Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Palestinian Authority Rewards Terrorism Against Israel 
Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestinian leaders have done everything possible to brainwash their people into hating Jews and Israel since 1948.  Since 1967 they have  continued to educate everyone in their schools, on TV and in families in order to hate and fight against Israel.  Maps show no Israel.  Music is full of hatred encouraging a takeover of all of Israel, not just East Jerusalem. 

Itamar Marcus and Nan Zilberdik have written an op ed exposing the Palestinian mind and how this type of encouragement has brought on the slaughter of the Itamar family in Samaria.  Abbas sent a message just two months ago supporting terror by awarding $2,000 to the family of a terrorist who attacked IDF soldiers.  Last week a newspaper, al-hayat Al-Jadida announced a football tournament named after their first female Palestinian suicide bomber, Wafa Idris.  Three weeks ago a TV program, under the direct control of Abbas's office, broadcast a video glorifying another terrorist, Habash Hanani who entered Itamar in 2002 and murdered 3 students.  They name things like summer camps after terrorists who kill.  The Palestinian leaders encourage such behaviors.  This is the way Abbas's Fatah is continuing to fight against Israel, and they are considered moderates by our government.  Those that commit such offenses will simply be rewarded, either financially, with notoriety, having places named for him, and of course, reward in paradise. 

Now, it came to Abbas to respond to the world press.  His first response was "mealy-mouthed" and similar to Hamas's reaction of the slaughter as being deserved.  Someone must have gotten to him, for today in the Oregonian he is said to have actually responded again, but only after Israel criticized his leadership for his weak response to such an ungodly act.  He spoke in Arabic.  I have a feeling that he finally saw the photos of the dead children that made even him finally feel something.  Netanyahu and his cabinet has finally accused the Palestinian Authority of their indirect role in encouraging such violence.  This is something that we have all known about.  It's common knowlege that their educational system in Judea and Samaria has been teaching hatred and is trying to rewrite Israel's history, and we all know of their naming places after terrorists.   

How can the Big Four expect a peace settlement with such warped messages being taught to the Palestinians.  How have they been able to ignore such behaviors in their demanding that Israel give into the Palestinian demands before a so called peace discussion ever starts?  Have our leaders not not been prepared with such knowledge or do they just have a blind eye or heart?  More likely they just don't care to realize what the outcome would be.

The Palestinians  are not ready for a peace process.  Neither is the Palestinian Authority.  They'll have to re-educate and brainwash themselves first in order to teach their people to have any sort of peace.  I'd like to think that Abbas meant what he said on the radio.  To be real, it must have been written for him by a publicist.  Now we'll just have to watch in the next few years and see who is rewarded for this bloody slaughter. 

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