Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hamas's Escalation of Attacks on Israel

Nadene Goldfoot

While South American countries are recognizing Palestine, Gaza's terrorists have stepped up their missile and rocket attacks on their future neighbor, Israel. What a way to win Israeli hearts! What's a worry is that their maps do not show Israel at all! It's all PALESTINE. You'd think they're planning on destroying Israel.

Two years ago, Israel had to deploy their 23 day Operation Cast Lead because they had been bombed for 6 years and their citizens couldn't take it anymore, especially in the areas of Southern Israel where Sderot and Ashkelon lie. Other than Israel, nobody raised their voices of protest to Hamas terrorists, so they just kept on terrorizing and warring. Countries seem to only want to find fault with Israel.

All this year, Israel has been hit with about 200 missiles and rockets. They fell in every one of the 12 months. On Monday and Tuesday, 15 mortars or rockets were fired from Gaza. One Israeli teenager was wounded. Israel filed a formal protest with the United Nations. They won't do anything about it but at least it's in writing. I hope Israel has a copy.

Are terrorists trying to instigate another Israeli operation? Continued rocket fire could bring it about again. Saeb Erekat has condemned the bombings and he is the Palestinian Authority negotiator. I wonder what he's doing about stopping it?

Alex Fishmen thinks Hamas is just testing their limits and are setting up new game rules. He's a writer for Yediot Ahronot.

Israel's military officials have found that the terrorists are now armed with Kornet missiles that can penetrate armor on tanks. This adds to the tension.

Since Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, Israel has had to blockade it both economically and militarily because they have sworn to destroy Israel. It's wartime. Because of this, Israel has been facing increasing international isolation. It's about impossible to get support from the US or the European Union today. Israel, of all the nations in the world is expected to take declarations of war on the chin and not react like others would. They are to sit like ducks in a pond and be shelled but not bite back.

Everyone is pondering the reasoning for the escalation. I see it happening because of the states recognizing Palestine already, the stalling of the peace talks with Abbas taking such a negative stand, and the wearing down of the world that is giving into terrorism. Hamas even has its own political problems. There are other wilder terrorists like Islamic Jihad and the Army of Islam who are butting into the fighting arena.

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