Wednesday, September 08, 2021

How Big Is Israel?

Nadene Goldfoot

How Big Is Israel?
The population of the world as of 2007 is 6 billion, 602 million, 224 thousand, 175 as of 2007.

Israel is very small. The population is 6 million, 426 thousand, 679. It is 10, 733 square miles, or 22,0072 sq km. or smaller than New Jersey. Of that, 76.4% are Jewish, 16% Muslim, and the rest Christians. This means that there are about 5,313,800 Jews in Israel as of 2006.

Lebanon is smaller with a population of 3 million, 925 thousand, 502. It's size is 10,400 sq. km of which 170 is water. It is 0.7 the size of 

Connecticut, or just a little smaller than Israel by some 300 sq. km. It is unique in that it is made up of 59.7% Muslims, 39% Christians and no Jews. It does have 17 religious sects.

The West Bank "Samaria and Judea"'s population is 2 million, 535 thousand, 927. It is 5 thousand 860 sq. km of which 220 sq. km is water. That's half of the size of Israel. It's a little smaller than Delaware. 75% of the people are Sunni Muslims, 17% Jewish and 8% Christians.

Gaza's population is 1 million, 482 thousand, 405. It's size is 360 sq. km, and has 0 water. It is more than 2 Washington D.C.'s. It has 99.3% Sunni Muslims and 0.7% Christians.

Jordan's population is 6 million, 053 thousand, 193. It's size is 92 thousand 300 sq. km of which 329 sq. km. is water. It is a little smaller than Indiana.

Syria's population is 19 million, 314 thousand, 747. The size is 185,180 sq km of which 1,130 sq. km is water. It is larger than North Dakota.
Iraq has 27 million, 499 thousand, 638. The size is 437,072 square km. of which 4,910 sq km is water. It is as big as 2 Idahos.

Saudi Arabia's population is 27 million, 601 thousand, 038. The size is 2 million, 149 thousand, 690 sq km with 0 water. It is more than 1/5 the size of the U.S.A.

Iran's population is 65 million, 397 thousand, 521. The size is 1,649 sq km of which 12,000 sq km is water.
It is larger than Alaska.

Egypt's population is 80 million, 335 thousand, 036. The size is 1 million ,001 thousand,450 sq. km of which water is 6,000 km. It is as big as 3 New Mexicos.

All of the countries other than Israel and the U.S.A. are made up of Muslims and a few Christians except Lebanon, which has many Christians. Jews are not allowed to live there, but are allowed as tourists in Egypt now.
In comparison, the USA has 301 million, 139 thousand, 947 people. The size is 9 million, 826 thousand, 630 sq. km. of which 664 thousand, 707 is water. It is half the size of Russia. Jews make up 1.7% of the population or about 5,275,000. Christians are 78.5%, 0.07% are Buddists and 0.06% are Muslims. Of the Christians, 51.3% are Protestants, 23.9% are Catholics, 1.7% are Mormons.

Cities similar in size to Israel are:
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with a population of 6,424,519.
Hong Kong, China has 6,097,000.
Essen, Germany has 6,559,000.

Cities larger than Israel
Mexico City, Mexico has 18, 131,000.
Tokyo, Japan has 28,025,000.
Reference: CIA World Fact Book. 2007