Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Kissing Oslo Accords Good-bye

Nadene Goldfoot

Salam Fayyad, unelected Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, just announced on Wednesday on his radio show that the PA will no longer be following the Oslo Accords that they signed in 1993. He said they wouldn't be a prisoner to their restrictions any longer. I wonder if he's also put this in writing.

The Oslo Accords were said by Feisal Husseini to be a Trojan horse designed to deceive Israel. So obviously this must mean that since the accords are now broken by the PA, Israel can also kiss them goodbye.

It could also mean that Israel could now annex the Israeli controlled areas of Judea and Samaria and create my new idea of calling the PA's area "Israel's Commonwealth," just like Puerto Rico is to the USA.

On the other hand, "Abbas said that despite the crisis in the peace talks with Israel, the Palestinians remained committed to a political solution on the basis of the road map and the Arab peace initiative, which he described as a “precious gift” to peace in the Middle East. Abbas plans to go to talk to Hosni Mubarak in Cairo tomorrow and discuss the situation. He said that as a last resort, he would ask Israel to take over.

"In exchange for statehood, the road map requires the Palestinian Authority to make democratic reforms and abandon the use of violence. Israel, for its part, must support and accept the emergence of a reformed Palestinian government and end settlement activity of the Gaza Strip and West Bank as the Palestinian terrorist threat is removed." They have not complied in reforming their educational goals in their hatred of Jews as shown in their textbooks. Their maps refuse to show Israel and instead just show Palestine. That would be under democratic reforms and using violence. They have had outbursts of violent acts of course, coming from their teachings and attitudes. Hamas broke off with Fatah in June 2007, so there is no reason for Israel to abide by the accords being they are constantly attacked. The Palestinians themselves are a divided group intent on different goals, at least on the surface. I do believe that Fatah differs only in that they are trying to achieve the same goal by diplomacy instead of so much bloodshed.

"Palestine" was to be all the land east of the 1949 armistice according to Palestinians. "The territory in question is home to approximately 500,000 Jews, along with up to 1.5 million Arabs, and includes historically Jewish towns as well as the Temple Mount, the Tomb of the Patriarchs, and Rachel's Tomb, Judaism's first, second, and third most holy sites respectively".

Resource: Palestinians Say They Are No Longer Bound By The Oslo Accords Daily News.

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