Friday, October 29, 2010

Noam Chomsky No Lawyer

A claim made by Noam Chomsky in 1999 in one of his books is that 93% of the land in Israel is controlled by the state and can only be leased to Jews. Repeating this untruth was Fox News reporter Reena Ninan. She said that: 80% of land in Jerusalem is marked for Jewish neighborhoods and cannot be purchased by Palestinians, debunking comments from the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat who say the Jerusalem real-estate market is free and open to anyone regardless of national or religious identity.

People are not checking with the law or the background of the law. Camera has done a good job of finding out just what the truth is in the website below.

One interesting fact is that half of Israel is the Negev desert. The United States also has owns its desert in the SW areas.

Under ILA rules and guidelines, legal residents of Israel, including Palestinian residents, are treated exactly the same as citizens of Israel. And, as even Ir Amim admits, Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are Israeli residents.

I believe that law in Israel is more complicated than in the USA. You have the old Ottoman Law still being used in many cases as well as Israel's laws. I imagine real estate is very complicated. It's counter-productive to keep spreading lies that creep up in so many books. The truth is coming out at last.

I think Israel goes to great lengths to treat Palestinians in Israel democratically considering that Abbas refuses to recognise Israel and that Hamas in Gaza are striving to wipe Israel out. In fact, Abbas's maps show no Israel at all which is part of the brain washing going on in the schools in Judea/Samaria and East Jerusalem. The democratic values are only going one way. I'm still waiting for the Palestinians to treat Israel fairly.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Gaza, Israel Off Map

Hamas has acquired anti-aircraft missiles in Gaza. These are Russian-made Strela missiles most likely from Iran that made their way to Gaza through Egypt. They are a threat to patrolling the border of Gaza as well as to Israel's Ben Gurion airport.

Besides this, Abbas is showing a map without Israel. This doesn't sound like a man to work with in regards in engaging in peace.

US President Obama has condemned the existence of maps like the one Abbas displayed as a "security" threat to Israel:
"I will never compromise when it comes to Israel's security... Not when there are terrorist groups and political leaders committed to Israel's destruction. Not when there are maps across the Middle East that don't even acknowledge Israel's existence."

Yes President Obama, I don't believe that Abbas is sincere about making peace with Israel. It doesn't look like it would work anyway, with Hamas bent on destroying Israel. The two groups have got to want peace and have face to face discussions about it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Israel's Latest Condemnation
by Nadene Goldfoot

Joseph Alois Ratzinger was born on April 16, 1927 in Marktl, Bavaria.. He is a German citizen. His father was a police officer and his great uncle, Georg Ratziner was a politician. At age 14 he had to join the Hitler Youth group. Then he was drafted into the German anti-aircraft corps : Luftwaffen Helfer and was in the infantry. The war for America started in 1941, and by 1945 America was close by in Germany. Joseph deserted and went home where the Americans had taken over his house as a station. He wound up in a POW camp as a German soldier, and when he got out, he went back to the seminary where he had once been. In 2005 he was elected Pope Benedict XVI. Today he is 83 years old.

This is the same man who just held a meeting with bishops who all decided that the whole Middle East problem was caused by Israel and its settlers and that they should leave the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza (which we already have) and that then everything will be hunky-dory in the Middle East. They came to this conclusion because they now realize that Islam wants to kill Christians, so this is the best way to deal with the threat. This man is Pope Benedict XVI.

"When Pope Benedict ascended to the Papacy his election was welcomed by the Anti-Defamation League who noted "his great sensitivity to Jewish history and the Holocaust". However, his election received a more reserved response from the United Kingdom's Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who hoped that Benedict would "continue along the path of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II in working to enhance relations with the Jewish people and the State of Israel."The Foreign Minister of Israel also offered more tentative praise, though the Minister believed that "this Pope, considering his historical experience, will be especially committed to an uncompromising fight against anti-Semitism."Critics have accused Benedict's papacy as being insensitive towards Judaism. The two most prominent instances were the expanding the use of the Tridentine Mass and the lifting of the excommunication on four bishops from the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). In the Good Friday service, the traditional Mass rubrics include a prayer that asks God to lift the veil so they [Jews] may be delivered from their darkness. This prayer has historically been contentious in Judaic-Catholic relations and the several groups saw the restoration of the Tridentine Mass as problematic. Among those whose excommunications was lifted was Bishop Richard Williamson, an outspoken Holocaust denier. The lifting of his excommunication led critics to charge that the Pope was condoning his anti-Semitic views."

Is anyone surprised that this Pope in particular would go against the Jewish state of Israel? I've just learned that there had been a rally organized by Fiamma Nirenstein journalist, MP, and vice president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies on October 7th at 6pm for Israel held in Rome. Among those who have joined the initiative are the following Members of the European Parliament: Hannu Takkula (Finland), Marco Scurria (Italy), Bastiaan Belder (NL), Corina Cretu (Romania), Pablo Arias (Spain), Magdi Cristiano Allam (Italy), and Antonio Lopez Istùriz (Spain).

"The organizers say that the "de-legitimization of Israel comes from all latitudes and without any restraints. Israel, the most openly threatened country in the world, is condemned by the international institutions and media for whatever it does, whether it is seeking to defend itself from terrorist attacks, trying to stop the supply of weapons to Gaza, or simply doing the normal activities that any democratic country does."

Too bad the Pope didn't attend this rally and listen to what was said about Israel. Or maybe he read about it and then decided on his meeting with all the Bishops in the Middle East denouncing Israel's rights. I'm grateful that there are people who realize that Israel has rights and are speaking up for her, as the Pope certainly got busy communicating to his Bishops and the UN that Israel needs to go back to 1948 lines. I

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why We Keep On Building
Here is a picture of Ariel, the 4th largest Jewish city in Judea with over 16,000.
It is 25 miles from Tel Aviv.
by Nadene Goldfoot

A half million Israelis live in Judea-Samaria (West Bank) and East Jerusalem. This had been the heartland of Ancient Israel. It was regained after the War of 1967 when Israel was attacked from all sides. The Arabs had thought that surely they would win being Israel was so outnumbered.

By winning, Israel gained back this land. They started to populate it more. At the time, there was no consideration of Palestinians declaring their own state and wanting this piece of land as they had been offered land way back in the beginning in 1948 and had refused it. They were not desperate like Jews were to have their own state. They did not need their own state. Now that they see that they have not wiped out Israel, they are making out that they need the land for their statehood. In reality they just don't want Israel to be there. This is another form of warfare against Israel.

Israel has given in everytime a chance has come up to trade in land for peace. They even had a moratorium on building in Judea-Samaria for 10 months, giving the Palestinians time to recognize and come to terms with Israel, possibly even leading to changing their charter of wiping out Israel. The Palestinians let the time lapse. Now that they see that Israel is not upset by it and has started to build without extending anymore time, the Arabs are pouting, and have given the United States a month in order to get Israel into a discussion about peace terms. Of course the peace terms I can imagine will be all about what the Palestinians are steering towards, the destruction of Israel, where we ask for recognition.

Israel is not as naive anymore. It's in the state of living and developing. Their best soldiers happen to come from the Judea-Samaria area nowdays. 40% of IDF combat officers are religious zionists. That means that they understand the relevance of Judea and Samaria to Israel. This is why losing this area is traumatic.

Israel is not a state that just happened to be settled by Jews because it was just an empty swampy ugly piece of available arid land. It was the spot that our religion centered on in that we were given the land by G-d and were meant to be there. I don't know of any other place on this planet that has such a history. You have to recognize the meaning of Israel to Jews. Evangelical Christians certainly do. Places such as Europe have become unattached to religion lately and seem to have forgotten this history and why Israel means so much to us. After bouncing around from country to country looking for acceptance for 2,000 years, we realized that we needed to be back in our homeland. We could contribute to the world our creations and ideas better that way. Strangely, our land had laid fallow for the whole time we had been gone. No one really wanted it. It had become a mess, but it was our land.

Israel was very fair in giving Abbas time to come around and do the right thing in recognizing the state that he intends to live next door to. Would you want to move into a house that sits next door to your hated enemy? If he wants that house bad enough he's going to have to get along with the neighbor that's already there somehow. Good parental psychology says that you don't keep making threats to your children and then not abide by the rules that you have set. Netanyahu has done the same thing. Now he has every right to keep on building, and the plan right now is in East Jerusalem. Jerusalem, after all, is Israel's capital. If people don't remember, it was the capital of ancient Israel, also. It's more than special to us.

We've been at odds ever since the days of Abraham. It was a disappointment to us then and still is. When the day comes that the Arabs want to be friends, well, that will be the day. I guess, from the looks of this past 63 year history, it just may take the Messiah to bring it about. Something great has to touch their hearts and bring about a change in attitude. from Wall Street Journal by Yossi Klein Halevi Why Israel Won't Abandon the Settlers

Friday, October 15, 2010

2006: Second Lebanon War in Israel

Ahmadinejad's Visit to Lebanon

by Nadene Goldfoot

We've had several wars with Lebanon over the years. 1978 saw one war. We moved to Israel in 1980. I hadn't realized that there had been a war with Lebanon when we moved to Safed, which is quite close to the border with Lebanon. I was in Safed during the war in June 1982. "June 15, 1982: We were naturally happy that the PLO have been run out and had been worried about the arms and weapons that were coming in from them right across our border. It's time something was done about it. The U.N. and others were not doing anything about it. We never dreamt they would do as much as they did. Everyone is very upset about the casualties on both sides, but Lebanon seems to be very happy, and Major Hadad, the Christian Lebanese leader in Lebanon is very happy. In fact, all of Christian Lebanon is happy. We are glued to the radio for the short reports we get in English, and I read every word in the Jerusalem Post." Lebanon's minority were Christians, and the Christians and Muslims did not get along. Major Hadad and his militia patrolled our border and helped to protect Israel because the PLO had taken over southern Lebanon in the 70's. This 2nd war lasted 3 months when we actually went into Beiruit. By 1985 we had established a buffer zone between Lebanon and Israel.

In 1996 we had to go in Lebanon again in our Operation Grapes of Wrath, which lasted 16 days in order to end the shelling in Northern Israel by Hezbollah. Kiryat Shemona was constantly underfire, just as it was in 1982. That was one of my favorite towns, as they had the Hamishbeer, a wonderful department store which reminded me of Meier & Franks here in Portland. We had many American Jews living there, and they have been under attack so much, I don't know how they endure. Ceasefire was on 27 April, 1996.

Ahmadinejad has now visited Lebanon, buoying up their hatred for Israel. Iran is hoping to shake off memories of their 2005 assassination of Lebanon's former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. Now they've been helping out Lebanon with water and electricity, so they are standing in the winner's circle. Ahmadinejad's disparaging remarks have been, "The world should understand that the Zionists will go. Palestine will be liberated." The crowd roared in approval.

He visited towns affected by Israel-Lebanon wars. Qana is a southern Lebanon town where more than 150 were killed by our bombs during 1996 and 2006 wars. Ahmadinejad was attributed with helping Lebanon "win the war."

The 2006 war was a 34 day war with Hezbollah. It started on 12 July 2006 and ceasefire by the UN was declared on 14 August 2006. On the 8 September Israel lifted their naval blockade. Hezbollah started it by firing rockets on our border towns. Then they fired anti-tank missiles on our Israeli Humvees patroling the border. They killed 3 soldiers and kidnapped 2 who could have been either dead or alive. We tried a rescue but 5 were killed in the attempt. Lastly we struck Lebanon with air attacks, hitting their airport which was the place they got imported weapons. A ground invasion was the end result. Hezbollah shot hundreds more rockets into northern Israel, where I used to live. They reached Haifa. They hit one of our warships with a drone. Lebanon took the biggest hit. They lost about 1,300. A million Lebanese were displaced as well as 300,00 to 500,000 Israelis. Israelis were able to return finally to their homes, but Lebanese couldn't due to our using cluster bomblets.

Why did Lebanon start attacking Israel in the first place? Do they not realize that we will retaliate? "For a trans-border Arab-Israeli war, this conflict was different than most. Israel at first responded lightly in the ground war, apparently relying on the air and artillery campaign to inflict most of the damage. Hezbollah responded with wave after wave of rockets and missiles supplied largely by Syria and Iran over the past several years."

Oregonian Newspaper 10/15/10 Iran's president speaks in Lebanon page A8
Letters From Israel by Nadene Goldfoot page 194.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Immigrants: Swear Allegiance to Israel

"Israel's mainly right-wing government voted overwhelmingly on Sunday in favour of controversial legislation requiring non-Jewish citizens to swear allegiance to the country as a Jewish state."

The United States did the same thing to immigrants coming into our country from another state. My grandparents were from "Russia." They had to sign a paper saying that they were not citizens of their former country nor paid it allegiance. They swore to uphold the laws of the USA. There's nothing outlandish in this.

Israel has over 1 million Arab citizens. They have the same privileges as Jewish citizens. This is something the European Union's members Catherine Ashton and Maja Kocijaneik doen't seem to know about, yet they are advocating for equality for all of Israel's citizens. They do have some history to learn about Israel, I see, before they start speaking.

A contraversy has come about because Israel expects to have Palestinians accept their existence by recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. It happens to be the only one in the world. The Palestinians and surrounding Arab countries are having a hard time accepting this fact. There is no sense in talking peace, I see, after 62 years of fighting our neighbors without this. We have to "shake hands" first before talking about points concerning us all.

It's about time that new immigrants to the country swore allegiance to it, just like the USA has done. I would think that it's only contraversial with the EU. Notice the "right wing" government mentioned, as if "right wing" was a bad thing. It only means that they have protection in mind. When I moved to Israel in 1980 I was a Democrat-not a Republican. That is considered left wing around here. When we got to Israel, we quickly found ourselves all for the right wing element. Gee, we did want to stay alive. Europe has found itself with many many Muslim immigrants now. I wonder if they have signed such a paper, or if Europe has ever had such a paper.


Accept Our Jewish State

by Nadene Goldfoot

Netanyahu addressed the Israeli Knesset yesterday saying that in order for him to freeze building for a short time in Judea and Samaria, the Palestinians must accept Israel as a Jewish State.

Palestinians immediately rejected his deal saying that Netanyahu was "playing games."

Let's face it. The Arabs simply don't want Israel in their midst and are not about to accept a Jewish state peacefully. It's not us that are playing games; it's Abbas, the former PLO terrorist and his Iranian-driven Hamas co-horts.

The United States is promising incentives including security guarantees to Netanyahu if Israel reinstates some form of the settlement freeze. Why on earth would we stop building and working towards the future if the Palestinians are just going to keep trying to kill us no matter what we do? How is the USA capable of giving us security guarantees? In what way? How? They wouldn't supply us with soldiers as that wouldn't work and the USA would be against that. It would have to be in some sort of technical apparatus or weaponry. So we'd stop building and our Israeli citizens living there would suffer because of it, but aha-the USA is supplying them with M1-rifles, maybe? Good grief.

There is no way that the Palestinians have come up with rewarding us for not building. Everything they are doing shows they are our combatants. Their schoolbooks show maps without Israel, only Palestine. Their schools teach hatred of Israelis, or should I just say Jews since to them there is no Israel? Abbas has no clout with Hamas in Gaza who are bent on wiping us out for sure. It's these people that have to impress Netanyahu, not Obama's promises. Ah-I remember his promise to AIPAC's meeting with him. He was going to keep Jerusalem whole for Israel. He has not since backed his statement.

Netanyahu said that if the Palestinian leadership (and does that mean just Abbas or both leaders of Fatah and Hamas) would say unequivocally to its people that it recognizes Israel as THE NATIONAL HOMELAND OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, he would be willing to convene his government and ask for an additional suspension of building. Palestinians have turned down the opportunity again.

Resource: Oregonian Newspaper 10/12/10Netanyahu links freeze, recognition page A4

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Judea and Samaria, 1982

October 7, 1982, Twenty-Eight Years Ago in Judea and Samaria

Excerpt from my book, "Letters From Israel" page 221-222

We went on the ACI (Americans and Canadians in Israel) trip the day after we spoke to you (my mother and daughter) and picked up two older ladies in Karmiel, drove into Haifa, and met the bus on the Carmel. We went to the West Bank, or Samaria. to be more specific, and it was quite an eye opener for us. Ha, I had to get up at 5:00am and went to bed at midnight because we had such good late TV. I woke up sneezing, which was a surprise, and took an allergy pill, so fought sleep all day and night. It was so terrible. Yes, I do get that way once in a while and can't stop sneezing.

Anyway, what happened was that we drove on the highway from Haifa to Tel Aviv along the coast. It is a lovely drive, and turned left at Kvar Saba, went into that teeny town and out of it, and we found ourselves in Samaria. I was so shocked. It's practically on the other side of the highway. We stood at a plaque where Sharon and his men had fought not too recently and saw our highway and cars. It was unreal! We drove deeper into Samaria and saw Arabs, sheep, a little Arab town outside Kafar Saba, and in the distance Ramalla, which was a larger Arab city. I saw lots of land that looked somewhat like Eastern Oregon, and finally came some twenty-five minutes later to a Jewish settlement where we had lunch in their succa. We brought our own sack lunches with us. This settlement is made up of mainly Israelis and a few Americans who are very dedicated and Zionistic. One of their people is a non-Jew who is a Japanese man recently from Japan who has a paper factory there where he makes paper for computers. He goes to services, and once got all dressed up in his Japanese robes and proceeded to take movies of the Friday night services until he was asked to please stop.

They are building beautiful homes but no apartments there, and are almost ready to move in. The establishment is six years old. You know that house in Ontario on the corner with the red tile roof and wood sides? One house I saw looked like that one. The other houses had the same roof but were made of cement.

Anyway, the point is this. The shape of Israel decided by the United Nations is really weird. They gave us the seacoast from Haifa to Tel Aviv, and that's it. The land adjacent to us is ancient Samaria and Judea. How dumb! We should have that land.

Resource: Letters From Israel by Nadene Goldfoot copyright 2003; found in Ontario, Oregon Library and

Friday, October 08, 2010

Israel's Northern Border Neighbor; the New Lebanon

When I think of Lebanon, I remember Major Saad Hadad, the Christian friend of Israel. He patrolled the border between Lebanon and Israel. When he was exhausted, he'd come into Israel and have some R & R at our army hospital. We promised him that if anything were to happen to him we would take in his family. That was back between 1980-1985. During that time his Christian militia soldiers went into a Muslim army base and slaughtered the men there. We were blamed for that, but really hadn't expected it to happen, I'm sure.

Now Lebanon has been taken over by Iran and their terrorists, the Hizbullah. Their President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will visit them next week. Lebanon is going all out in greeting him, and what is he looking forward to doing there? He plans on throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers on the border.

Lebanon does have Prime Minister Saad Hariri, but he has given into Iranian pressure. When he formed his goverment in 2009, the Iranians were given veto power over all his government decisions. What's worse, Hariri's father was murdered by Syrian and Hizbullah assassins in 2005.

Syria and Hizbullah demand that Hariri not pay attention to a UN investigation that will name the proper killers. On Monday Syria arrested 33 Lebanese friends of Hariri for "false testimonies to the UN". Now they're afraid that Hizbullah will attack Christian and Sunni soldiers of Lebanon. Hizbullah happens to be made up of Shiite terrorists.

Israel sees that Ahmadinejad's visit can have an effect on a war with Israel. The US regional power has waned. Our administration has given sympathy to Hizbullah which shows many that Iran will fight Israel with Hizbullah. Israel may have to take on not only Lebanon but also Syria as well. So we know that Ahmadinejad is not there for just a friendly visit. After all, his goal is to eradicate the Jewish people.

Resource: Caroline B. Glick: Ahmadinejad's target audience, excellent read.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Consternation Over Israel's Building in Judea and Samaria
by Nadene Goldfoot
Why has the peace talks been dependent on Israel not building in Judea and Samaria? Abbas has demanded that we continue the 10 freeze in building before he even talks to us backed by Obama's pleading and enticing offers. Building in the area is exactly the item that has to be discussed in any peace talks. It's an item that was tabled long ago. What is going on here? It's like putting the cart before the horse.
The problem is that there was a 1995 agreement between Israel and the PLO where they both agreed that "neither side shall initiate or take any step that will change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pending the outcome of the permanent status negotiations."
We have yet to have an outcome. This never intended to refer to construction. Evidently peace talks would address this issue. Israel, since 1967, has built homes there and in return gets international criticism. Well, we're used to that. Whatever we do gets international criticism.
The Palestinians have built thousands of buildings in the area without any planning. They have built buildings oftentimes just to have them in the way of two different Jewish neighborhoods. It's a mess.
What is maddening is that during our 10 month building freeze, the Arabs were building like crazy and without any restrictions. The United States, Europe and the Arab states of the Persian gulf bankrolled much of their construction. It was Obama who brought up the idea of a Palestinian state for the first time.
The reason for the 10 month freeze was to stop Israel from having neighborhoods there that would prejudice the results of the peace talks with Abbas. The reason is that the Palestinians have misinterpreted the clause of the 1995 agreement, as far as we're concerned.
The goal of the Palestinians is to make all of Judea and Samaria their Palestinian state, devoid of all Jews. We have about one million Arabs as citizens in Israel and can't see why they can't allow our communities to remain there.
The Palestinians are building the city of Rawabi just to change the status of Judea and Samaria. It lies in the middle of a predominantly Jewish neighborhood just to harm the Jewish communities. It was done on purpose.
One problem area is in eastern Jerusalem; the Jewish Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood. Eastern Jerusalem has Arabs living there. The Jews have bought their property legally. Every Friday there have been wild demonstrations for the Arab minority. Evidently leftist Israelis also are a part of the Arab demonstrators trying to move the Israelis out. When Jerusalem's planning board decided to approve construction of housing units in a Jewish neighborhood, Obama's administration assaulted them just last Spring. So dozens of illegal Arab buildings are still standing in East Jerusalem for fear of international outcry. The building code, a part of Jerusalem's government, cannot be followed. Such things as water, sewer, traffic, schools, etc, have to be forgotten now.
Caroline Glick, in her article, reminds us that we see two sets of rules; one for Arabs and one for Jews. Jews are not being given special rights. Indeed, they are being held back from "inviolable rights" to their own property by their own government. The Israeli government is trying to be so fair with the Arabs and in turn listen to the Obama government and the international community that they in turn are harming their own citizens. This is why Netanyahu can no longer continue the building freeze. Enough already!
I see more of a problem here than Caroline does in adressing the rights of Israeli citzens. I see in her article that Israel is surrounded by hotspots besides the Judea/Samaria issue. On every border we are having problems and are trying to appease our neighbors and keep things cool. It's like trying to keep the genie in the bottle when he has muscle power to push out the cork. You have to keep sitting on it.
I'm looking at the total picture and it's amazing that Israel has kept the lid on so many outbursts, except now our own Israelis are sick and tired of giving more than their fair share. I see a far bigger problem. What happens if Palestine is to be created by the U.N. anyway without any peace talks as they have been pushing for? What will happen to our citizens in Judea and Samaria?
Abbas is not interested in peace or even a state of his own. If he was it would be so easy. Recognize Israel, and sit down and talk. It's not happening. I think he's being dictated to by Hamas. I can't picture there being a peaceful Palestine next door to Israel. I can't picture them being part of Israel other than the ones already here. These are the problems Israel faces while it tries to remain a democracy and deal fairly with its own citizens. They do have an elephant in the room interfering with the democratic process. Do Jews Have Civil Rights?