Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pro-Palewstinian Activists Aiding Hamas Terrorists Are Provocation and Propaganda Campaign

Nadene Goldfoot
Gaza has no shortage of food or aid. Food, fuel and supplies are constantly coming into the Gaza Strip by international organizations. I just saw pictures of an abundance of food in outdoor shuks, and all sorts of things in their markets.Nevertheless, a group of pro-Palestinian activists called the "Freedom Flotilla are sailing to Gaza to deliver aid to Palestinians, they say. I have a suspician they are trying to get weapons to them.

This flotilla is carrying almost 800 people including 350 Turkish nationals, people from European countries and the Muslim world plus 35 parliamentarians and a number of Israeli Arabs. It consists of 9 ships in the flotilla. This caused Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs director-General Yossi Gal to call in the ambassadors of Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Sweden and Ireland to meetings where he clarified the State of Israel's official position. They declare the flotilla an absolute provocation.

There is no shortage happening in Gaza. The flotilla organizers are invited to dock at the port in Ashdod, Israel where they can unload their cargo and transfer it to Gaza after a security check.If they continue to sail and not follow Israel's instructions, they will be stopped and brought to Israel and dealt with by the Interior Ministry which will return them to the countries they came from. The"Free Gaza" group has refused this offer.

Just to show us how pugnacious they are, when Noam Shalit, Gilad Shalit's father, offered to mediate on the convoy's behalf with the government if they would deliver a parcel and a letter to Gilad. They refused to do it. Gilad has been held prisoner by the Hamas terrorists and is an Iraeli soldier that they had kidnapped.So much for these do-gooders.

Resource: American Jewish Committee
Jerusalem Post-IDF: Terrorists at Gaza flotilla launch

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evidently Obama's Changes Meant Attacking Israel
by Nadene Goldfoot
The Deputy to President Barack Obama's Middle East envoy George Mitchell is Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton. This administrtion is the first in American history to turn against its ally, Israel, by training her past enemy to fight her if she doesn't comply with Obama's latest demands. This shocking revelation turns my stomach.
Israel has been told that if she does not surrender Judaea and Samaria to the Palestinians within two years , the Fatah forces could easily turn their guns on the Israelis. Who is training these Palestinian fighters? Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton of the USA is training them in Jordan.
It's known that Fatah, led by Abbas, is barely accepting of Israel. We've had several terrorist attacks from there. Not only do they want all of the Judaea and Samaria, as we now see, Judenrein, but at least half if not all of Jerusalem, also without Jews. Not only this, but the other half of the Palestinians are led by Hamas terrorists who will never accept Israel and continue to fight her with missile attacks. They refuse to follow Abbas. The imminent creation of Palestine puts Israel in the middle of her enemies at an even closer range. There's lots to accomplish here before this can happen with peace as a result.
Israel's IDF Kfir Brigade's Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi has already warned his soldiers of what they are facing. They were created in 2005 and trained to deal with unrest in Judaea and Samaria. They are experts in urban warfare.
The Middle East Quartet, made up of America, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union are respssonsible for bringing this unmigitated pressure upon Israel. We know that Russia and the United Nations have vetoed any defenses of Israel when America has stood up to them. Europe is now another place, very anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, obviously. America has joined this quagmire. In fact, I don't think they're ever really spoken up in defense of Israel.
The bottom line so far is that The United States has spent over $300 milliion into the new PA army. They are continuing to arm, train and finance this group of fighters. There's only one group they plan on fighting; Israel.
This is how our president is doing things differently. He's turned against his only ally in the Middle East in trying to ingratiate himself with the Muslim countries.

Monday, May 24, 2010

HOW HAMAS HURTS ITS OWN PEOPLE; Israel's Administered Areas After 1967:

Nadene Goldfoot
In 1967, Israel was attacked by massed Arab armies on its borders in what is known as the Six-Day War. The outcome was that Israel won and gained four territories that had been under the British Mandate of Palestine.

1. Judaea and Samaria, called "The West Bank" by outsiders had been under British mandate until 1948. From 1948 to 1967 it was ruled by Jordan, who annexed it in 1950. So Israel gained a part of the original land of King David and Solomon by the Arab's wanting to drive Israel into oblivion, only the tables were turned. Now Abbas has his Palestinians living there along with Israeli towns and villages. This is where they want to create their state of Palestine. By 1972 640,600 Arabs lived in this area of 2,270 sq. mi.
2. The Gaza Strip had also been under the British mandate until 1948. Between 1948 and 1967 it was administered by the Egyptian Military Government. It was not annexed to Egypt. This is where the Hamas terrorists have taken over. Hamas refuses to recognize Israel and is still intent on driving her into the sea. They had shelled Israel for eight years (8), driving Israel into finally a defensive action called Operation Cast Lead. They still continue to shell missiles into the area. By 1972 388,600 Arabs lived in this area of 140 sq. miles.
The Basic policy of Israel was that of hoping for a peace settlement. Until it did, they had these objectives:
1. Maintain conditions of security for Israelis and Arabs alike.
2. Enable people to live normal lives without losing contact with Arabs in other countries.
3. Make possible rapid economic development.
4. Encourage co-existence and cooperation between Arabs and Israelis, as an example for relations to come between the two people.

By 1972 things were tranquil and thriving. Local affairs were administered by the local population. Open bridges on the Jordan River allowed movement in either direction between the areas and the Arab States. Arabs and Israelis up to 1967 had lived separately and were starting to live in co-existence.

According to international law, the Israel Defence forces appointed military governors for each area. The commander is the top person, responsible for military and civilian branches. Local affairs were administered by the Arab population through existing bodies as municipalities and police. Israel officials working totaled 500 compared with 12,500 local personnel in these two areas.

There were 23 municipalities and 31 rural councils in Judea and Samaria and 3 municipalities and 7 rural councils in Gaza and N. Sinai. Municipal elections were held in Judaea and Samaria in 1972 in accordance with Jordanian law. 75 % of the people voted and as a result, half the mayors were replaced by new ones.
Up to 1967 the economy of these areas had been stagnating and unemployment was rampant. In September 1967 about 11% of the labor force in Judaea and Samaria were unemployed. By September 1972 less than 2% of the force of 134,000 were jobless.

In Gaza and N. Sinai 19% of men were jobless after the war; in 1972 98% of the labor force of 64,000 were working.

Then Hamas won in their elections. They probably coerced many to vote for them. Terrorism then ruled. From 1990 on, they shot missiles into Israel, and Israel held off from large attacks in return. By 2009 they had to stop these attacks. I wonder if these Arabs in Gaza are so terribly happy now that Hamas is in power. Is life so much better?

With every defensive step Israel takes, there are those who attack them for doing so. What do people think is going to happen if the Arabs attack Israel? Israel has done so much to bring peace into the area, but are rebuked for it. Rational thinking isn't a part of its deterrent's minds. I feel it's all anti-Semitism.

As Israel was trying to bring Arabs and Jews together in work and living conditions, Arabs were teaching in their own schools a hatred for Jews. Leaders of Muslim countries cannot tolerate a Jewish presence in their midst. Only Egypt and Jordan have been beginning to see benefits in having Israel as a neighbor. We've had Jews visit Egypt, which is good tourism. Both countries have lived without fear of war.

Yet I see in my own city, Americans that are not even Muslim, sympathize so much with the Palestinians that they condemn Israel's very existence. Even some Jews have bent so far over with self hatred that they have added their condemnations, joining the mob rule of intelligence. The newspaper prints letters and editorials condemning Israel's every move, but never says a thing about what is happening to Israel. Those of us wanting to defend the outrageous comments never get published.

I lived in Israel from 1980-1985, and experienced the Lebanon War of 1982. At least then we didn't worry about walking bombs. Bombs were found in things, like cartons and loaves of bread and such. I know what it was like to carry ID and have your bags searched at every entrance. I know what it's like to have bars on your living room windows and being in bomb shelters with your students.

What would have happened if Hamas had not been voted into power? There would be peaceful co-existence. Right now Gazans continue to live in hatred with the goal of wiping out Israel. Iran is the biggest spokesman of hatred in threatening through their terrorists to wipe out Israel. Israel has had to arm every citizen with gas masks at this latest threat that is coming from Lebanon.

In the meantime, Egypt was wilting with losing face from 1967's war, and Anwar Sadat in 1972 publicly stated that Egypt was committed to going to war with Israel, and that they were prepared to "sacrifice one million Egyptian soldiers." It happened and was called the Yom Kippur War happening during our most sacred period of fasting and asking for repentance in October of 73. And so it goes. Egypt lost land in that attack, also.

Resource: Facts About Israel 1973 division of information, ministry for foreign affairs, Jerusalem.
Writer Victor Sharpe is concerned about this subject and more and wrote the following:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Continued Immigrating and Then Kicked Out of Countries: Doctor, We're Insecure!

It all started in 70AD when Rome's attack took over Jerusalem. We were either carted off to Babylon or Rome as slaves, with some able to hide out in our land. We became the wandering Jew. This is why, after 2,000 years, we decided that we needed our home back. This wasn't working.

115 CE: We were kicked out from Cyprus. Somehow we had some of us Jews here.
640: Forced Conversions
721: Forced Conversions
873: Those of us remaining in the Byzantine Empire were forcibly converted to Christianity. Here we were a minority and Christians the majority. People spoke Greek, Aramaic, and we spoke Hebrew.

1096: Crusaders were entering Europe on the way to Jerusalem, German Crusade massacres Jews in European towns. This is when England's King was on the way to Jerusalem. The movie "Robin Hood" tells about it.-Read "The Source": by James Mitchener.

1099: The Jewish community in Jerusalem massacred by the Crusaders.
1146-1391: Spanish Jews forcibly converted to Christianity
1290: Jews were kicked out of England
1306 Jews were kicked out of France.
1355: 12,000 Jews massacred by the mob in Toledo, Spain
1349-1360: Jews kicked out of Hungary
1420: Jewish community annihilated in Toulouse, France-some had returned
1421 Jews kicked out of Austria
1492: 180,000 Spanish Jews kicked out of Spain,
1492: 50,000 Spanish Jews converted to Christianity in order to remain. (Conversos)
1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue: Columbus wrote letters to his son in Hebrew!
1495: Jews kicked out of Lithuania-after being invited there earlier
1497: Jews kicked out of Sicily, Sardinia and Portugal
1502: Jews of Rhodes forcibly converted, expelled or taken into slavery
1541: Jews kicked out of Kingdom of Naples
1648-56: 100,000 Jews murdered in Chmielnicki massacres in Poland (we probably had relatives here)
1727: Jews kicked out of Russia
1747: Jews kicked out of Russia again
1838: All Jews in Meshed, Persia (Iran) forcibly converted to Islam
1871-1921: anti-Jewish attacks: Pogroms in towns of Russia
1882-1890: 750,000 Russian Jews forced to re-settle in the Pale of Russia
1891: Jews kicked out of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
1917: WWI-Jews in Soviet Union denied national identity.
1939-1945: Holocaust-murder of 6,000,000 Jews by German Nazis and European collaborators
1941 Jews in Baghdad attacked by mobs; 180 dead
1948- present-Jews in Arab countries, mass exulsions

Resource: Facts About Israel from information ministry for foreign affairs, Jerusalem.
Note: We were invited into many countries to help them with their economic problems. They needed tax collectors, people to deal with money, etc. They brought us in with high hopes only to dash them later. Main cause was anti-semitism.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yitzhar, a Jewish Village in Samaria

by Nadene Goldfoot

What was once called Samaria and Judea is referred to today by outsiders as "The West Bank". In the Samarian Mountains near the town of Nablus and Shechem, just off Rt 60 north of the Tapuach Junction, lies the village or settlement, as outsiders want to call these places, of Yitzhar. It lies on the top of a mountain from where you can see from Ashkelon to Hadera, and started as a historic pioneer Nahal military outpost.

130 orthodox Jewish families live here comprising about 500 people. Yitzhar means "olive oil" and that's a crop they grow. Also, they grow grapes. Their grape-growing achievement was so successful that they won two gold medals and one silver medal in a recent wine competition.

They had followed the rules of Shmita, which means something established in biblical days. It's to allow the fields to be fallow every 7th year. Besides that, they had built a synagogue and a Yeshiva in their village. During the Shmita period they had the opportunity to study there and pray there.

Now the government has announced that they must tear down these two buildings. I feel it is because of the pressure of Obama wanting the Arab's Palestine to be there, and not wanting any Jewish presence at all. The land still is a part of Israel. Somehow the Arabs have been building throughout Samaria and Judea without permission. They just built without the involvement of permits which these Jews had.

It's funny that the Arabs had 2,000 years to build and use the land, but didn't. Now that we are back in force, they want the land because we need it. This is sure an example of coveting. They covet something that belongs to someone else. Only now does it have worth to them. It'll mean that they will be expected to work the land, though, if they take over everything. I wonder if they will.

I notice that usually only the orthodox Jews dare to live in Judea and Samaria. More secular Jews live in Tel Aviv and the more populated areas. The history of Judea and Samaria are very important in our religion, and the orthodox are trying to honor that memory. Besides that, we have a horrible history of being locked up every night in ghettos and living in crowded conditions in shtetles in Eastern Europe. It's nice to be out in the country and see the stars at night and be able to own land and grow things, something denied to us for 2,000 years. It's too bad our own government has to be so compliant of Obama in order to protect its citizens. They feel this is just like Kristolnight-a horrible memory in Germany.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

22 Arab States Surrounding Israel

There are 22 Arab states surrounding Israel. Many of them are in Northern Africa. There is only one Jewish state and that is Israel.
There are 48 countries with a Muslim majority. They have from 50% to 100% Muslim majority.
Qatar has a population of 744,029 and has 77.5% Sunni Muslim population. They have a very high GDP per capita of of $80,870.
Saudi Arabia has 27,601.038 people with 100% Sunni Muslims. Their GDP is only$23,243. Iran has 70,495,782 people with a GDP of only $10,624. They have 98% Shi'a Muslims.
Iraq has 31,234,000 people with a GDP of $3,600. They are made of 97% Shii'a Muslims.
Egypt has 77,100,000 people with 90% Sunni Muslims and has a GDP of $5,491.
Syria has 19,405,000 people with a 90% Sunni Muslims and has a GDP of $4,448.
Jordan has 5,568,565 people with 95% Sunni Muslims. they have a GDP of $4,886.
Lebanon has 4,196,453 people with 60% Shia/Sunni. Major Hadad, a Christian, was a friend of Israel when alive. Christians had once been in power. Their GDP is $11,270.
Turkey has 71,517,100 people with 99.8% Sunni Muslim. Their GDP is $12,888.
Israel has 7,587,000 people with 75.4% Jewish, 20.6% Arab Muslims and 4% other minorities and has a GDP of $28,393.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Possible Summer Chemical Attack on Israel From Lebanon

Former U.S. General Paul Vallely told about a possible chemical warfare attack on Israel by this summer from Lebanon. He found that Iran's Hezbollah has scud missiles with the range of 450 km which can hit any part of Israel. In the interview by Bill Whittle he told that Iran has a submarine armed with the chemicals.
Israel's 7.5 million citizens have already been given gas masks by their government, so Israel is well aware of what they are planning to do.

He's on a video telling about it. What's terrible about such news is that not only are the citizens of Israel being affected emotionally anticipating such an attack, but that it would also affect the tourism industry which Israel depends on. In this way Iran need not use their weapon; the anticipation of it is enough to damage Israel.
Israelis have been living under such pressures ever since their birth, so they are a pretty tough bunch and have decided not to let such threats ruin their lives, but it will scare off visitors, no doubt. Then again, Israel is obligated to let the world know of its dangers even though it hurts them economically.