sources when they write articles against Israel. They must start considering the source and their motivation. Israel is being bombed and is being attacked by propaganda. Readers, don't swallow everything you read. Check it out!