Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hamas Abuses Own People
For the sake of propaganda, Hamas is abusing its own people in Gaza. In January they staged a picture of the Hamas government meeting by candlelight to emphasize the limited electricity they are receiving from Israel. The sunshine is seen coming in from the window curtains being it was 1:00pm. In other pictures show protests in the streets and Palestinians marching down sidewalks with everyone carrying a lit candle. However, a streetlight is shining in the background.
They have found that to play the part of the victim brings in positive publicity for their cause. Hamas actually forced businneses to close. They want to keep people thinking they are on the edge of starvation so ordered bakeries to close for two days in a row. Actually they were preventing people in this way to be able to buy bread. They created their own crisis by doing this.
In truth, there is enough fuel and flour for the bakeries to keep running for two more months, though Hamas leaders have stolen most of the fuel to fill their own cars. They've even stolen medicine supplies from hospitals in Gaza.
At first, Israel was going to limit fuel supplies, so the Israeli fuel company, Dor, offered the Palestinians shipments of gasoline which they refused! It interferred with their "poor you" policy.
Where does Gaza get its electrical power? They have an electrical plant in Gaza and Israel sends sends them power to run it. 2/3 of Gaza's electricity comes directly from Israel. 70% of the fuel we send to Gaza is still flowing, even during the border closings. It wasn't Israel who turned off the electricity; Hamas ordered the power plant in Gaza to shut down its turbines. Since the rest of their electricity comes from Egypt, this really did not matter. The Gaza plant is really not productive. It's sort of like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
The people do not seem to be so penniless as we think. When they broke down the fence and got into the Egyptian side, they spent more than $100 million in the first few days. Hamas people have lots of money. They've been seen to have suitcases full of millions of dollars. Terrorists are well fed and housed. Maybe that's why they become terrorists.
They have announced that what they want sent to them is not food or medicine. They only want weapons, men and money. They continue to smuggle in arms. In fact, in July 2007 Hamas kept more than 60 trucks of Israeli fruit and veggies from arriving on the Kerem Shalom crossing.
Gazans certainly have voted in the right leadership. They will continue to suffer through their own hands.
Reference: Mitchell Bard: Myth: Crisis in Gaza is Israel's fault.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Terrorists Use Human Shields
Palestinian terrorists have made it a practice to use human shields for their own protection while they fire rockets at Israel. In the fight against terrorism, Israel had sometimes accidently killed the terrorists' homes and cars in their counter-strikes. Israelis have an inate moral feeling for their enemy. Left-wing groups have been quick to criticize their own army, so the Air Force has upgraded their weapons and can now strike terrorists with minimal or no collateral damage.
Terrorists had better watch out. They can now be pinpointed much better. Israel also has devices they have developed that can find explosives without causing danger to themselves.
One thing that worries me is the human chain the Gazans had planned along the border. They have recently broken the fence between themselves and Egypt, and probably are planning to do the same to gain entrance into Israel. The Gazans had hoped for 40,000-50,000 people to turn out, but only about 4,500 did. Probably every Israeli man must have been on milueem and stationed there. It probably looked like a confrontation. Though it turned out to be peaceful, the rockets continued shelling Israel causing injury to a little boy.
The Palestinians's goal is to see Israel eliminated. Yet they cry to the world about Israel's blockade In return, Israel will not have any dialogue with them until they change their attitude. Because of all the rockets fired into Israel, Israel has limited supplies of fuel and other goods into Gaza. The Hamas terrorists had made matters worse by fighting against the Fatah terrorists who were more accepting of Israel. Hamas is saying to Israel, "I hate you. Be dead. We will do everything to destroy you, " and then they wonder why Israel does such things as have blockades and condemns them for it.
In the meantime, Lebanon is causing Israel worry by their threatening posture. I'd say that the Israeli scientists have created aids just in time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hezbollah Threatens Israel With Destruction
Hezbollah is a true bully. It feels they can kill but not be killed, or woe to anyone who defends themselves. Since Lebanon's Imad Mughniyeh, a top militant leader, was killed, Hezbollah blames Israel. They say it is a part of Israel's plan to make war on Lebanon now. Hezbollah's chief said Israel was destined to disappear.
Israel has been quite busy guarding the boarder of Gaza and Israel. Hamas, the terrorist group in Gaza, continues to fire rockets into Israel while Israel has only used economic pressure and military blockade in return. The Islamist terrorists control Gaza now, but have asked the European Union to pressure Israel to lift this. They do not plan to stop the bombing, however. It's all one way.
Because of all the threats, Israel has to tighten its security everywhere. Planes have had to tighten security. One thing that they have had to do is keep Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem shut, though they had promised to reopen them under the peace plan. I wonder if they understand why they can't be opened now. The area is not peaceful. They are surrounded by terrorists who threaten them with extinction. Israel can never let down its guard.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ahmadinejad's Talking Like Hitler
President Ahmadinejad of Iran has called Israel a black and dirty microbe. He said we are the Zionist regime and that we are unleashed like a savage animal onto the nations of the region. This was broadcast on Iran's national TV station.
This type of talk has spurred the underlings of Ahmadinejad. A general who is the commander of all of Iran's armed forces said that the world will soon hear of the Zionist's destruction. This was alluding to nuclear or radioactive weapons. Another chief called Israel a cancerous microbe.
This threatening eruption of language might be in response to the fact that Mughniyeh, the Iranian terror tactician was killed. Israel has been accused of the death though they deny it. Whether we did it or not, we're accused. Their comment was that they, the Iranians, are a pure and pious people and accuse Israel of celebrating his death. My comment is that Israel never celebrates the death of its enemies. We learned that lesson long ago when we cheered when Moses led us across the water and the Egyptians were drowned. We were told not to cheer or celebrate an enemy's death. They matter also. So I think that Ahmadinejad, who would cheer if something happened to a Jew, thinks that we would do likewise. What he doesn't understand is that we are just the opposite in every way.
Iran is bragging that they are into nuclear warfare. They claim that now Tehran has a center to work on a nuclear bomb, and they were setting up a center to produce warheads. Is our UN listening? Where are the inspectors? They have been threatening us for a long time, now and calling wolf. Someday that wolf may actually appear!
Reference: Debka file from gerardrobins. DEBKAfile is an Israeli based English language open source military intelligence website. (from Wikopedia)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Paschal Lamb, Sderot
What Israel Is Doing About It
Israel has been hit innumerable times by rockets since 2005, yet the Palestinian authority of Abbas is doing nothing about it but watching and threatening Israel if they retaliate. They tell us that we're harming the peace process. What peace?
Israel has been at a standstill, afraid to act as a normal country for fear of "hurting the peace process." Since no one it stopping the shelling, it has decided to build more than 1,000 homes in East Jerusalem. Now, this is making the Palestinians mad, and so what? Peace talks mean nothing when Israel is continually shelled and people are dying, maimed and shell-shocked into PTSD. For every rocket fired into Israel, I would build 100 more homes in Jerusalem. Maybe then they would get the message. They love to die as then they are martyrs, but homes? That they are fussing about profusely. We hate to kill, so in order to ease our conscience, it has been decided that Israel will also build a new city for Arab residents. This has never been done before. It will be in the Galilee. Israel has 1.2 million Arabs that are descendants of the 160,000 Palestinians who stayed in the Jewish state after the 1948 war when the rest of the Arabs fled after being told by their leaders to flee and then come back when the Arabs had won the war. Israel now has 7 million people. Sheetrit is the minister in charge from the Kadima party in Israel.
In the meantime, Sderot continues to be shelled. Israel is very disappointed that their act of evacuating from the Gaza Strip had not caused the Palestinians to build the infrastructure for a state and show their willingness to coexist with Israel. They traded land for terror instead of receiving peace. Tuesday, on the 7th of February, 20 Kassam rockets landed in the Western Negev, and one hit a garage next to a home in Sderot, which caught on fire and sent three people into shock. Just Wednesday, on February 8th, two homes in Sderot were hit by Kassam rockets. It caused the man inside to suffer from chest pains and was taken to the hospital. Two other residents fell down while looking for shelter from the rockets. Several people suffered from shock. The rockets do not have to be atomic sized to cause harm. They may not be from the USA stockpiles, but they are causing great harm nevertheless. Will all this shelling cause the residents to flee, leaving the city vacant for the vultures to take over? I think not. In the meantime, Olmert's constituants are not happy with the government for not responding to the attacks. They are threatening to topple the government. Can you blame them?
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Monday, February 04, 2008

Deaths in Israel from Suicide Bombings

I left Israel at the end of 1985.
Since June of 2001, there have been 541 Israelis, tourists and foreign workers killed in 131 Palestinian suicide bombings in Israel.

The latest just killed an Israeli woman near Dimant, Israel, and was the first since Jan 29, 2007, a whole year ago. Since the Gaza fence problem just started with Egypt, the killer seemed to get through to Israel.

Reference: Yahoo News from Associated Press