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Another Myth About Jerusalem Becomes Archaeological Fact

Nadene Goldfoot
The Siege of Jerusalem by Crusaders

There were 9 European led-Crusades against Jerusalem
over almost 200 years who tried to take the Holy
Land from the Muslims who held it. 
 The Romans may have destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE by burning it down along with the 2nd Temple of Solomon, but they didn't hold it for very long.  920 years ago in the year of 1099 (11th century), the Christian Crusaders had their own attack on the city held by Muslims;  a siege. Their Crusade started in 1096.   It turned into a 5 week battle for Jerusalem between Crusader armies and the Fatimid Caliphate that controlled the region in 1099 CE.  The battle came to a head in July 15th of 1099 with Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse, France, one of the leaders of the 1st Crusade, attacking the city from the south, while another Christian force built a tower to breach the city walls from the north.  The siege succeeded but the tower was burnt down.  After the northern force conquered the city, Crusaders spent a week slaughtering Muslim and Jewish residents of the city.    Their Crusades were most always bloody, killing those in their way.  For example, one episode was a Crusaders on horseback breaking into a rabbi's home and slaughtering the wife and children of the rabbi with his sword.  

After capturing Jerusalem in 1099, the leaders of the crusade divided the territories among themselves. They created the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Principality of Antioch, County of Tripoli and County of Edessa and established themselves as the rulers of the newly formed crusader states in the Holy Land.
From Crusader to King-Baldwin I of Jerusalem

Raymond of Aguilers wrote a contemporary account of the battle, described a moat built by the Muslims to stop attackers to the south end.  He had promised golden dinars to all Crusaders who would help fill the ditch so he could build a strong siege tower against the wall.  Archaeologists of the past could not find the moat, chalking up the writing to a myth.  
Jerusalem, a walled city still standing around old section

This batch of archaeologists led by Gibson, realized they had uncovered the moat!  He had noticed that dirt layers were not sloping away from the city wall, but towards it, like a ditch that had been filled in.  

The Mount Zion Archaeological Project, an effort of joint international archaeologists led by Professor Shimon Gibson and Professor James Tabor of the U. of North Caroline in Charlotte along with Rafi Lewis of Israel's Ashkelon Academic College.  
Caerlaverock Castle in Scotland surrounded by a Moat
built in 13th Century-sieged by the English in the 17th century

Crusader-King Baldwin III of Jerusalem
Baldwin III was King of Jerusalem from 1143 to 1163. He was the eldest son of Melisende and Fulk of Jerusalem

During his reign Jerusalem became more closely allied with the Byzantine Empire, and the Second Crusade tried and failed to conquer Damascus. Baldwin captured the important Egyptian fortress of Ascalon(today's Ashkelon), but also had to deal with the increasing power of Nur ad-Din in Syria. He died childless and was succeeded by his brother Amalric.
They all wanted a piece of the pie (Jerusalem).  

Baldwin III was born in 1130, during the reign of his maternal grandfather Baldwin II, one of the original crusaders. This made him the third generation to rule Jerusalem. Baldwin's mother Princess Melisende was heiress to her father, Baldwin II King of Jerusalem. Baldwin III's father was Fulk of Anjou, the former Count of Anjou. King Baldwin II died at the age of 60 when his grandson was a year old, which led to a power struggle between Melisende and Fulk. Melisende asserted her right to rule as successor to her father, and Melisende and Fulk reconciled and conceived a second child, Baldwin III's brother Amalric. Baldwin III was 13 years old when his father Fulk died in a hunting accident in 1143, and Baldwin III was crowned as co-ruler alongside his mother, echoing Melisende's own crowning alongside her father as his heir. Yet Baldwin showed little interest in the intricacies of governance.[

The were excavating a site that was part of the Jerusalem Walls National Park where they had found a 1st century Jewish mansion and a rare gold coin stamped with the face of Nero, the Roman Emperor.  Finding the moat is another example of history coming true with scientific proof.  Myths can hold facts.  These archaeologists worked on this site for over 5 years, mapping and dating the layers and artifacts they have turned up.  They have uncovered a 13 foot-deep, 56 foot-wide moat.  A black layer was on top of the moat and believe to be evidence of the 1153 Civil War between Crusader King Baldwin III of Jerusalem and his mother, Queen Melisende.  Many scholars who believed the moat story to be a fable will now have to eat crow.  

Resource:  The Jewish Press, Friday, July  19, 2019.

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Sanders Has No Respect for Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                             
This angry man, Bernard Sanders (born September 8, 1941), wants to be the next
USA President and has already tried in 2016 and failed,
appealing mainly to Socialists and anti-Israelites like himself
said to be worth $2,000,000 .  
"If he becomes president, Sanders said, he’d consider using the billions in aid the U.S. sends to Israel each year as leverage to force Netanyahu to change his actions, adding that Palestinians deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, the Examiner reported."  These words jump out at me and give me heart pains.  
This man, who lived in Israel for a short while, just has no understanding of his people's history or what they have deserved for the past 2,000 years.  Is he just reading books by Chomsky or what is it with him?  Incidentally, President Trump was born June 14, 1946.  
He's always pointing-Sanders and Omar

Let's talk about who deserves dignity and respect.  All people do until they break laws and attack people, and that's exactly what the Palestinians have been doing to Israel since their declaration of statehood in 1948.  Within minutes they were being attacked, and the English had left the Jews without arms.  

Israel has been attacked because of them and by them in The War of Independence, The Sinai War, The Six-Day War, The War of Attrition, The Yom Kippur War, the Lebanon War, etc, etc.  with Iran now looming over their heads as well as Hamas and ISIS.  Oh what a crazy neighborhood we have moved back into.  It wasn't like we had left it when Jacob and his entourage of 70 of  family members left in a famine and found refuge in Egypt.  Well, this now-crazy neighborhood was home where they had been told was theirs to live in; Jews who found the rest of the world unwilling to put up with people who believed in one G-d only, but who did not proselytize their beliefs and force them on other people, either.                                               

Jews came from Russia when I made aliyah in 1980.  I was in a class of 40 students learning Hebrew and most were Russians.  We lived in the same Ulpan in Haifa.  We even had a disagreement over the price of our main meal, served at about 1pm, and wound up in a Shveeta (strike).  I broke it with my German shepherd when we took over the building's office.  Oh what fun we had, American and Russian Jews, and the Russians were the better students!  My grandparents were Russian-Jewish immigrants back in the early 1900s from Lithuania and Poland.  

The total amount of money from the USA since 1948 is 134,764.080 (in millions).
$94,792.790 was for military purposes.  Resettling refugees who were Jewish people living in Arab countries and were expelled in 1948 and other European Jews was came out of donations most likely from Jews abroad , like American Jews.   Israel has paid back their loans.  Lately we have had Russians and Ethiopians as immigrants, and I lived there as this took place, right in Safed.
President Truman was one of the first to recognize Israel in 48.  The League of Nations had voted for the creation of the Jewish Homeland in in the 20s, and the United Nations had also accepted Israel.   

                                  Financing below is in the millions-not billions

 ^ Military aid: 1959-1973 (Loans); 1974-1984 (Loans & Grants); 1984-Present (Grants)
* Economic aid is combination of grants and loans. Israel stopped receiving economic aid of any sort in 2007
° Refugee resettlement aid is earmarked for the Jewish Agency/United Israel Appeal to help transport and resettle immigrants in Israel. It was primarily used to help Soviet immigrants in the 1980s and 1990s. Today it is used for Ethiopian immigrants.
** This is funding allocated to American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA)
† Includes Food for Peace (loans & grants); Export-Import Bank aid; Housing Loans; Cooperative Development aid; missile defense; and, others.
# Includes $1.92 billion in regular military assistance and $1.2 billion for implementation of the Wye Agreement.
Loan guarantees are not considered foreign aid so the $7.9 billion in guarantees have been excluded from this table (see Loan Guarantees for Israel [table]). This table also excludes funding for certain other projects the CRS does not consider foreign aid, such as the $180 million for the research and development of the Arrow missile.
Many Jews are still coming from Russia today because of
Putin.s way of life.  Somebody's been doing their homework
and are patriotic about Israel already.  
Israel has given to the world, not just to the USA.  It has made advancements in the medical field, fighting cancer and other important killers; it goes to countries and teaches about protecting themselves from terrorists, and are leaders in so many fields.  It is such a blessing to the world that this remnant of a once large empire has taken the lead in so many discoveries.  Wherever earthquakes have happened, Israel is there to give aid.  To slam this country is to slam our religion, for their moral compass is Judaism.  
Speaking  to J Street, the group trying to rub out AIPAC
J Street prefers to tell Israel what to do from their Democratic USA couches while AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee)  the only organization for years speaking for Israel continues, thank goodness!  J Street says their  "stated aim is to promote American leadership to end the Arab–Israeli and Israeli–Palestinian conflicts peacefully and diplomatically."  They are speaking for very liberal Democrats and their opinions, not that from Israel. They say they are Israel advocates, yet I have not seen proof.  They are detractors, speaking for others, not Israel.  George Soros is said to have been one of
the founders.  I wonder if Sanders has ever heard or read anything
by Professor Eugene Kontorovich, the intellectual architect of US state laws
regarding boycotts of Israel?  Other Israeli positions?  He 

advocates with undisputable facts.  
One of the worst enemies we have are such people as this who have no use for their religion nor their own people and have cultivated friendships with its enemies.  When a well-known person advertises dislike for Israel, whether they are right or wrong, brings on that same attitude  of anti-Semitism by the sheep of the land, those that follow without thought or care. 

Professor Kontorovich.  lecturer in defense of Israel.  Prof. Kontorovich also plays a leading role in many Israel-related policy matters, and is regarded as the “intellectual architect” of U.S. state laws regarding boycotts of Israel. In his work at Forum Kohelet, he regularly advises senior Israeli, U.S. and European officials on a variety of diplomatic issues. Kontorovich on Settlements, to understand settlements in Israel.  

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Nadene Goldfoot
Look at all these races.  There exists a few of each one living as
citizens of Israel.  Pashtuns have now been realized to be from the Lost
Tribes of Israel and are being considered next, no doubt, adding to such
a pluralistic society.  Russians, Arabs, Americans, English, and yes, I personally know of one Jewish gal with some native American Indian genes as well living in Israel.  Ashkenazi Jews are from Eastern Europe and Sephardic Jews from Spanish speaking countries.  The Boat people have entered Israel from the Orient, needing refuge and got that and jobs.  
The biggest lie that Israel's enemies have spread is saying that Israel is racist.  The fact that it is to remain  as a Jewish state with the predominance of a Jewish population is its right after being hunted down and almost wiped out as a people, sustaining their religion and a remnant of their people for the past 3,000 plus years.  

U.N. Condemns Israel Alone On Women’s Rights, Backed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen
A Masai Jew, my friend, who has my admiration

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East since its declaration of being a state again on May 14, 1948, and they take Democracy quite seriously.  They have pondered this and hoped for it for over 3,000 years.  It's their religion!  Much of this is Judaism at it's best.   Civil liberties prevail.  There is equality among citizens of all ethnic and religious backgrounds unlike any other place in the Middle East.

The 1972 census showed that she had 3.2 million population consisting of 2.7 million Jews which meant that 85.1% was Jewish.   There were about 359,000 Muslims that made up 11.2% (about the same as Blacks in the USA).  All or nearly all were Arabs.  There were most of 80,00 of them saying they were Christians which was 2.4% and most of them also Arab, and about 39,000 Druzes and others making up 1.3%.  The Druze people are an Arab group that broke away from Islam in the 10th century.

Today Israel's population is at 8,487 (2018). Whoops, it grew this year of 2019 to 8,592,755, according to the UN.  Finally we had 6 million Jews, the number we lost after WWII.    When Israel was established again in 1948, they had 600,00 Jews, the number Moses entered Canaan with on their 40 year trek from Egypt to Canaan.  

 According to Wikipedia, the present population is larger.  "The demographics of Israel are monitored by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics. The State of Israel has a population of approximately 9,021,000 inhabitants as of May 2019. Some 74.24% are Jews of all backgrounds (about 6,697,000 individuals), 20.95% are Arab of any religion other than Jewish (about 1,890,000 individuals), while the remaining 4.81% (about 434,000 individuals) are defined as "others", including persons of Jewish ancestry deemed non-Jewish by religious law and persons of non-Jewish ancestry who are family members of Jewish immigrants (neither of which are registered at the Ministry of Interior as Jews), Christian non-Arabs, Muslim non-Arabs and all other residents who have neither an ethnic nor religious classification."

Israel's population today includes " the population of Israel to also include Israeli settlers living in the Area C of West Bank and the Muslim residents of East Jerusalem and Area C, who have Israeli residency or citizenship.

By 1949 at the end of the Israeli War of Independence, there were only some 160,000 Arabs in Israel.  The increase is due mostly to more births and  partly to the readmission of thousands of Arabs who fled when the Arab states attacked Israel telling them to leave and that they could later return to claim Jewish homes and property because of their winning .  

Israel's 1948 basic constitutional document, the PROCLAMATION OF INDEPENDENCE, provides complete equality of social and political rights for all citizens regardless of creed, race or sex, and guarantees freedom of religion and conscience, as well as of language, education and culture.

It specifically invited Arab people living in Israel to help build the State on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all institutions.  There is no institutionalized discrimination against Arabs or other minorities.  All groups freely exercise all citizen's rights, including the right to vote and to run for public office.  

Compare this with what happened in Lebanon, the little state north of Israel which was made up of Christian and Muslim Arabs which has killed off or chased out most Christians.  Christians were always a minority there but the President had to be chosen from them according to their rules.  

Compare this with other Arab states and look for Jews.  They are not allowed to even visit Saudi Arabia, and since all the states had attacked Israel since its inception, are enemies because of religion and have carried on a religious persecution  since then. 

Saudi Arabia 100% Muslim               Iran.......98%  Muslim
Somalia........100%  "                      Tunisia...98%     "
Maldives.......100%  "                      Comoros 98%    "
Mauritania......99.99% Muslim          N Cyprus 98%  "
Turkey...........99%   "                      Pakistan.97%    "
Algeria......... 99%   "                      Iraq........97%   "
Morocco........99%   "                      Tajikistan 97%   "
Afghanistan...99%  "                       Libya.......97%   "
Yemen......... 99%  "                       Etc..........96% to 50%
                            But No Jews......or Christians.  

Jews had to leave their Middle East homeland when Israel was created in 1948.  They were kicked out.  Jews had been living pretty much as 2nd class Jews there anyway with some stiff laws, such as not being able to have a building higher than the Muslims.  They had to endure fewer pogrom and had no rights at all in eastern Europe, faring better in the Middle East.  This is another reason why our fore-fathers thought we stood a better chance of a RETURN to the Middle East on our ancient homeland.  Now, of course, the Palestinians want not only our ancient beginnings of Judea and Samaria but all of Israel as well.  

In Israel, Arabs and other minorities freely exercise all citizen rights including the right to vote and run for public office.  Anyone who lived in what is now Israel in 1948 and has lived there since is an Israeli citizen.  That was 71 years ago, so few today would be natural born citizens.  But I digress.    

Persons of any nationality or creed but excluding known criminals and similar undesirables, people showing hatred against Israel such as Norman Finkelstein, may come to Israel to live, and may become citizens after a specified waiting period of of 3 years in most cases.  Finding he was denied entrance, Finkelstein has recanted his position.  He challenged Joan Peters book, FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL, while I praise it and her.  He even called Alan Dershowitz's book, A CASE FOR ISRAEL,  a fraudulent book.  He has been a man with his head in the sand, refusing to believe the facts these people had found, and he himself only criticized Israel with false facts, a PhD who hadn't really done the job of finding the truth, well at all.  This is a good lesson:  follow the wrong and hateful people and you do not get to the truth.  
Temple Mount, scene of 1st and 2nd Temples
where Jews are not allowed to pray if seen praying by Jordan officials
AND our detractors call US RACISTS?  


Shavua Tov From The Temple Mount! More than 100 Jewish pilgrims ascended the Temple Mount this morning. Today is the fast of Shiv'ah Asar b’Tammuz, (the seventeenth of Tammuz) , beginning the three week mourning period over the destruction of both the first and second Holy Temple. Click here to see photos. (Update-7/26/19)  It doesn't say they were saying prayers orally to be seen or heard.  Read Josephus's description of the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE and you would easily mourn for 3 weeks; it was horrendous!!  from Temple Mt. Info.  Glad to see this attempt.  To keep the peace in 67, Moshe Dayan made this deal with Jordan, giving them the reigns over the Temple Mount.  A Saudi Arabian came to see it and Palestinians attacked him.  Now see if you can understand this surprise.  Middle Easterners do not think in a block on all subjects.  
Israel was created as THE HOMELAND OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE with good reason.  We haven't had a homeland since 70 CE when the Romans destroyed our homeland and took it as theirs after burning down Jerusalem and our Temple.  Israel has created an expedited procedure for Jewish return called THE LAW OF RETURN.  Any Jewish immigrant from any country is to be admitted and made a citizen if he or she wishes without waiting.  My husband and I were not aware of this in 1980 when we made aliyah, so waited 5 years to fill out citizenship papers such as in the USA.  No matter.  We were such Greenhorns then back in 1980.  We felt like an Israeli the moment we stepped onto the tarmac at the airport.  

Hebrew is the official language along with Arabic.  On the floor of the Knesset (legislature) Arab members speak Arabic.  All Knesset proceedings are conducted with simultaneous translation from Hebrew into Arabic or vice versa.  Citizens may use Arabic in any court of law or government office.  Children in schools study both languages.  Arab children can be seen helping Jewish children and vice versa in the after hours.  They are said to be similar languages but with very different alphabet scripts.  As a rule, an Arab's pronunciation of Hebrew is far far better than mine with my American accent.  

There is no problem in Arabs maintaining their own culture and tradition.  Arab children attend schools where classes are in Arabic and their history and culture are freely taught if they wish.  They also attend public schools.  

In 1976, there were 24 daily newspapers of which 4 were in Arabic.  Numerous Arabic books and some 20 Arabic magazines were published.  The radio and TV featured daily programs in Arabic.  Living in Safed from 1980 to 1985, we saw Egyptian and Syrian and Lebanese TV programming as well as Israeli.  Included were programming from England and Australia and wow!  English humor may be suttle, but they were a lot racier than the USA was at that time.  Today with more than 22 papers, "Reuters correspondent Tova Cohen described Israeli society in 2012 as "news-obsessed." Israel has a high newspaper readership rate, due to a combination of high literacy rate and a cultural interest in politics and current affairs. Average weekday readership of newspapers in Israel is around 21 papers per 100 people, although many Israelis end up reading more than one paper." 

Surprisingly, Israel had no censorship except in matters directly involving military security.  There were many Arab-Jewish cultural centers,usually under private auspices.  Both people have cultural creativeness in drama, literature and paintings.  
Jewish women of Israel, on the left from Tel Aviv,
on the right from Jerusalem.  
Unlike the rest of the world, but like the Middle Eastern tradition, Israel treats religious groups as entities with official standing.  Delegated to these communities are matters of marriage and divorce.  Each group has their own system of courts to deal with this so there are Rabbinical, Muslim, Druze, Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, etc.  The Muslim community as great autonomy including the power to administer religious endowments. In 1973, about 200 of the Muslim clergy were being paid by the State of Israel, like the clergy of other faiths.   Services were held in some 90 mosques, and Muslim Friday prayers are broadcast on the national radio.  

 Perhaps this is why criminal Muslims in prison have been allowed to receive compensation for killing Jews for so long.  This should be ended, or having autonomy for Jordan's religious people on the Temple Mount.  It's a very giving and understanding law that Israel has for minorities but on the other hand its against their own best interests and security in my opinion.  However, they are a Democracy and have not forgotten how they had been treated, not wishing to imply such feelings on others.  
What I saw from 1980-85 were Arab women with white
scarves tied under their chins.  
Today in the USA, women rule over men by bringing them up by their suspenders.  Men have to change their ways of being sexualized men and watch out or they're being reprimanded harshly like never before.  The sexes in the Middle East have always prevented such problems by their code of dress, particularly the hair coverings, something not affecting other countries, I note.  Nowhere else is hair considered as having a sexual draw or stimulant, but the Middle East.  Many women of both groups cover their hair.  One can just about see what party they belong to by their identifiable head coverings.  
Muslim woman belief in total covering
Here at the wall, the woman in black could be Jewish.  
Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath and is the official day of rest in Israel like it is Sunday in the USA, a Christian practice.  Friday is the day for Muslims.  Muslims and Christians in Israel have the option of closing their businesses on either day of Friday or Sunday.  

Arabs in Public service and public office has been rising. It's increasing as more are finishing high school.  In 1973 about 5,000 Arabs were civil service employees with about 70,000 Arab and Druzes serving as magistrates.  

There are 120 members of the Knesset and 4 were Arabs and one Druze in 1973.  Abdul Aziz Zuabi was the Deputy Minister of Health and Seif Aldin Alzuabi was Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, both Arabs.  Jaber Muadi, Deputy Minister of Communications, is a Druze.  
Druze IDF soldier

Police include Bedouin Arabs, Druzes and other minority group members.  They perform ordinary police duties besides working with the Army in guarding the borders against infiltrators.  As of 1973, there were 1,287 Arabs and Druzes in a total force of 13,882 persons.  
Armed forces of Israel, the IDF (Israel Defence Force)  has offered exemption from the draft to certain ethnic and religious groups.  The Druzes  and Circassians (Muslim sect)  have decided to be just like any Jewish Israeli and do not accept the exemption.  Most other Arabs, both Muslims and Christians, do stay out of the IDF.  Individuals can volunteer for service and some do so each year.  There are advantages in doing so in obtaining jobs after their service time.  It's something important to put on their resumes.  
Ethiopian Jew, Muslim, English Jew, Christian
all are in the IDF.
I might add that everyone in Israel is duty-bound to go into the armed forces, even women of Israel.  Religious studies have kept out many Jews, however, but this is changing.  Even they must do their share.  

71 years and we still have Arabs that have been stirred up by their leaders to want to follow the resistance to Israel's acceptance.  "Palestinians refer to the events surrounding the establishment of the State of Israel as the Nakba, or catastrophe."  They are the ones burning fields with their kites, including the burning  of forests down that it took 71 years of planting and caring to become forests in such a hot climate.  They only hurt themselves in the process of such hatred. 

Israel sits among at least 22 of the known 48 Muslim majority states of the world.  They have not accepted any Palestinian Muslims into their countries for many reasons, among them wanting to drive out the Jews of Israel and take over the land.  Being Jews were native-born originally in a much larger land of Israel, and have not succeeded in being accepted in any other country without a lot of anti-Semitism, and with the fear of another Hitler-type arising, such as is happening in Iran, they need and prefer to hold onto Israel.  Their neighbors are just now starting to be accepting, and we hope, this will continue and even improve.  Israel does have much to offer the Middle East.  iran's ambitions and hatred of Israel is bringing many over to be more accepting of Israel, at least for now.    

Resource:  JEWISH DIGEST, January 1976-Israel:  A pluralistic Democracy from American Jewish Committee Background Memorandum p. 22-24 of 22-26. ****

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Israel Facts That All Should Know

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestine The League of Nations spoke of when they voted
for a Jewish National Homeland and gave England the mandate to fulfill this decision. 
Israel is 1/800 the size of the Arab world.

Israel is 9 miles wide at its narrowest point and 290
miles long.

Israel's territory is about 8,019 square miles.

Israel is smaller than New Jersey, which is 8,729 square miles. New Jersey here is shown with more sq.mi, and Israel is shown with more.  Let's say they are almost the same size.    
NJ is New Jersey on the east coast.  It's so small in comparison to the other
49 states.  

Israel can fit into the state of California 19 times.
The Jewish history goes back to Abraham, who both Jews and Arabs consider as the father of Judaism.  Jews have kept a continuous presence for over 3,000 years in the land of Israel 
according to archeological and historical evidence and Biblical text.  Consider the mosaic floor depicting King David playing his lyre, found in the ancient synagogue of Gaza.  This is now seen in the Israel Museum.  This is evidence of the truth in the Torah.  
Note that King David's name is in top right corner in Hebrew.  
David is clean shaven so must be young, with mustache. 
On his head is a crown.  Note his lyre is played with a tool,
not the fingers like a harp.  

"It is manifestly right that the scattered Jews should have a national center and national home and be reunited, and where else but in Palestine, with which for 3,000 year they have been intimately and profoundly associated?"  So sayeth Winston Churchill in 1920.

 Yet England turned around when oil was discovered there and helped Arabs enter Palestine but not the Jews who they had sworn to help to create a JEWISH HOMELAND.
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had more to offer than the Jews.
He got land  called Trans-Jordan.