Tuesday, March 01, 2011

                              Libya: Chairman of UN Human Rghts Committion 2003
Nadene Goldfoot
Libya has been the chairman of the U.N. Human Rights commission since 2003.  Najat Al-Hajjaji was the man in the seat.  When they were voted in, the USA opposed the vote done by secret ballot.  Libya was backed by 33 countries.  Only 3 brave countries voted against this while 17 abstained.  The African nations backed it. 

Now, finally in 2011 it has been suspended.  With Libya's terible behavior of killing its own people, they have had to step down from this position. 

All the while it is the UN's Human Rights who has attacked Israel.  I've always felt that the UN Council has been a lopsided group of countries that were against Israel no matter what they ever did. 

There are 192 nations making up the United Nations. 

One group of the 10 top picked to set good examples  of human rights are in the order of from one to ten:
Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland,  Germany, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Norway and Belgium. 

The USA didn't make it in the top ten.  I think it's time to move the UN building.  Maybe we can save some money by doing so. 

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