Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanks, U.N.  As Usual: Palestinians Keep Firing Rockets Into Israel
When is the U.N. going to get brave and tell the Hamas terrorists to stop hitting Israel?  I'd like to see the Secretary General put up with it happening in his back yard.  Seeing China in action, I have a feeling I know what he'd do about it. 

Nadene Goldfoot
On Tuesday  in Israel a rocket fell into the Sderot area again.  Sderot has been the constant victim of too many rockets in Southern Israel.  No one was injured, but you can figure that it's not a  great experience to have to put up with.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak checked out the Beersheba battery of the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system on Thursday.  The trial deployment had begun.  It's now ready for action.   It was developed in Israel and is operated by Israelis.  I remember that the USA had installed some system in Israel but that Israelis were barred from using it. 

Somehow a rocket from the Gaza Strip landed in fields south of Ashkelon on Thursday evening.  This is from a long distance rocket to reach that far.  Ashkelon is the city where Barzeli Hospital is which is the largest hospital in the vicinity.  It's the hospital that Arabs and Israelis have used.  Ashkelon is Portland's Sister City.
Lebanon rockets:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Speaks Out on Israel-Palestine Situation
Nadene Goldfoot
Israel had to fight a war of all wars in 1967 and really doesn't want to have to repeat that.  Israel survived an attack from many of her neighbors  and in doing so inherited their own  ancient land of Judea and Samaria that in the bible days had belonged to the Jewish nation which is now called the West Bank.  Jordan referred to it as the West Bank when it was under their control. .  There are about 500,000 Israelis living there now as well as about 2.5 million Arabs.  The Palestinians want Judea and Samaria for their  state along with Gaza, but  want all Jews to move out.  Netanyahu has tried to hold peace talks with Abbas but they have not succeeded.  Abbas wanted his way decided upon before he even sat down to talk, of which left little to talk about.  Abbas has walked away and now has gone to the UN to pass a bill proclaiming Palestine and thus avoid peace talks with Israel.  Note that Israel contains over a million Arabs that have citizenship.  Israel did not force them out which is what  Abbas intends to do to Jews. 

Israel is thinking about annexing their Jewish cities and towns (so called settlement blocs in the paper)  now that peace talks have hit the futile point.  Israel has not done this in the past 40 years .

The outcome of the 1967 War was that Israel got Jerusalem, its old capital, and then did annex East Jerusalem which contains shrines of all 3 religions; major ones for Jews.  Up to this time neither Jews nor Christians  could get to these shrines.  Jewish shrines were being desecrated with human dung and were even being broken and definitely unkept.  The Palestinians want not only ALL  of Judea and Samaria but they want ALL of East Jerusalem, too.  After reading the 34 page Hamas declaration, many of us fear they are after ALL of Jerusalem and then after that ALL of Israel. 

Now General Ban Ki-moon, the UN's Secretary General, has called for efforts to break the impasse in the Israel-Palestine peace talks.  That's better than going ahead and pronouncing a declaration of a Palestine state.  He said that this is "long overdue."  He must feel the pressure from all the unrest in the Muslim region of overturning governments.  I hope he remembers that because of the fact that Abbas wouldn't come to the peace table, Netanyahu felt free to go ahead with building plans.  The time had run out preventing Israel from doing so . 

His statement of Israel occupying Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem from 1967 being morally and politically unsustainable is wrong and shocking to me.  Wasn't the attack on Israel morally wrong as well as politically wrong?  After all, Israel was created through the U.N.'s blessing and had been attacked ever since then without the U.N. ever speaking up against all these attack from 1948, 1956, and then in 1967.  Isn't this what happens when countries attack?  Attack me and if I win you pay the consequences-otherwise there will always be a bully around to attack.  That's called "justice."  Attack me and you'll go to jail. 

The U.N. Secretary did mention that he didn't like the rocket fire from Gaza towards Israel targeting civilians, but didn't like Israel's retalitation fire, either.  I didn't see or hear the U.N. doing anything to stop it to help out Israel, ever.   Does he think that Israel should just take it and shudder?  He also condemned the bomb attack in Jerusalem which killed one middle-aged lady tourist and injured about 40 some people. 

There had been two Jewish nations of Israel and Judea .   The Romans ended the last remaining one with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD.  They carried Jews away as slaves that they gathered up, but though most had died, there were some that survived and remained in the land.  There has NEVER been a nation or state of Palestine.  Read "From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters-a thick book by a Christian lady reporter who started out to prove that Palestinians deserved their own  country-but found out otherwise in doing excellent research that a reporter or librarian knows how to do.  She went to the original papers to write her book.  She found so many errors and cover-ups in British reporting.  She was so respected that the President of the United States  had her on his staff.  Presidents since then have referred to her.  Too bad that the UN Secretary Generals haven't read this book or any other real history book about this situation. 

Oregonian Newspaper page A5 3/30/2011, from Jerusalem-Israel weighs annexing West Bank territory

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Nazi Philosophy Working on U.N. Members
Nadene Goldfoot
The Nazis taught that if you tell a lie long enough with enough sincerity behind it, it will be believed.  This is happening to the U.N. members in connection with their present attitude towards Israel.  They believe all the lies told about Israel.  Even Goldstone of South Africa went along with all the false accusations, and once accepted, these lies  were unable to be corrected. 

Carolyn Glick, political analyst points out that no matter what injustices are happening to Israel, the Palestinians have now brought about a "Pavlovian response" where every report about Israel makes them hate Israel even more.

What is disgusting is that David Cameron, Prime Minister of England lied when he called Gaza and open air prison.  He had just been talking to Abbas and knew that Hamas is a jihadist terror group closely connected to al-Qaida.  David did this because in Britain's last elections the Muslim Public Affairs Committee was able to oust 6 members of parliament who were supportive of Israel.  That's how they play ball. 

Palestinians have been trying to wear out Israel with all the innumerable wars and attacks since 1948, and they haven't.  But the rest of the world seems to be saturated with hearing the same old same old story and are giving in.  It's a life and death situation for Israel but not for anyone else, they think.  People care more for their sports outcomes than the presence of a teeny country who came about in a righteous way that is about to be eaten up by the voracious and innumerable Muslim enemies. 

Take the very recent attacks in Itamar, Samaria and in Jerusalem as well as the shelling in Southern Israel.  Nobody is taking responsibility for all these attacks of late.  The youth of Gaza and the "West Bank" are trying to teem up to gang up on Israel but they really don't want either Fatah or Hamas.  These young Palestinians have no freedom in Gaza because of Hamas and Fatah, in their eyes, is trying to appease Israel.

500,000 Israelis are about to lose their established homes in Judea and Samaria because of this "who cares" attitude of the U.N.  Israel is about to be forced into a defenseless position and will be in even more peril than at the present.   The Palestinians feel they now have Europe brainwashed and intimidated from establishing communities around the world.  Saudi Arabia is already a part of the bombing squad over nearby Libya! 

I used to think that at least the USA, original backers of Israel and strongest country in the world, would continue to stand with her.  We saw a veto against a horrid vote against Israel from Obama, but it also came with chastisement from him as well.  Can we count on the USA again?  Will Holland?  Will Canada?  This is coming to fruitition at a time where Obama and his wife are so concerned about the bullies in our school systems and how the children being bullied are badly damaged.  Do they ever think that perhaps Israel has been bullied every step of the way since its birth and has also suffered from this injustice? 
Read the Caroline Glick article below.  It's excellent.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Palestinians Think Today

Nadene Goldfoot
Mohammed Daraghmeh and Dan Perry wrote from Ramallah about what Palestinians are thinking about today, seeing all the Arab states revolting and wanting more freedom and democracy.  Right next door to them they have seen Egypt in an uprising and Syria with deadly riots wanting freedom.

They complain about Israel's control over Palestinians' lives without realizing that it stems from the volatile attacks of their Hamas rulers against Israel, causing Israel to have to take protective steps for their own citizens.  It comes from their Fatah Authority wanting all or nothing and leaving the peace table.  A law student in Gaza, Saed Issac, 22 yr old said they have to have national unity first, elect new leaders, and work to achieve an end of the occupation.  Israel pulled out of Gaza 5 years ago, and they're under Hamas rule, but they still blame Israel for their ills. 

In the meantime, Palestinians are going under the table trying to gain statehood without talking peace with Israel.  They have approached the eager UN countries in which 120 out of 192 joined their bandwagon to recognize a Palestine.  Even though in 1967 all the Arab countries attacked Israel and Israel managed to win, the countries are dismissing that huge fact and just want to reward Palestinians anyway. 

Besides the barrage of missiles and mortars that are raining in on Israel, they have used Facebook as a social tool to get names for support called "Let's End the Occupation."  If they ever thought of "Let's end the belligerency against Israel and make nice" --but then I'm dreaming.  Right now the only idea of a peaceful presentation is talk of a peaceful march, shades of Gandi. 

According to Mohammed's article, officials are thinking that militants could take over the effort and become violent.  Another threat to Israel is that the Palestinian Authority could disband and saddle Israel with responsibility for civil and security affairs in Judea and Samaria..  That's sort of what happened to Israel by defending themselves and winning in 1967.  If they hadn't done that, they would have lost the country they had prayed for for 2,000 years and all their citizens of 5 million would have been slaughtered. 

Evidently there have been protests in Gaza but Hamas supported them as well as dispersed them with violence.  It sounds rather bi-polar to me.  As it turns out, the young generation is not happy with Hamas.  I wonder when these young unhappy people will decide that it's time to live in peace instead of war.  How Israel lives is actually what all the other Arabs actually want to copy, of course without the dodging of missile and mortars of their neighbor.  A democracy has been sitting in their midst and they have seen a free people, even their own Arab countrymen living freely in Israel.  But then they voted in Hamas. 

You know, Israel wants freedom too, freedom from threats coming from Palestinian leaders that would put an end to Israel.  Our people have suffered so much in the past 2,000 years to the point of almost being decimated betweeen a Crusade, an  Inquisition and the Holocaust.  From our midsts came some pretty fantastic people, yet we seem to be the scapegoat of the world. We have a lot to offer and just want to live in peace.   It's time the Palestinians thought about making peace with Israel. 
3/27/11 Gaza Youth want to join with Fatah only want their own movement and are against Fatah trying to make peace with Israel yet don't want Hamas.  It looks like the youth want everything but on their own terms.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday: Pressure from Robert Gates on Israel and Missiles and Mortars

Nadene Goldfoot
On Thursday, when Israel was attacked by 10 missiles and mortars, Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Gates was attending a meeting in Tel Aviv at the Defense Ministry urging Israel to work harder to achieve peace with the Palestinians to bring about a two state solution.  He hadn't visited Israel since April 2007.  He only attained this position in 2006.  Sec. Gates received his doctorate in Russian and Soviet History.  Prior to this position he was with the CIA for many years. 

Nobody has worked harder or cared more about peace than Israel, but they're not about to pick up and leave, and that's what the Palestinians seem to really be after, not peace.  I wonder if Gates has bothered to talk to the Palestinians in the same manner.  Have the Palestinians been told to get back to the peace table that they walked away from?  What is Netanyahu supposed to do?  Have Mossad kidnap Abbas and bring him back?

What several of us fear is that Obama and his group will attack Israel next on the pretense of defending Palestinians when Israel reacts to all their shelling, which she will have to do. This is especially possible after seeing what is happening in Libyia, which is not that far away on the west side of Egypt.     USA, England and France never seem to care that Israel is being attacked constantly and that their citizens suffer from shelling, even though Gates said that no country would stand for that.  This is a true statement but why did he say it?  Is he goading Israel into a reaction or is he just being sympathetic and understanding?  I really wonder being he is the one pressuring Netanyahu  to make the peace and not Abbas. 

Actions speak louder than words.  Obama said we would not have men on Libya's land yet today we just learned that we have had men there scouting out places to bomb.  It's all for humanitarian purposes, saving innocent lives that the countries have taken over the air space keeping the government of Libya out of it, but this could become a general pretext for going into certain countries and not others.  Obama said we're not going after Gadaffi yet his son may have been killed already and Gadaffi's building has been targeted.  We've heard a lot of promises in the last few years but the results have been something else.  Promises have not been fullfilled.  Case in point that I cite is the talk he and Hillary gave to AIPAC.
Gaza's Continuing Attack On Israel-Thursday

10 rockets and mortars rained on Israel today with 2 of them being the long distance kind that can reach Tel Aviv from Gaza. They probably procured them in the lull since Operation Cast Lead.   As it was, 2 exploded north of Ashdod.  US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates was visiting at the time, and said that no sovereign state could tolerate rockets fired at its people, and Israel certainly is not tolerating it. 

In the meantime, Obama gave his condolences to Netanyahu, and Abbas condemned it.
Egypt Not Against Israel Again
Nadene Goldfoot
It looks like my source misunderstood a map he or she had seen from Egypt's airline.  I'll leave my story, but the explanation is at the end.  To have seen a map without Israel on it caused some panic.  The upcoming Muslim Brotherhood is still causing consternation among us all, so we are quick to be wary of problems. 

Egypt seems to learn the hard way that they shouldn't cross Jews.  They did it the first time in the Exodus when they told Moses that he and his people could leave, then chasing after them only to be drowned in the sea.  They repeated their folly by joining their brothers in attacking Israel at its birth and continually in the many wars after that.  It's been heaven-sent since Sadat made peace with Israel and Mubarek carried on with the peace.

Not now can Israel depend on their peace with the coming change in their political order.  Suddenly Egypt Air, the main airline in Egypt removed Israel off of their map.  they are showing Jordan reaching the Mediterranean Sea.  Are they anticipating the near future?  If so they certainly are wrong, or is this a continuation of the brain washing that the Palestinians maintain in their schools. 

Their subsidiary, Air Sinai has been flying to Israel daily.  Ben Gurion Airport will not be on their map.  I wonder if they'll ever land there again and if so, how will they find it?  Egypt Air has been flying to Israel 4 times a week but when the uprising in Egypt started, the flights were halted but had started up again.  This airline has had an increase of 27% in 2010 from 2009, so if they don't land in Israel they're going to lose some of their profit.  Evidently they don't care.

It's too bad that Mubarak wasn't the mentch that Sadat was.  The Egyptian people might have been treated better and more democratic meansures could have transpired.  With the fall of his regime, I see the Muslim Brotherhood stepping into the forefront with their hateful rulings against Jews and Israel, and here is  one big indication of their powerful influence.  All this is happening at the same time Gaza is stepping up its attack on Israel.  Egypt, don't be surprised when your plans backfire as it has done in the past.  Treat Israel badly and you'll get only the backlash.  Treat Israel well and you will be rewarded with peace, happiness and many Israeli tourists.

PS The map shown on the link is the route map of Egyptair showing their destination cities – to which I referred in my email yesterday. Air Sinai destinations are not shown as they are not Egyptair. The Israeli borders are shown. It seems someone is misreading the map.  from Keith Grenville.,7340,L-4046460,00.html

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Attacks in Israel: Jerusalem and Ashkelon
Nadene Goldfoot
The morning news greeted me with the horrific news that there had been an explosion in Jerusalem that has killed one 59 year old woman and injured 50 others.  It was from a bag left at the bus stop in the center of Jerusalem where an Egged bus 74 was waiting.  The bag was seen to be left by a man and contained about 1-2 kg of explosives packed with shrapnel.  This happened on Shazar Avenue.

MK Shai pronounced that warfare has begun again.  The quiet period is over.  Salam Fayyad has denounced the attack.  At the same time his Fatah group recognizes and rewards terrorists who get their names on different things in their community.  Fatah does nothing to deter such activity.  They only keep the pot boiling, then announce to the outsiders that they feel so badly. 

France wants Israel to reign in with the retaliation, but what does a nation do to terrorists who  attack civilians continuously?    Just because Israel is an established nation with an army is not reason to not show terrorists that they cannot get away with killing their people.  Giving into  their demands does not get a desired affect.  It only enboldens them to take more and more as the past has shown.  Only a peace that is discussed and accepted can be the answer to a war. 

At the same time, 7 mortar shells were shot into Ashkelon.  Ashkelon is Portland, OR's sister city which holds the large hospital for all in the region.  Lately it has become a main target.  of the "admired terrorists."
3/25/11 from Debka File : The woman killed in the terrorist bomb blast in Jerusalem Wednesday is identified as Mary Jane Gardner, a British citizen.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ashdod, Ashkelon: Grad Rockets and Mortars Hitting Israel: Nine Palestinians Killed
Nadene Goldfoot
A Grad rocket rocket was shot into Israel landing near Ashdod today.    A rocket slamed into Ashkelon. 

All this happened in retaliation to Israel's retaliation for the 54 rockets that fell into Israel the day before.  Israel in turn killed 5 terrorists and accidently hit 4 civilians  of which 3 were under age 18.  Tuesday when they came across a  terror cell in Gaza preparing to launch a long range rocket into Israel.  The problem is that Hamas stations the attacks among civilian areas, in this case a house in Gaza. 

France is worried and has called on both Hamas and Israel to  show restraint.  This is after Hamas pummeled Israel with 54 rockets, mortars and missles, the most in a long time.  I suppose France would just take the beating or wait for the USA to come to their rescue.  It amazes me that these countries never think to tell Hamas to lay off. 


Monday, March 21, 2011

Brainwashed Palestinians

Nadene Goldfoot
There is a daily quiz program coming from the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria that ask contestants to name 5 cities found in Palestine.  The winners get $100 for a prize.  They are naming  cities such as Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Ramle, Safed, Nablus and Lod.   Only one of these cities is in so called "Palestine."  All the rest are in the 8,000 square miles that makes up Israel. 

The Palestinian leaders in telling such lies probably have started to believe it themselves.  Certainly the average Palestinian is being guarded from the truth of the history of their people and of the Jewish people.  They turn to such savage behavior as the slaughter of the Fogal family in Itamar from being fed so many lies.  We cannot expect a nation to want peace with Israel under these circumstances.  The nations that are accepting Palestine's creation now without any provisions have  a blind eye and a heart that is necrotic and who obviously have dumped truth. 

I think it a little weird to find that Palestinians are still living in places called refugee camps in fellow Arab lands after 63 years of the establishment of Israel.  They are being kept there to ferment their hatred and to be used as pawns against Israel.  They are not citizens of these countries so are without rights.  If they are still listed as refugees they are on the dole from the United Nations and do not work.  Thus it is the United Nations that are continuing an Apartheid situation.  How ironic it is that they are the first to accuse Israel of Apartheid behavior when it is Israel who has tried everything to get these people to work and live in peace. 

Nablus is the only Palestinian city.  Judea is to the south of it.  It is 26 miles east of Tel Aviv and 39 miles north of Jerusalem. 
1980-1985: I lived in Haifa for 10 months and then moved to Safed and lived there for almost 5 years.  I visited Acre to see where my 3rd cousin, Stanley Goldfoot had been  imprisoned by the British. 
History of the Palestinians: Try reading -From Time Immemorial-the origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine by Joan Peters....It's a book Noam Chomsky refuses to recognize.
3/22/11: from Victor Sharpe: Actually Nablus is the ancient Jewish city of Shechem, which was where the Arc once rested. In Roman times, it was called Neapolis, which in time became Arabized into Nablus. But the only city the Arabs ever founded in the geographical territory known as Palestine was Lydda near present day Ben Gurion airport. Nablus, therefore, is not a Palestinian Arab city.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who Wants Peace?  Not Palestinians:
Mortar Attacks Shows True Goals
Nadene Goldfoot
Last week two ships loaded with missiles and other weaponry were stopped by Israel and searched. 
Today  on Shabbat the Palestinians hit Israel with at least 54 mortar shells within 15 minutes, hitting two Israelis citizens, a husband and wife with shrapnel. They also hit a house.   The mortars were just like the ones that Palestinians tried to have smuggled in.  Israelis  had to stay in their bomb shelters. for safety.  This affects a good chunk of Israel.  One has to realize that Israel is only made of 8,000 square miles and it would take 12 Israels to fit into the state of Oregon.  Israel's shape is narrow and long, and bombardment from Gaza hits the width of Southern Israel. 

This has come about after Hamas and Fatah rallied to join together again.  Obviously Hamas has no goal to make peace with Israel.  Their primary goal is to destroy Israel, instead, and this time their armed group, the Izzadin Kassam Brigade also were involved with the attack along with other smaller groups.    At this rally reporters were beaten up and detained. 
This was the worst attack from Gaza in two years.  Hamas even beat up reporters on the scene again and they took away their cameras and other equipment. 

Israel responded with tank fire and air strikes.  They aimed at militant targets.  Hamas had aimed for civilian centers and usually bombards Sderot and Ashkelon and any people in between.  For those within a few miles from the border, they get no warning siren.  There isn't time for one. 
I wonder if Hamas wasn't all charged up after the slaughter of the Rabbi's family at Itamar and are reacting to the desire of the young Gazans who want to unite with Fatah's Palestinians in Judea and Samaria.  They celebrated so much over the slaughter by passing out candies and celebrating in general that they decided to take on all of Southern Israel once again in a big barrage. 

Former President Ronald Reagan was just shown on TV talking about how after the USA is attacked we have the right to fight back in return to protect our citizens.  This is what Israel has done all along; never the aggressor out for blood but responding  after being attacked.  Ever since Israel left Gaza in the name of peace,  Israel has been under constant attack.  Yet, all the nations of the UN are voting in favor of the Palestinians having a state without coming to any peace agreement with Israel.  In voting this way they are taking away East Jerusalem, which in turn will cause the Palestinians to covet and take all of Jerusalem, and there will be no end to it.  Japan voted against Israel.  So did Brazil.  As I see all the nations turning against a people who come from the time of the creation of the 10 Commandments, from practicing justness for the past 5,000 years, who knew fairness before any other nation, I lose all respect for these nations.  They voted without lifting a finger to convince the Palestinians to make peace.  They just want to make a decision thinking that will be the end of that; even if it means the end of Israel.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Found: Weapons for Gazans on Iranian Ship Off Israel's Coast
Nadene Goldfoot
Israel took over the ship,  Victoria, originating in Iran some 200 nautical miles off of Israel's coast that was bound for Gaza.  It was connected to the Iranian ship that went through the Suez Canal a few weeks ago.  They found about  50 tons of weapons on board.  Chinese-made C-704 anti-ship missiles were found which would have threatened Israeli installations and navy vessels.  The Iranian ships had docked in Syria two weeks ago and then containers were loaded with these weapons.  Many 60 and 120 mm mortar shells were also found. 

A Farsi (Iranian) language manual for the missiles was in the cargo, linking Iran to the arms smuggling.  Though Egypt and Turkey were destinations, Israel feels they didn't know about the weapons, but that the recent two ships that went through the Suez Canal were connected. 

Rear Admiral Rani Ben Yehuda of Israel said it's important to inspect ships in accordance with international law.  This attempt to smuggle arms shows the need for inspections. 

In our newspaper carrying the story from Washington Post-Bloomberg-the reporter had to interject the wording of "what officials alleged was a ship carrying Iranian weapons".  I guess the fact that they did find such weapons and took pictures of them is not good enough for their readers. 

Next to the article was another with a picture about the Gazan Palestinians who are Hamas supporters in a rally calling for the melding of the two Palestinian groups, Hamas and Fatah.  Thousands were calling out to their leaders to end their feud.  That's quite scary to me as Hamas is overtly violent and is calling for the destruction of Israel.  Their charter doesn't allow any acceptance of Israel.  I wonder if they are feeling emboldened after the massacre of the Fogal family in Itamar, now.  It took two attemps for Abbas to make a public statement about that not being an acceptable act while Hamas, feeling such a bloody act was justified, was celebrating it with candy and rejoicing. 

Oregonian Newspaper p. A4: Israeli says weapons carrier seized

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why There Are Jewish Settlers in Judea and Samaria

Nadene Goldfoot
The word, Jew-comes from the name, Judea.  We have been living in Judea since before the time of King David, when Hebron was his first capitol before Jerusalem.  Please read my  article on Hebron that I had written in 2008.  Many of our people perished in 70AD when the Romans overtook us and burned Jerusalem and carried away prisoners, but some Jews were able to surive and continued to live in the land.  Judea and Samaria was our home. 

It's hard to imagine the end of an empire, but that's what happened to our Jewish country.  Being it became the crossroads of many, other nations may have tramped over it but never had settled there to build a country.  The land went to seed and became a wasteland of swamps and deserts.  It remained like that until the 1880's when Jews, driven from persecutions in Russia, started returning in groups called aliyahs.  They returned to face mosquitoes and malaria, planted eucalypus trees in swamps to drain them, and other Jews followed.  Though the land had been on the map of the Ottoman Empire, they certainly left it as it was, barren.

By the 1920's the Jewish National Home had been buying land in Eretz Yisrael for a future home.  The end of WWI gave Britain a mandate to maintain the land, and they in turn rewarded Chaim Weizman for actually making it possible for them to have won the war with his inventions, so rewarded him with the Balfour Doctrine of giving the Jews their homeland back again.  When a sheik heard about the deal, he complained enough to get more than half of the land for himself without having done a thing for England.  The Jews were given a small plot of unsavory land, instead of the original deal. 

All our history in Judea and Samaria was ignored.  Somebody else was in a more favored position.  It wasn't till 1967 when Israel, an established nation through the United Nations, who had gained their country through buying land at high prices, saving England and thus the whole Western Europe from collapse, who had done all the legal necessities to establish a country in 1948, was attacked by all the Arab nations surrounding it again.  Israel gained back its ancient land of Judea and Samaria.  One against many.  Many felt that this was indeed a miracle. 

There were established cities that had never died out like Nablus.  Jews had been living there continually, only to suffer a huge massacre of over 700 persons in 1929.  Again Jews went there to resettle.  There are more than 500,000 Jews now living in Judea and Samaria.  Itamar lies in the mountains of Samaria.  About 1.5 million Arabs also live in their towns. 

Over one million Arabs live in Israel proper and are Israeli citizens with all the rights of Jewish citizenship except for one thing only:  they are not expected to serve in the army.  Yet the Palestinians expect to expell all Jews out of Palestine when they create their state.  As Bret Stephens has said, "Israel's consistent mistake since the peace process began nearly 18 years ago was to suppose that conspicuous displays of reasonableness and moderation would beget likewise on the other side. The reality has been closer to the opposite."  Israel has a pluralistic society housing every religion under the sun, in which Arabs are even serving in the knessset, yet Palestine is to be Juden-free (no Jews allowed) and completely Muslim.
Palestinian Authority Rewards Terrorism Against Israel 
Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestinian leaders have done everything possible to brainwash their people into hating Jews and Israel since 1948.  Since 1967 they have  continued to educate everyone in their schools, on TV and in families in order to hate and fight against Israel.  Maps show no Israel.  Music is full of hatred encouraging a takeover of all of Israel, not just East Jerusalem. 

Itamar Marcus and Nan Zilberdik have written an op ed exposing the Palestinian mind and how this type of encouragement has brought on the slaughter of the Itamar family in Samaria.  Abbas sent a message just two months ago supporting terror by awarding $2,000 to the family of a terrorist who attacked IDF soldiers.  Last week a newspaper, al-hayat Al-Jadida announced a football tournament named after their first female Palestinian suicide bomber, Wafa Idris.  Three weeks ago a TV program, under the direct control of Abbas's office, broadcast a video glorifying another terrorist, Habash Hanani who entered Itamar in 2002 and murdered 3 students.  They name things like summer camps after terrorists who kill.  The Palestinian leaders encourage such behaviors.  This is the way Abbas's Fatah is continuing to fight against Israel, and they are considered moderates by our government.  Those that commit such offenses will simply be rewarded, either financially, with notoriety, having places named for him, and of course, reward in paradise. 

Now, it came to Abbas to respond to the world press.  His first response was "mealy-mouthed" and similar to Hamas's reaction of the slaughter as being deserved.  Someone must have gotten to him, for today in the Oregonian he is said to have actually responded again, but only after Israel criticized his leadership for his weak response to such an ungodly act.  He spoke in Arabic.  I have a feeling that he finally saw the photos of the dead children that made even him finally feel something.  Netanyahu and his cabinet has finally accused the Palestinian Authority of their indirect role in encouraging such violence.  This is something that we have all known about.  It's common knowlege that their educational system in Judea and Samaria has been teaching hatred and is trying to rewrite Israel's history, and we all know of their naming places after terrorists.   

How can the Big Four expect a peace settlement with such warped messages being taught to the Palestinians.  How have they been able to ignore such behaviors in their demanding that Israel give into the Palestinian demands before a so called peace discussion ever starts?  Have our leaders not not been prepared with such knowledge or do they just have a blind eye or heart?  More likely they just don't care to realize what the outcome would be.

The Palestinians  are not ready for a peace process.  Neither is the Palestinian Authority.  They'll have to re-educate and brainwash themselves first in order to teach their people to have any sort of peace.  I'd like to think that Abbas meant what he said on the radio.  To be real, it must have been written for him by a publicist.  Now we'll just have to watch in the next few years and see who is rewarded for this bloody slaughter.  Itamar Marcus
Oregonian 3/15/11, page A3 Palestine's president decries Jewish killings
Wall Street Journal, 3/15/11 article by Bret Stephens-excellent,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Itamar-Town in Samaria-Am Yisrael Chi (The People of Israel Live)

Nadene Goldfoot
The head of the family that was murdered in Itamar on Shabbat in the middle of the night  was a Rabbi who taught in the town's Yeshiva.  He was the opposite of a violent man  His baby had her throat cut.  So did his 11 year old son.  The 4 year old was stabbed in the heart.  Bloody slaughter seems to be the only way to solve things in the minds of Palestinian terrorists.  I have seen the pictures of the deaths of this family and it is truly shocking. 

Israel's government is outraged, also.  They were contemplating building 1,000 homes for every person killed, but have decided to build 500 more homes in Judea-Samaria as their reaction to these deaths.  It stands as a sign of life and survival amidst hatred and killing.  No doubt this is going to hit the Palestinians in the kishkas, but I'm sure Israel is trying to teach that hatred and slaughter is only going to hurt themselves and that a discourse and smoking of the peace pipe is the only way to behave in today's world. Running away from the table accomplishes nothing.  They can't scare away Israelis or bully them to get their way in this claim of this piece of land. 

The Oregonian printed an article in today's paper about the killings that comes from the McClatchy-Tribune.  I take note of the sentence that says...Most of the international community views the settlements as illegal because they are built on land seized by Israel during the 1967 war.   I wonder if the reporter or the international community remembers just how Israel came to have this land. It was attacked by the surrounding Arabs that became known as the Six Day War in which with odds no gambler would bet on, though outnumbered and outdone by weaponry, Israel  won the war.  In doing so, they found themselves in control of Judea and Samaria, land that was promised to them in the creation of Israel in talks with Britain before 1948, who was the overseer of this land when the Ottoman Empire fell due to the 1st World War when they were allied with Germany.  It wasn't like Israel decided they wanted the land and SEIZED it.  At this point I feel the international community is disgusting in their constant condemnation  of Israel.  Whatever has happened, Israel to them can do no right.  Israel is under the barrage of missiles and bombs and is criticized for defending themselves.  As if in a game of dodge ball, how dare Israelis dodge! 

The people of Itamar are not people that are opportunists out to make some sort of financial killing.  Despite the crazy world that we live in of drugs, alcohol, and cheating people out of money, there are still a handful of Jews who are awed by their religion and study it.  Think of the Llamas of Tibet.  They are people who study the Torah and take it to heart.  They are trying to live a good life and revere the land of their fathers, the place Ha Shem led them to in order to come to these states of mind.  That's why the land Itamar sits on was chosen. 

The latest news is that the slaughter was done by Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Fatah's military wing.  That figure as it had to be someone living in Samaria or even Judea.  and Fatah controls the area.  Their brothers in Gaza celebrated the deaths by passing out candy and acting out in a jubilant manner.  This is how they celebrated USA's 9/11.  Of course Hamas claims the act was justifiable.  When people think that the slaughter of children in such an act of bloodletting is justifiable, the earth is in a heap of trouble. 

Reference: Stand With Us
Oregonian 3/14/2011


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Death Comes to Itamar
Nadene Goldfoot
In the mountains of Samaria near Nablus lies a community made up of 160 families.  They grow organic crops and raise sheep and goats.  Would you know if they were Jewish or Muslim from this description?  Do you think both groups, doing similar activities could get along?

Evidently not.  This community is made up of Orthodox Jews from Jerusalem.  The community is named Itamar 27 years ago, the name of Aaron's youngest son.  It was established in 1984, an auspicious year bearing the name of a famous American book.  On March 12th a Muslim terrorist entered the Fogel  home and slaughtered the whole family of five:  the two parents Udi 36, Ruth 35, Yoav 11 year old, Elad 4 year old and 3 month old Hadas, a baby girl.  They were  stabbed.  Shots were heard by others, so either the father was trying to protect his family or the terrorist had the gun to frighten them.  The mother was no doubt still nursing.  The grandparents and three children survive. 

This community had just been planning to expand their libary shelves and add a few more books.  One gets tired of the same old ones.  Now they have a burial to attend.  This needless slaughter on religious people will not deter them from living there.

 Benjamin Netanyahu has asked the Palestinian Authority to condemn the attack.  .  The IDF will also be searching for the killer.  Netanyahu said that terrorism is not going to make  any decision on  Judea and Samaria.  President Obama has also condemned the terrorism and has asked Abbas to also condemn the act.
added 3/14/11
Our Sabra Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu

Nadene Goldfoot
Benjamin Netanyahu, 62,  was born on October 21, 1949 to Professor Ben Zion Netanyahu in Tel Aviv and lived in Jerusalem until he was a teenager.  It was then that his father, a history professor, moved the family to the States so he could teach Jewish History. 

They returned in 1967 when Benjamin joined the IDF and was in the Six Day War.  He was wounded there.  When he left the IDF he was a captain. 

He went to MIT in Boston and studied political science and also attended Harvard to continue his studies.  He studied international business as well.  Benjamin was affected by his older brother, Yoni's "Jonathan" death in 1976 when he was a part of the Entebbe rescue group. 

Benjamin became prime minister from 1996 to 1999 and again became prime minister in 2009.  He speaks such perfect English that I was thinking that he was born in the States.  No, he was born and raised in Israel, which means he is a Sabra.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oil and Gas Found in Israel
Nadene Goldfoot
After sitting for 63 years surrounded by countries with oil and not having any, scientists have actually discovered oil and gas in Israel.  Israel may have the 3rd largest deposit of oil shale in the world.  Gaddafi in Libya is selling oil for over $100 per barrel and the price may go easily to $5 per gallon or higher very soon. 

There are about a trillion barrels of oil in the world to be brought up to use.  800 billion of them are in the Middle East and North Africa.  Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq are rich with oil.  Oil has been found in the USA but naturalists have been keeping it from being used.

In 2004 natural gas was discovered in Israel.  Scientists figure that by 2013 more can be used.  There is a field that they figure can be used for export.  Most of the gas is in Israel's jurisdiction.  I guess Israel wasn't forgotten about after all.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Palestinian Pressure for Statehood Acceptance from Britain

Nadene Goldfoot
Britain has not joined the USA in agreement about a Palestine at this time.  Instead, it is raising their status of their London office.  William Hague, Britain's Foreign Secretary  commented to his parliament that they have given aid to the Palestinian Authority (Abbas and his group).  They also work with them.  Now they will join other countries to upgrade their status to the level of a mission.  He's holding talks in London with Abbas. 

This means that the general delegation office in London of Palestinians becomes a Palestinian mission and the head will now be known as the head of the mission.  This affects their visa for all of this group.  It just falls short of giving them formal diiplomatic status which would also mean that they recognize a Palestinian state.  It shows that they have recognized their government to have built a foundation of a viable Palestinian state, building institutions, but are not to recognise them yet. 

They are following in the footsteps of France, Spain and Portugal. 

They say they want to see an urgent return to negotiations based on the 1967 borders.  They say they will work with all parties to press for a breakthrough.

I say that this is only  bringing pressure on Israel, and not on Abbas to sit down and really discuss the facts for peace.  They're certainly showing that Britain is a follower and not a leader, and they are showing their past preference for  the Arabs and not to the Jews.  Just look at the history of the Balfour Declaration, the White Papers,  the giving of arms to Arabs when they left the area.  These decisions are made on Israel's continued building in the settlements due to not having any peace proposals discussed, not from the fact that Palestinians have continually been attacking Israel with bombs, missles, hitting civilian populated areas, teaching hatred in their schools and other such non peaceful practices that make this decision impossible. Or is it based on the fact that Palestinians in Gaza have sworn to kill all Jews and their state.  Only a peaceful activity of buildi;ng due to the Palestinian's continued unacceptance of Israel is said to be at fault by the world. also has pointed out that Norway has upgraded the Palestinian representative in Oslo.  Also, they list 7 South American nations have formally recognized  the PLO state on the 1967 borders.  Ecuador just recognized it last week and Paraguay thinks they will by Spring of this year.  They say that Israel feels this move is telling the leadership that they don't have to have direct negotiations.  Israel must have negotiations with them and that if a unilateral move  is to happen, it is not acceptable.  The USA also agrees with this.  by Alessandra Bajec-International Middle East Media Center is the Palestinian wesite in Judea/Samaria

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Around Nablus, Bomber Ready and Waiting

Just south of Nablus at a checkpoint, border police found a man concealing 5 pipe bombs and 3 Molotov cocktails all ready to use.  Nablus is the largest Palestinian city in Samaria, which is also called the "West Bank."  Supposedly this area, under Abbas,  is peaceful, but the Palestinians  living there are still being fed the ideology of Hamas.   It's sad because we just heard at an AIPAC meeting how some Palestinians are working well with Israelis, giving us some hope that perhaps life could be possible between the two. 

Israel has to remain forever alert.  Just last month Israel took down a checkpoint making movement easier for the residents in the area.  Perhaps that was done too soon.
AIPAC Dinner Meeting 3/6/11 Portland, OR.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Clashing of Israelis and Palestinians Near Nablus

Nadene Goldfoot
300,000 Israelis live in over 100 towns in Judea and Samaria.  They're started to clash with the Palestinians who also inhabit the land.

Palestinians claim that they had a confrontation with Israelis today near Nablus and that the Israelis had damaged their trees. and that the Israelis attacked them again.  Palestinians started throwing rocks at them, says Ibrahim Wadi, age 50.  Then, he continued, soldiers came and fired at them, wounding several.

According to the IDF, Palestinians were throwing rocks at the soldiers who were trying to break up the group.  They couldn't so fired at their legs.  They reported that the Israeli residents also fired at the Palestinians and wounded three. 

The IDF were firing rubber-coated steel pellets.  An officer did fire live bullets at a man who came at him with an iron pick and and other who tried to drag away an Israeli resident. 

Another Palestinian, Raed Odeh, said an Israeli fired an assault rifle and soldiers used live bullets, rubber bullets, tear gas, and everything. 

The Palestinians were taken to their hospital who said one of the eight was seriously wounded and that most suffered leg wounds.  Tension is running high between the three groups.  The Palestinians are claiming all of Judea and Samaria as part of their future state. 

Nablus was the Jewish city of Shechem  where Abraham had been.   Now it is the largest Palestinian city with a population of 50,000. 

Come to find out, last week was "Day of Rage", and the Palestinians had attacked the Gilad Farm outpost in Samaria where 15 settlers were injured.  The border police were accused of shooting rubber bullets at the Gilad Israeli residents and they say they used paint balls.  Three buildings had been destroyed by the Palestinians.  It seems that the Israelis  have taken the law into their own hands now and are giving either paybacks or are teaching the lesson of "don't mess with us or you'll get it back in kind.".
Oregonian Newspaper 3/8/11 page A5 West Bank Shooting
Hamas Instigates Reconciliation with Fatah

Nadene Goldfoot
Khaled Mishaal, top Syrian influenced Hamas leader, attended the opening of the 8th Al Quds (Jerusalem) International Foundation Conference in Sudan's capital yesterday.  He is most happy about the fall of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and of Tunisia's capitulation to the rebels as he thinks that this is a return to their natural state.  He said it  is the time for Hamas and Fatah to join together in jihad against Israel.

He wants to "liberate" Jerusalem from Israel and is planning a battle for it.  He didn't differentate about whether he meant the Eastern part or all of Jerusalem.  The meeting was covered by Jordan's newspaper.  Twenty-eight countries representatives attended.  One goal of this conference was to mobilize efforts to bolster the Palestinians in exposing Israeli plots, according to the organizer of the conference. 

How will Fatah in Judea and Samaria react while they are now enjoying a measure of freedom of expression and a standard of living that is better than many of their Arab neighbors?  They have been fairly quiet about rebelling against Abbas.  A change to unite with Fatah might be seen as  being supportive of that political group instead of their own.  Do they really want to rock the boat right now? by Joel Greenberg

Friday, March 04, 2011

                          Offering a New Plan for Palestinians
Nadene Goldfoot
Probably the reason the Palestinians haven't sat down to talk about making peace with Israel is that they already had it in mind to go to the United Nations Security Council to create a Palestine and thus avoid having to make a fair deal with Israel.  Here are the countries who are permanent members: China, France, the Russian Federation, UK and the USA.  There are 10 other non permanent members that are appointed:  Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Columbia, Gabon, Germany, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal and South Africa.  Looking at the makeup of this group, I can see that Obama's veto  was the only single voice speaking out for Israel, although I would have expected better of Germany.   The first time Netanyahu said he'd accept a Palestinian state next door was in 2009.  He said that a prerequisite was that they lay down their arms and that they refused to do. 

Israel is opposed to such as move saying that there must be negotiations to end the conflict and establish a Palestinian state.  To me, there are just too many conflicting goals here, and Israel is standing to lose every right and line of protection that they may have.  Such things as creating a Palestine according to Palestinian wishes will be driving every Jew out of Judea and Samaria.  It would allow millions of Palestinians in that are living in other locals and overwhelm the population.  This would be a shift in population only designed to drive Israel into the sea or extinction.  The question will be resting on the Security Council's shoulders.  14 of the 15 members sided against Israel over the building issue. 

Netanyahu has come up with a proposition that will be unveiled in May.  He is proposing the creation of a Palestinian state "within temporary borders with guarantees about talks on final status issues".  He would put a partial freeze on construction in some smaller towns,  but building in the major cities in Judea/Samaria as well as East Jerusalem would be  allowed.  This matter is the bone of contention with the Palestinians. 

Palestinians have been busy talking in Brussels with the Quartet.  The Quartet is the Middle East Quartet of peacemakers.  The four groups are the United States, Russia, European Union and...the United Nations.  To me this looks like the whole world's representation and not a foursome.  Their decisions will be announced in Paris.  The Quartet has been trying to get both the Palestinians and Israel together to talk about a peace pact.  Palestinians walked out and refused to negotiate when they couldn't get their way.    It turned out to be a case My Way or the Highway. 

Next week Quartet representatives will talk with Netanyahu's team in Jerusalem. 

Reference: Israel eyes diplomatic initiative to end isolation by Hazel Ward,2933,526222,00.html

Thursday, March 03, 2011

  Put Palestine on the Back Burner
Nadene Goldfoot
From my view of Palestine and Israel, the Palestinians have done nothing to show that Palestine would be a viable and honorable state existing next door to Israel.  That this should be a requirement doesn't seem to qualify as a number one position in anyone's list of pre-requisites other than Israel, who must put up with their destructive ambitions. 

On the Palestinian's side, they have shown that they cannot even get along with each other shown by splitting in two being Hamas and Fatah plus a number of other smaller factions bent on destruction of Israel.  They didn't just split like a political faction might do, but they fought each other bitterly to the death.  Right now they are contemplating  teeming up against Israel again since they didn't get a veto passed against Israel in the U.N.  I guess with Gadaffi gone in the Human Rights Council, they have lost their clout. 

Is it in the world's best interests to declare land a state that harbors such ambitions as to destroy its established neighbor?  Would they wish this for themselves?  Will the world self-destruct if there isn't a 48th Muslim state created which would put the only Jewish state in the world on the sacrificial altar? 

Israel has just now come out with the statement that they really don't see at this time a way of making any peace deal with the Palestinians.  The Palestinians aren't  giving in an inch in their demands.  This is something that Israel has done over and over in the name of peace that rarely comes.  Palestinian leaders deplore that Israel would still have military control over land.  The reason is that their neighbors are always dropping bombs, missiles,  and mortars on them as well as trying to kill civilians on Israeli soil . So, when the times have changed and Palestinians change their tune dramatically, then this might take place.  I wouldn't look to see a peace pact between the two very soon though Netanyahu and the government are trying to come up with some alternative ideas.  Look for an announcement in the next few weeks about it.    The problem still lies for Israel in how to live in such a dangerous neighborhood.
                           Palestinians, Fatah and Hamas Join to Boycott USA and Obama
Nadene Goldfoot
This boycotting happened last week but never made it into the Oregonian.  I guess they don't take it seriously.  The Palestinian Authority has called for boycotting all American products and aid.  The reason they are so mad is because the USA vetoed their anti-Israel resolution that they wanted passed.  Even though President Obama asked the Palestinians not to boycott our country, they did it anyway. 

Both Fatah and Hamas have called for A Day of Rage against the USA and Obama.  Last Friday Fatah's Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, residing in Judea/Samaria or West Bank, said that he wants to meet with Hamas, occupying the Gaza Strip and a consistent enemy of Israel,   to join together in the creation of a Palestine.  Who didn't know that this is the ultimate conclusion of these two groups who were united not long ago. 

This reaction doesn't surpise me at all.  What surpises me is that so many did not see it coming.  Now I don't think that the world will respond in their favor, and they may be rich in weapons supplied from Iran to use against Israel, but I doubt if they are rich in money in order to boycott American goods.  Anyway, usually they receive things for free.  About the only group that may go along with this call are other  Muslim countries in the Middle East, but then they are all in an upheaval right now with governing problems of their own.  Many of them are looking to the USA for assistance already. 

One accomplishment in their call of "boycott them" is that it shows the world what their state of mind is like.  Maybe then people will see what Israel has been facing and understanding all along.  You either go along with what they want or suffer the consequences.  from AIPAC

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

                              Libya: Chairman of UN Human Rghts Committion 2003
Nadene Goldfoot
Libya has been the chairman of the U.N. Human Rights commission since 2003.  Najat Al-Hajjaji was the man in the seat.  When they were voted in, the USA opposed the vote done by secret ballot.  Libya was backed by 33 countries.  Only 3 brave countries voted against this while 17 abstained.  The African nations backed it. 

Now, finally in 2011 it has been suspended.  With Libya's terible behavior of killing its own people, they have had to step down from this position. 

All the while it is the UN's Human Rights who has attacked Israel.  I've always felt that the UN Council has been a lopsided group of countries that were against Israel no matter what they ever did. 

There are 192 nations making up the United Nations. 

One group of the 10 top picked to set good examples  of human rights are in the order of from one to ten:
Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland,  Germany, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Belgium. 

The USA didn't make it in the top ten.  I think it's time to move the UN building.  Maybe we can save some money by doing so. 

  Creating a Palestinian State

from Dr. Dore Gold's interview by Michael Tuchfeld
Nadene Goldfoot

The Palestinians are going to ask the UN Security Council again to create Palestine for them.  I'd like to point out that Hebrews arrived in present day Israel under Joshua, and afterwards were led by King David.  Independent Hebrew Kingdoms were a fact for more than 1,600 years in what the Romans later called "Palestine."  It was Judea that was renamed Palestine because the Romans were trying to dejudaise it.  Thousands of Jews remained in large communities such as Jerusalem, Safad (where I lived) Tiberias and Hebron.  There were Jews in smaller communities also such as Gaza, Rafah, Ashkelon, Caesarea, Jaffa, Acre, and Jerico.  Many Jews have remained in the land up to 1948 when it again became Israel.  Right now Palestinians have been trying to whitewash our connection with the land, even with Jerusalem.  This is a travesty to history. 

The American position has been that the UN was not created to deal with political issues such as Palestine and Israel's needs.  In doing this, what will happen is that the UN will predetermine the borders without any negotiations.  America uses its veto because it's been in American interests to do so and hopefully will veto this again. 

The settlements are a very sensitive issue.  This vote is designed to take Israel back to the 1967 borders.  This took place from June 5th to June 10th 1967 in what is called "The Yom Kippur War" or the Six Day War, when Egypt, then known as the United Arab Republic, Jordan and Syria all attacked Israel on their holiest of holy days, The Day of Repentence, when all of Israel was fasting.  The world must recognize Israel's needs of security in this geography and not allow this to happen.  

Only Carter's government hadn't felt  that the Israeli settlements were legal, and he's been accusatory of Israel ever since his presidency with his books and actions.  They all thought the settlements were an obstacle to peace, however.  I hope that they now see that it isn't settlements that deter peace but the unwillingness  of the Palestinians who have refused to accept even a cupful of a Jewish Israel who have kept peace from happening.  Even Professor Rostow from Yale Law School stated that Israel had the right to build in the settlements.  I feel that as long as the Palestinians were unwilling and continue to do so to this day to stop fighting Israel, and come to a peace settlement, Israel had the right to inhabit the land that was not only formerly theirs for upteen generations, but that all the Arab countries had sacrificed in their zeal to attack and kill off Israel.  Blood-letting acts deserve an effect, and that is to have lost Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem and whatever else they think they should obtain.  Why on earth should they be rewarded for their horrible greedy behavior? 

It was Arafat who asked for a building freeze on the settlements  and luckily Peres and Rabin refused to do this.  Arafat then gave up and told Abbas to sign the Oslo Accords in 1993.  Legally, Israel has no legal reason to stop construction because of this signing. 

My opinion is that the Palestinians are still imbued with hatred for Israel and Jews and are in no way ready to be good neighbors and not be a threat to Israel.  Gaza must be considered as well as the West Bank and it is as hateful as a hungry rattlesnake who is striking with missiles and rockets constantly.  Much change has to happen before they prove themselves to be trusted. and ready for nationhood. 

After living through a horrible attack of many Muslim countries in 1967 and winning, why should Israel be punished to go back to those impossible-to-defend borders, especially at a time when it needs a better defensive position?  This has become a very unstable era in the Middle East.  I'd like to see a time when the UN starts pressing the Palestinians to instead accept Israel as being a Middle East member who is there to stay after their struggles of 63 years.  Like Oprah Winfrey says, hating only hurts your own body.  Or like my idol, Golda Meir had said, when the Palestinians start loving their own children as much as the Jews love theirs, then there is hope for peace between the two.  She would not have been surprised at how Palestinian chldren  have been sacrificed by their own parents in their hatred for Israel. 

Dr. Dore Gold, a former Israeli UN Ambassador, is president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. 
Alan Dershowitz: The Case for Israel