Monday, October 29, 2012

Amazing Facts About Qaradawi, Qatar and Palestinian Leaders

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas took over Gaza's rule in 2007.  Khaled Meshal is their leader, but the spokesman for the Palestinians has been Fatah's leader, Mahmoud Abbas from Judea-Samaria (West Bank). They have joined together and are both very strong against Israel.

Both Meshal and Abbas have been living in Qatar.  In the mid-1950s, Abbas became heavily involved in underground Palestinian politics, joining a number of exiled Palestinians in Qatar, where he was Director of Personnel in the emirate's Civil Service."  "The eldest son of Mahmoud, Mazen Abbas, ran a building company in Doha and died in Qatar of a heart attack in 2002 at the age of 42.

Not surprisingly, Khaled Meshal has had a house in Qatar for many years and has been seen in the capital, Doha since Hamas organizers were forced to leave Syria in early 2012.  What happened was that Meshal had been living in Damascus but when Syria wanted to have some indirect peace talks with Israel, Meshal objected.  The result was that Syria asked him to leave.  Meshal then went to Sudan.  Meshal had been living in Syria because he had been kicked out of Jordan 10 years prior.

 Qatar's Emir Hamad bin Khalifah Al Thani just visited Gaza and made the the gift of $400 million.  Immediately, the effect of that gift has been a bombardment rocket attack on Israel.  By visiting Gaza, he has in effect put an end to any chance of peace agreements between the Hamas-Fatah union and Israel.  Now Abbas is game enough to go to the UN on the 15th or 29th of this month to ask for recognition.  He's doing so against the advice of the USA and of course, Israel.  He's liable to lose their money, but who needs it when he as Qatar behind him.

Gaza had been fortified with money from Syria, who are a mixture of Sunnis and Shi'as and who are an extension of Iranian Shi'a Muslims.  In fact, it was Iran's money which was going to Hamas.  Hamas stopped supporting Syria, so Iran stopped supporting Gaza.  That's where Qatar stepped  in.

 Iran's terrorist group is Hezbollah,  Shi'as who plot and scheme out of Lebanon. They were trained by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. So Lebanon is really an arm of Iran, just like Syria.

  Abbas, who represents Judea-Samaria (West Bank) , is a little grumpy about Meshal's strong connection with Qatar saying, "no one should deal with Gaza as a separate entity from the Palestinian territories and from the Palestinian Authority", which he represents.

Qatar is supporting the rebels in Syria. Qatar also are the power-people in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Qatar  houses Qaradawi, the Egyptian religious leader who leads the Muslim Brotherhood.   Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is supported by Iran. So Qatar and Syria are now at odds.

The relationship of the Arab countries is not all sweetness and light.  Sunnis and Shi'as fight like enemies when is suits them though both are Muslims.

Qatar(Sunni)  with a population of only 744,029 is taking on Iran (Shi'a) with a population of 76,923,300.  Qatar follows the  Hanbali fiqh of Sharia law while Iran follows the Jafari fiqh.  Qatar has been buttering up the USA while Iran only ignores the USA and is contemptuous.  Qatar and Iran share the world's largest gas field which is why Qatar has so much money.  Iran stooped low and starting attacking and stealing equipment from Qatari gas rigs.  They pretend to be nice to each other but Qatar is making Iran mad.  What will the outcome be here?  Qatar houses Qaradawi, the Egyptian religious leader who leads the Muslim Brotherhood.   Iran has the Ayatolla Khomeini.  I see a brawl over not only oil power but religious power as well.  Both Qatar and Iran want all Jews dead according to their respective leaders, Qaradawi and Ahmadinejad.  .

This gets so convoluted.  Here is the line up of countries involved and the oil they produce and keep in reserve.  .

1. Iran -Shi'a-  2nd largest oil reserve  136.3 billions of barrels
2. Iraq-Shi'a and Sunni-3rd larges oil reserve  115.0 billions of barrels
3. Syria-Shi'a and Sunni- 15th largest oil reserve  2.5 billions of barrels
4. Lebanon-Shi'a and Sunni- no oil
5. Qatar-Sunni- 8th largest oil reserve 15.2 billions of barrels
6. Eygpt-Sunni- 13th largest oil reserve  3.7 billions of barrels
7. Sudan-Sunni-12th largest oil reserve  5.0 billions of barrels
8. Saudi Arabia-Sunni  Has the most oil 262.3 billions of barrels in reserve
9. Libya-Sunni- 6th largest oil reserve 41.5 billions of barrels
10. Jordan-Sunni- no oil
11. Israel-Jewish-no oil  -oil found, may be in production by next year.

The result is that these two Palestinian leaders have spent much time living in Qatar.  The larger neighboring countries have been pouring money into Gaza to gain power.


Revenge of 18 Rockets Attacking Israel; Israel Needs Bomb Shelters

Nadene Goldfoot
Today since midnight, southern Israel was hit by 18 rockets  by Hamas's Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades  in revenge, they say, after a retaliatory raid by Israel got one of their men, Suleiman Kamel al-Qara,  in an IAF air raid.  Hamas said they aimed at 5 military locations in southern Israel.  It just happens that these 5 locations are civilian communities so their information is wrong.  They always manage to hit civilian areas.  

The Hamas terrorists even posted a poorly-made video showing them launching 9 rockets early in the morning.

Israel had carried out two late-night air strikes which according to Arab sources, did not cause any injuries.  

Southern Israel has been hit with a barrage of 80 missiles, then 60 missiles, and right now the count is at 18 for today.  All this comes about since Qatar's Emir visited them promising more money for various enterprises.  I doubt if any of it will ever be used for a new hospital.  

Israel needs more bomb shelters.  United With Israel tells us that :

The residents of southern Israel - men, women and children have been traumatized by the terror of ongoing rocket attacks. With only 15 seconds to find cover, lives are in jeopardy. Nearly 1 million residents are within striking range of missles from Gaza. There is an immediate need to protect the people of Israel. Portable shelters can be moved to where they are needed most.
Over 12,000 Kassam Rockets have been fired into southern Israel in the last 10 years, deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, causing chaos, destruction and death. An entire generation of children has been raised to live in fear of rocket attacks. Israeli cities such as Sderot, Ashkelon and Beersheba continue to be in real danger. As Hamas' Kassam Rocket stockpiles continue to increase, this is a war on terror that needs your support. More shelters are needed today!

Resource: Arutz Sheva Daily Humiliation Continues:  18 Rockets since Midnight by Gil Ronen 
United with Israel,  bomb shelter campaign

Friday, October 26, 2012

Gaza's Weapons Store is Sudan: Mysterious Attack On It

Nadene Goldfoot
Sudan, in Africa, is the 8th largest Muslim-majority country in the world with 43,939,598 people who happen to have 70% of the population as Sunni Muslims following the Maliki fiqh like most African states.  Islam is not considered the state religion, though.  Way back in 1885, the Mahdi "compelled" Jews and Christians there to convert to Islam.  Sudan had a Jewish community  dating from the end of the 19th century, but few if no Jews live there today. In 1991 Sudan became the vanguard of Islam revolution  on the African continent with Hasan al Turabi's help.  From 1992-1996 he invited  al-Qaeda which was  then based here.

After a coup d'etat by Colonel Omar al- Bashir who executed it for the sake of Muslim values, bin Laden helped Sudan by setting up businesses and camps.  According to Pakistani Ijaz, the Sudanese government offered Madeline Albright chances to arrest bin laden which she wanted to do, but Susan Rice and Richard Clarke were against the idea.

Weapons have been going from the Sudan, defined as a hostile state by Israel,  to Gaza to use against Israel.  Sudan's government have accused Israel of attacking their convoys in 2009 and last December 2011.  Last Spring they accused Israel of targeting a car carrying a high-ranking Hamas official there.  It has become a transit spot for weapons smuggling, going through Egypt to get to Gaza.  Also,Sudan  has become a center for al-Qaida terrorists.

Sudan is threatening to strike Israel over a recent bombing on Wednesday of a weapons factory in Khartoum. Two were killed in the attack.   By doing this they are admitting to making weapons.  They say they have the right to strike back, remarked their Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman on Wednesday. They immediately asked the US Security Council to condemn Israel.  Their complaint cited that the attack was a violation of peace and security.  How do you like that?

To top it off, our present US government thinks that Sudan is a partner in the War on Terror and thinks they cooperate with us.

Because of the violence in Sudan, 2 million people were displaced and 450,000 have died.  By 2004 the American Jewish World Service was there helping out in camps in Sudan and Chad.  A complication has been the tens of thousands of refugees that swarmed into Israel from 2005 on  because of all the fighting from a civil war going on there. Refugee status has been given to 650.   In 2008 4,000 infiltrated into Israel through Egypt of which 1,200 alone came from Darfur.  The rest of the refugees were Christians from southern Sudan. Not all were found to be political refugees.   The flood has continued but in February of this year, the conditions changed for the better in Sudan so that Israel told them they must repatriate,  go back home.  Israel would give each $1,300 and a plane ticket back or risk being deported. Most have been refusing to leave.  This is certainly a situation that Israel hadn't thought of in the midst of all their other threats to their existence.

Resource:  The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, Sudan section,7340,L-4233020,00.html

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anti-Israel Demonstration at Edinburgh U in Scotland

Nadene Goldfoot
Waving lots of Palestinian flags Wednesday night tells me who was organizing this anti-Israel group. The "Justice for Palestine group" wrote to the university objecting to the invitation asking the man to speak to this school known for its public research.  The Israeli ambassador to the UK was trying to speak at Edinburgh University, the "Athens of the North",  and there they were, all the protesters waving those flags.  Even though Daniel Taub had been invited to speak by the Edinburgh University Politics and International Relations Society, these protesters disrupted by chanting and waving their flags.

Luckily there was the university security group there.  The ambassador had his own protection unit with him as well, and finally the audience must have come under control, but Taub wasn't able to have private meetings as planned with Jewish students.

It was felt that most of the students in the hall wanted to hear the ambassador.  A few weeks ago they had carried out a referendum on whether or not to boycott G4S, a Danish-British security firm that operates in Israel.  The votes were 538 for and 410 against.  The motion needed 1500 votes to pass. " The Scottish trade union movement has pursued a policy of boycotting Israel despite a dialogue with the Jewish community aimed at understanding both sides of the conflict."

Ambassador Daniel Taub is a British born Israeli who attended schools in Britain such as Oxford.  He is currently the ambassador of Israel to the Court of St. James's which is the royal court of the UK.  "Taub is a much sought after lecturer on Middle Eastern issues, international law and negotiation theory. He is frequently invited to appear on television and radio, and lectures widely in universities and policy institutes in Israel and abroad."

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.  The university is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.  It ranks 6th and 7th in Europe and 21st in the world.  An important ambassador speaking at such a well thought of university's speaking engagement  turned out to be downright dangerous.  It's a sad state of affairs when ambassadors have to travel with their own guards.  At least he had them.

About 30,000 Muslims  live in Glasgow which is about 42 miles away from Edinburgh.  Jews are a smaller group than Muslims in Scotland.  Most Jews lived in Glasgow, also.  Only the Sikhs are smaller than the Jewish group.  The main religious group of Scotland is the Church of Scotland.  The largest non-Christian groups are atheists and then agnostics.  Muslims come next.  Jews number 18,000 in 1950 but have emigrated, leaving about 10,000 there today.  There are about 1,000 Jews living in Edinburgh.

An interesting book out by Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman, "When Scotland Was Jewish" goes into history showing that many of Scotland's heroes were Jews from France and Spain who had immigrated to Scotland in the 1100's.  DNA might show that many of today are related to  Jewish families.  Those that stood with the Palestinian anti-Israel group might have had dna of Jews living in Israel today.  This might not make any difference to them, but it is too bad that they are not getting the unadulterated history of the Middle East in a highly rated university..  

Is there an improvement?  "Worse still, in 2010, a student at the University of Oxford shouted Itbach Al-Yahud [Slaughter the Jews]” at Danny Ayalon, Israel’s then Foreign Minister."  Protesters were holding up signs saying, "Stop the Occupation!"  They don't even know that Israel is really not occupying Gaza, Judea or Samaria.  They're all under Hamas and Fatah.  Well, they could have heard all the particulars but chose to just yell and shout.  By me, they're not students in any way shape or form. 


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Raining 80 Rockets in Southern Israel Again

Nadene Goldfoot
Tuesday seemed to start a barrage of 80 rockets and mortars hitting Israel that lasted through Wednesday night.  If citizens were living within 10 km (6.21 miles) of the Gaza border, they had to take cover in bomb shelters within 15 seconds, or at least be inside their own homes.  School was cancelled.  5 homes were damaged.  One received a direct hit with the bedroom of the daughter being the target.  Luckily, the girl was in Jerusalem visiting and was not there.  The miracle continues with her parents having breakfast and not being able to hear the siren giving people a 15 second warning so that they were still at the table and shrapnel went flying, but didn't hit them.  The pieces veered off in the opposite direction of where they were sitting.

We lost an IDF soldier Tuesday night when he evidently touched a gate close to the border in which was hidden an explosive bomb.  This was near the Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha.  6 people were seriously inured in the attack, 3 of them being foreign workers from Thailand. Dozens of others were treated for shock.

The terrorists were not only Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigade men but also the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine).  They seemed to work separately but under the same time frame and goal of hitting southern Israel.

As usual, we hit Gaza after being hit, and then they hit Israel after being hit in retaliation, and so it goes.  Israel managed to get in an air strike from 7:00pm to 7:30pm on Wednesday.  When Israel didn't retaliate, they just kept pounding away, anyhow.  The Gazans' terrorists have been told. : You hit Israel and we will hit back.

Ashkelon, Portland's sister city, was to be hit with 7 rockets aiming towards it, but was missed.  With all this furor hitting Israel, it looks like Qatar's Emir's money does nothing to quell Hamas's need for peace.  It probably has the opposite effect in emboldening them.  They may now think they have a partner.   This might cause Israel to  rethink Operation Cast Lead.  This deluge was a lot to bear.


Friday, October 12, 2012

A 60 Rockets Week in Southern Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Southern Israel has had 60 rockets rain down on them this week, ending the week on Shabbat at 7:30 pm during dinner with sirens going off in Netivot.  Two grad missiles landed.  One woman suffered shock so badly that paramedics had to be called.

These rockets and missiles from Gaza get to the terrorists from Egypt through tunnels.  The usual type are 122mm Grad rockets with a range of about 25 miles.  This type of artillery has been used since the days of Viet Nam  in the 1960's to today in Southern Israel and Syria. A 5 man crew is needed for some types and there are those that have a range of 251 miles.  

This is not the first time Netivot has been hit this year. Earlier a rocket fell near a school.   They have been targeted  since 2008.  This city of 26,700 lies between Beersheva and Gaza. Beersheva is the 7th largest Israeli city of 194,300 people and lies in the Negev desert.  The distance between Gaza and Beersheva is only 15.8 miles.   Beersheva is only 59 miles from Tel Aviv or 52 miles from Haifa. It's only 34 miles away from Jerusalem.   Everything is close in Israel.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simcha Torah Observed Despite Mortars and Missles Raining

Nadene Goldfoot
This has been the joyous season of  our High Holidays concluding with Sukkot on October 2nd and then Simchat Torah (Rejoicing of the Law from Moses) on the 9th, Tuesday. This was the time that reading of the Pentateuch in the synagogue was completed and the reading will start over again from the beginning.

For Southern Israel, it also meant the attack of 50 kassam rockets and mortars raining down.  Early that day 2 rockets fell, one at 6 am to start the morning off with and then another in the afternoon.  The city of Netirot was hit with one while the others fell without harming anything.  That night 3 Kassam rockets rained down.  That was it.  The IAF retaliated that night and hit a tunnel used by the Hamas terrorists.

50 kassam rockets and mortars rained down on Southern Israel.  Goats were killed on a kibbutz that belonged to the children.  The barrage came at 5:50 am.  That was in retaliation to Israel's retaliation of hitting 2 Jihad terrorists on motorcycles in Gaza.

Though Egypt told Hamas to cut it out, the terrorists ignored their directive and continued to attack anyway.

Resource: Arutz Sheva, IAF Hits Terror Tunnel in Gaza by Elad Benari

Arutz Sheva: Report: Egypt Orders Gaza Terrorist Ceasefire with Israel

by Chana Ya'ar 

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Drone Over Israel Downed: Possible Hezbollah-Iran Financed Terrorism

Nadene Goldfoot
A drone, possibly from the Lebanese Islamic militant group, Hezbollah, was sited over Israel on Saturday.  Israeli fighter jets shot it down.  That was the first time in the past 6 years that a hostile aircraft got into Israel's airspace.

Hezbollah is backed by Iran.  they are known to have sent drones over Israel before.  Right now Iran and Israel are at odds over the Iranians creating uranium to service A bombs which would be used on Israel.  Iran has threatened Israel saying they are going to destroy her and drive her into the sea and other nasty expletives.  After calling Israel every horrible name imagined and then some, they have the audacity to say that their program is for peaceful reasons only like medicine.

At the same time, Iran is having to deal with their very angry citizens who find the value of their money is shrinking quickly.  Iran is trying to placate international concerns over their nuclear program which has brought about restrictions on Iran and is starting to hurt them.  They say they have converted more than 1/3 of their most enriched uranium into a powder for a medical research reactor.  They say that this stuff would be hard to reprocess to make atomic weapons.  The goal for them now is to restart nuclear talks with the world powers and soften demands by the US and others to stop their top-level uranium enrichment.

The USA and allies want them to stop the 20% production and ship the rest outside the country.  Iran is adamant that they will never give up the capacity for this enrichment program.  Sanctions need to continue and the Iranians need to keep being vocal about their situation in order to change Tehran's leadership to finally make a deal.

Iran has almost 419 pounds of 20% enriched uranium produced.  They have made U308-uranium oxide from 157 pounds of it.  Experts say that it's not good material for making weapons.  Just how much of it do they need for medical research?  We're talking about the remainder of the 262 pounds they have ready to go into death dealing atomic weaponry.

Resource: Oregonian Sunday paper 10/7/2012 page A 11: Israeli jets down drone that had entered airspace, AP
page A12 Iran makes move to ease fears over nuke program by Ali Akbar Dareini, AP 

Anti-Semite Terrorist in France Killed

Nadene Goldfoot
Last month on September 19th an anti-Semite terrorist threw a grenade into a kosher grocery shop in Sarcelles, near Paris.  Yesterday the French police found the culprit through DNA results plus past history and raided his apartment.  Jeremie Louis-Sidney, 33, fired at the police with a a.357 Magnum pistol when they entered his apartment in Strasbourg and they shot back, killing him.

The police were busy that night, raiding around Paris, Nice and Cannes and rounding up 11 suspects.  They even found a list of Paris-area Israeli associations during the raid to be used by radical Islamists who recently converted to Islam.  Jeremie had been under the police radar since last spring as he had been sentenced to prison for 2 years in 2008 for drug trafficking and converted to Islam while in jail.

The grocery attack happened last month and the poorly made anti-Islamic video's reprisals just happened recently though about 8 minutes of the video has been online for several months already.  Cartoons had been published in a French satirical magazine of centering on Islam.    These are not reasons for any reprisals other than looking into themselves in some sort of  self evaluation.  There was no reason for picking on harming Jews other than plain old anti-Semitism that still hangs on.

Resource:  Oregonian Sunday newspaper, page A9, French cops kill gunman during anti=terrorism raid by Steven Erlanger, NY Times