Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is Why I Love Being a Jew

Nadene Goldfoot
by Dan Sporn: an Israeli
Our condition, in Israel, has never been better than it is now! Only
the television and the media make people think that the end of the
world is near. Only 65 years ago, Jews were brought to death like
sheep to slaughter. NO country, NO army. Only 60 years ago,
seven Arab countries declared war on little Israel, the Jewish State,
just a few hours after it was established.

We were 650,000 Jews against the rest of the Arab world.
No IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) or Air Force. We were only a
small group of stubborn people with nowhere to go.
Remember: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and
Saudi Arabia, they all attacked at once. The state that the
United Nations "gave" us was 65% desert. We started it from

Only 41 years ago, we fought three of the strongest countries
in the Middle East, and we crushed them in the Six Day War.
Over the years we fought different coalitions of Arab countries
with modern armies and with huge amounts of Russian-Soviet
ammunition, and we still won.
Today we have a beautiful country, a powerful Army, a strong
Air Force, an adequate Navy and a thriving high tech industry.
Intel, Microsoft, and IBM have all developed their businesses

Our doctors have won important prizes in the medical
development field.

We turned the desert into a prosperous land.
We sell oranges, flowers, and vegetables around the world.
We launched our own satellite! Three satellites at once! We
are in good company; together with the USA (280 million
residents), Russia (220 million residents), China (1.3
billion residents) and Europe (France, England and Germany
135 million residents), we are one of the only countries in the
world that have launched something into space!

Israel today is among the few powerful countries that have
nuclear technology & capabilities. ( We will never admit it,
but everyone knows.)

To think that only 65 years ago we were disgraced and hopeless.
We crawled out from the burning crematoriums of Europe.
We won in all our wars. With a little bit of nothing we built an empire.
Who are Khaled Mashal (leader of Hamas) or Hassan Nasrallah
(leader of Hezbollah) trying to frighten us? They are amusing us.

As we celebrate Independence Day, let's not forget what this
holy day is all about; we overcame everything.
We overcame the Greeks,
We overcame the Romans,
We overcame the Spanish Inquisition,
We overcame the Russians pogrom,
We overcame Hitler, we overcame Germany and overcame the
We overcame the armies of seven countries.

Relax chevray (friends), we will overcome our current enemies.
Never mind where you look in human history. Think about it,
the Jewish nation, our condition has never been better than now.
So let's lift our heads up and remember:

Never mind which country or culture tries to harm us or erase us
from the world. We will still exist and persevere. Egypt? Anyone
know where the Egyptian empire disappeared to? The Greeks?
Alexander Macedon? The Romans? Is anyone speaking Latin
today? The Third Reich? Did anyone hear news from them lately?
And look at us, the Bible nation, from slavery in Egypt, we are
still here, still speaking the same language.

Exactly here, exactly now.
Maybe The Arabs don't know it yet, but we are an eternal nation.
All the time that we will keep our identity, we will stay eternal.
So, sorry that we are not worrying, complaining, crying, or fearing.
Business here is beseder (fine). It can definitely be much better,
but it is still fine. Don't pay attention to the nonsense in the media,
they will not tell you about our festivals here in Israel, or about the
people that continue living, going out, meeting friends.

Yes, sometimes morale is down, so what? This is only because we
are mourning the dead while they are celebrating spilled blood. And
this is the reason we will win after all.

Please forward this e-mail to all of your Jewish friends
everywhere in the world. You are all part of our force to
keep our existence.
This e-mail may help some of us lift our heads up and be
proud to say:

Resource: Denise Bremridge from Barry Samuels to me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Netanyahu formed Israel's Government

The Israeli Labor party has joined Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party to form a government by a vote of 680 to 507. Already joining Netanyahu was Yisrael Beitenu and Shas parties for the coalition. Labor is more moderate than the other three hard liners, but this will be a good mix.


Monday, March 23, 2009

If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem

Here's an answer to Ben Ehrenreich and his article: The Root of Israel's Problem: Zionism -found in the Sunday Oregonian. I think Ben did forget. Nadene Goldfoot

By Victor Sharpe
Nadene Goldfoot
Jerusalem has been described as the eternal city of the eternal people.Let me quote the words from 1918 of the great Rabbi J.H. Hertz, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, at the thanksgiving service for the liberation of Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks by British forces. He spoke of the nearly 4,000 years of history that bound the Jews to their spiritual and physical capital city and of their fate in defending it against its many conquerors.“Like the Jew, this Holy City of Israel is deathless; fire and sword and all the engines of destruction have been hurled against it in vain.

 The Babylonians burnt it and deported its population; the Romans slew a million of its inhabitants, razed it to the ground, passed the ploughshare over it and strewed its furors with salt; Hadrian banished its very name from the lips of men, changed it to Aelia Capitolina and forbade any Jew from entering it on pain of death. Persians and Arabs, Barbarians and Crusaders and Turks took it and re-took it, ravaged it and burnt it; and yet, marvelous to relate, it ever rises from its ashes to renewed life and glory.”Rabbi Hertz was talking on the very day that 2,080 years earlier, Judah Maccabee, the wondrous Jewish hero who had led his warriors against the Greek-Syrians to liberate the Holy City from its heathen occupiers, entered the Temple and re-dedicated it to the glory of the One and Only God, invisible and indivisible.

 Rabbi Hertz ended his speech by proclaiming the prophetic teaching of the Maccabean festival, we know as Hanukah, in Zechariah, 4:6: “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts.”It is well to dwell on what has been said by both Jews and non-Jews in the past about Jerusalem for there is a government and a prime minister in Israel today preparing to abandon eternal Jerusalem and give it away to those who hate the Jewish people and have set their face against accepting any Jewish independence or sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

The tireless Zionist leader, Theodor Herzl, wrote in 1897: “The return to Zion must be preceded by our return to Judaism.” We should remember that Herzl knew full well that the word Zion is, and always has been, synonymous with the eternal city of Jerusalem.Mordechai M. Noah wrote in 1824 that “We will return to Zion as we went forth, bringing back the faith we carried away with us.”Again, Herzl wrote in 1898 about the Zionist cause and the restoration of Jerusalem: “One thing is to me certain, high above any doubt: the movement will continue. I know not when I shall die, but Zionism will never die.”

And here is a quote in the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1910. In it Lucien Wolf wrote as follows: “Zionism is the lineal heir to the attachment to Zion, which led the Babylonian exiles under Zerubbabel to rebuild the Temple and which flamed up in the heroic struggle of the Maccabees against Antiochus Epiphanes. The great bulk of the Jewish people have throughout their history remained faithful to the dream of a restoration of their national life in Judea.”One can go back through the mists of time and read the same sentiments in every generation; as far back as the towering words in Isaiah 2:1 and Micah 4:2: “For out of Zion shall come forth the Torah, and the word of God from Jerusalem.”

 These are just two of the 821 times that Jerusalem and Zion appear in the Tanach (Holy Bible) – Jerusalem 667 times and Zion, 154 times.According to the much loved correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, the late Moshe Kohn, “Jewish sources speak of the seventy names by which Jerusalem is referred to in the classical Jewish sources. These include Ariel/lion of God (Isaiah 29:1); Kirya Neemana/Faithful City (Isaiah 1:25); Ir Ha’emet (City of Truth (Zechariah 8:3); Klilat Yofi/Paragon of Beauty (Lamentations 2:15); Yefay Nof/ Beautiful Panorama (Psalms 48:3); and the ancient commentary of Rabbi Akiva in Sanhedrin 58a on 1 Chronicles 29:11 Hanetza/Eternity.”

But what of now? The modern State of Israel endures a prime minister willing, even anxious to divide Jerusalem again and to give away ancestral and biblical Jewish lands to an enemy led by a Holocaust denier whose own Fatah organization continues to murder Jews and gleefully claim credit for its crimes.This Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is now being investigated on four separate charges of corruption, yet Israelis seem paralyzed and unable to remove him politically from office. Olmert is the Prime Minister under whose watch the Second Lebanon War was grotesquely mishandled and who has recently been blamed for the needless deaths of thirty Israeli soldiers in the waning days of the war. Yet he has not done the honorable thing: resign.This is the Prime Minister who applauded the national shame known under its duplicitous euphemism, the “Disengagement Plan.” In it, Israeli policemen and women were ordered to drag 10,000 Jewish souls from their homes in villages throughout the Gaza Strip, land known as Gush Katif, and to then destroy those homes and their flourishing Jewish farms. This is the man who has allowed the Arabs in Gaza, who have shown their contempt by not creating a civilized society in Gaza but by sliding into 7th century barbarism and Islamism, to rain thousands of missiles upon the Israeli towns and villages adjacent to the terror-infested Arab-occupied Gaza Strip. Ehud Olmert and his regime continue to allow what no other nation on earth would ever tolerate.

And this Prime Minister, under whose reign tens of thousand of Israelis in Judea and Samaria now fear a new deportation will soon descend upon them, is soon to represent Israel at an International Conference in Annapolis called for by the U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.Ms. Rice has made it a personal commitment, even an article of faith, to create a Palestinian state side by side with Israel within the mere fifty miles width separating the Jordan River from the Mediterranean Sea. It is reported that her advisers include men who are not well disposed toward the Jewish State. They include Jimmy Carter, James Baker lll, Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski.At this ill conceived Conference, Olmert will likely make far-reaching concessions to the Arabs with nothing in return. That has been the sorry pattern of Israel’s suicidal policy of “land for peace” whereby the Palestinian aggressors receive land from which to launch new terrorism against Israel, but Israel never receives peace.

 This failed policy has been pressed upon Israel by successive American Secretaries of State and Presidents.Olmert and his ministers seem unable to learn any lessons from their earlier futile withdrawals from southern Lebanon and Gaza. Soon, Heaven forbid, the very ancestral homeland in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) will be lost, not by the ravages of an enemy host but, to its eternal shame, from an Israeli government itself. As Frank Gaffney wrote in a recent article, “Condi Rice is demanding that Israel now relinquish the West Bank and east Jerusalem to yet another terrorist organization: Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah.

 The entire Annapolis house of cards is built on the fraudulent foundation that the Palestinian faction established by Abbas’ mentor, Yasser Arafat, is a reliable partner for peace. Only a zealot who has altogether lost any sense or reality could make such an assertion.”So will Olmert sell out Israel’s ability to remain a viable state with an undivided capital city in eternal Jerusalem? Will Israel be able to defend itself after being forced back within pre-1967 borders, which an Israeli statesman, Abba Eban, once described as the “Auschwitz borders?”

 Or will Ehud Olmert, at this eleventh hour, find within himself the spiritual essence and wisdom that has guided so many Jewish leaders before him? Will he remember Zion and not turn his face away from it? Perhaps he will yet turn from the false gods of secularism and find again the still small voice heard so long ago in the words of the great Jewish prophet, Isaiah 42: 6-7. “I the Lord have called thee in righteousness and have taken hold of thine hand, and kept thee, and set thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the nations, to open the blind eyes, to bring the prisoners from the dungeon, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.”

Source: Article submitted by the author, an IHC Featured Writer 3 December 2007

Israel Hasbara Committee - http://www.infoisrael.netYou can find this article online at
on my blog with permission from Mr. Sharpe.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gay En Dred, World

by Nadene Goldfoot
I am totally disgusted with a world that is turning against Israel. Today I received e-mail telling of over 190 universities that are boycotting Israel. The newspapers are full of articles showing affirmation with the Arab world and against Israel. To me, everyone has gone crazy.

How is it that when Israel suffered for eight years the indecency of being rocketed constantly, all the nations of the world did absolutely nothing about it. When Southern Israel citizens were almost driven crazy by the Russian roulette way of life, wondering if it was their day to die , Condoleeza Rice kept saying, don't react to it. Israel itself reacted finally and told the world first of its intentions before it started defending itself. The world was told and told what Israel would have to do, and so Israel, being a land of lawyers and doctors and such, were scrupulously careful in how they handled their reaction. No other country has ever taken the precautions that they took, but they had to make it clear to the Palestinians to stop endangering the lives of the Jews of Israel! The lies that have been coming out about the IDF's behaviors during Operation Cast Lead are abominable. How horrible it is that people are scooping them up and swallowing them whole, eager to believe the worst of these young Jewish soldiers. Gay en dread!

And of course, the predictable happened. The world turned against not the Arabs who display their hatred for Jews and for Israel and are determined to drive them away, but upon Israel itself for its defensive action. Things haven't changed for two thousand years. It's disgusting.

How few Americans, both Jews and Gentiles have ever studied the history of the Jews and Zionism and of the land of the Middle East? Not very many. I have and of course am a defender of Israel as well as a dual citizen of her and of USA. It's not hard to start reading, people. I fear we are becoming a land of non-readers who only get swayed by companions who also know nothing but are defensive about their hateful positions. It seems to just be popular to be against Israel's right of existence.

Today I just read a disgusting essay in the Sunday Oregonian: The root of Israel's problem: Zionism by Ben Ehrenreich, himself a Jew. What have you ever done for Israel, Ben? What have you read? How do you come to your conclusions? You get my biggest gay en dread! Have you been brought up in some kind of isolation? You know nothing of what has been going on? I am totally in shock after reading your article.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Telling Lies About Israel: 345 Other Conflicts in World

Nadene Goldfoot
There are 345 conflicts going on in the world right now, but the media is focused on one: whatever Israel does.  

The conflict with the Arabs means that the Arabs and their sympathizers tell blatent lies about Israel. It is groundless slander, but it seems that there are many still who are eager to believe the worst about Israel and Jews.

The following tells about what is happening. Go to: Thee visual tells the story very well.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saudis Deny Facts About Israel: Incite Hatred

Nadene Goldfoot
Arabs are showing that they are not advancing peace but are trying to deligitimize Israel.
The Durban II Conference is being held in April and is calling for Israel to accept their Arab League peace initiative. While they call for this, they refuse Israel's desire to negotiate and are unwilling to go to Jerusalem or talk to Israel's Prime Minister. They continue to advance their idea that Israel is not legitimate in international forums like the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council. Durban II will be a repeat of Durban I, which was completely against Israel. Today, these groups are top-heavy with Arabs and their influence.
Luckily, the USA and Canada will not attend Durban II. Several other European nations are considering withdrawing from this meeting.

Arabs are trying to promote peace while knocking Israel. They are not fighting racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. They are creating it. The conference is a stunt by the Saudis to make us forget that they are state sponsors of terror. 15 Saudi citizens were the perpetrators of 9/11 and they want us to forget that little fact.

Israel is legitimate. It was created under the United Nations in May 1948. It has been the victim of Arab attacks ever since then, and has miraculously survived. Arabs have not succeeded in killing off Israel though they try every trick. Arabs are trying propaganda to destroy Israel in such things as these conferences. I just hope that our country continues to be wary of their goal.

Reference: Mitchell Bard

Friday, March 06, 2009

Attack in Jerusalem: March 5, 2009

Nadene Goldfoot
East Jerusalem is mostly an Arab residential area made up of Abbas's Fatah members. This does not make the rest of Jerusalem completely safe. Yesterday another bulldozer piloted by a Palestinian rammed it into a bus and a police car and injured the two policemen. The ramming overturned the car and it flew into the air and flipped over twice. The bulldozer continued to drag it toward the bus that was stuck in the traffic.

A taxi-driver named Dor chased the bulldozer and shot the driver. In Israel, one does what one can. No doubt this taxi driver was also a soldier and knew just what to do. The bulldozer driver later died.

This is the 4th terror attack in Jerusalem with a vehicle . In September 2008 a Palestinian East Jerusalem resident plowed his car into a crowd of people. July 2008 terrorist attack resulted in 16 people injured. In June 2008 another drove into buses, civilian car and people on a major Jerusalem road killing 3 and injuring 45. Last year on March 8th a Palestinian murdered 8 students in a shooting attack at a school, an institute for Jewish studies. This is happening under Abbas's watch of Palestinian Fatah members.

While the attack yesterday occurred, 5 rockets hit southern Israel.

Reference: The Israel Project: This contains 20 pictures of the recent attack.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

USA Pushing Israel With Hillary

by Nadene Goldfoot
Hillary was on TV today knocking Israel about not opening the gates of Gaza. She seems to ignore the fact that over 100 rockets have been fired from there since we pulled out only a few weeks ago. Israel allows many trucks in every day but is keeping out concrete, pipes and such that can be used to build bunkers and rockets. Hillary wants lots of humanitarian aid to enter Gaza but ignores trucks that already are entering with such things.

She also complained that Israel demolished a couple of buildings in East Jerusalem built by Arabs illegally. She said it was unhelpful. The buildings are new and not occupied. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as their capitol. East Jerusalem fell to Israel in the 1967 War but of course the international community doesn't recognize their legal annexation because it's Israel. If it were the United States, it would be automatically part of the USA like Texas.

Now, Netanyahu probably will be the next Prime Minister of Israel once he forms a coalition. He has come to the conclusion that a state of Palestine is not a good idea. After being attacked by the neighboring Arabs for 60 years, I can see why he has given up on the idea. They are not compatible with Israel. I came to the same conclusion some time ago. Abbas, head of the West Bank Palestinians, is not the leader of Hamas, and his people are being slaughtered by Hamas. This is actually not the goal of Hamas, at least. They just want to wipe out Israel, and once they meet that goal they will probably not be satisfied until they kill all the Jews there. I base that conclusion on their utter hatred of Jews and what they are teaching in homes and schools.

Hillary, how would you like to have rockets falling in your neighborhood and hitting homes and even a school? Wouldn't you scream at your government to protect you? How do you think Israel is feeling by having this happen to them?

Hillary, how would you like to have a country next door who only wants your complete destruction? They teach it to their children, even sacrificing their children to this end. They are not ready to make peace and exist as others are existing. Do you really think they should be rewarded with their own state? Not now, Hillary.

Reference: NBC Today Show