Thursday, December 23, 2010

People Undermining Peace for Israel

Nadene Goldfoot

A well known principal to establish peace between nations is to have a stable and long lasting peace through negotiations between the parties involved and a committment to keep the peace.

Israel has not known peace ever since its birth in May 1948. Her neighbors have been belligerent and unaccepting. I haven't noticed anyone condemming them. In the past, the USA has stepped up to the plate in defense for Israel when others have been their usual anti-semitic selves. However, I see a turn of tide and much two-facedness. On one hand the USA is a friend while on the other hand they are unconcerned or uncaring and certainly not understanding the issues. I feel that much of their attitude of late has encouraged terrorism. They seem to be down-right afraid to continue taking sides with Israel, not wanting the Muslims to think ill of them. In fact, they are denying their friendship or any favoritism with Israel.

December sees a rash of people ready to solve the problems between Israel and Palestine and have taken the sides of the Muslims. The Muslim population is almost equal to Christians right now, and Christianity is seeing a trend of non-practicing or caring about religion at this time. Jews are less than 1% of the world's population, have no oil, and are therefore unimportant in their eyes.

December 4: Brazil recognizes Palestine. This is followed by Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia, all South American countries who were not helpful at all to Jews during World War 2 or afterwards. Many Nazis found refuge there, though.

Europe was approached for recognition but has stated that it is not time yet for official recognition and they suggested the time would be around August 2011.

December 10: 26 Influential Europeans wrote a letter denouncing Israel's lack of "sincerity" and are deciding on sanctions from anything from the West Bank (thinking all products are coming from Jews), demand that Jewish settlements be disbanded.

Saeb Erekat wrote an Op Ed in the Engish newspaper, "Guardian" demanding to return 7 million Palestinian refugees to Palestine (Number of refugees have now grown from original 600,000)

December 11: Hillary Clinton made a speech in Washington DC saying that the it was unacceptable to keep Palestine from being born. She is demanding immediate talks on borders, security, settlements, water, refugees and the status of Jerusalem

December 12: Portugal made Palestine into an embassy.

December 17: Norway made Palestine into an embassy.

Nobody cares that that Abbas of the Palestinians refuses to talk to Israel anymore. He has wanted the subjects on the table to be discussed decided by him beforehand before he will talk to Netanyahu. It's all one-sided for him.

Nobody has demanded that Gaza Palestinians stop shelling Israel's civilians. Nobody has suggested they stop making war on Israel. Nobody has suggested that they show they can be respectful neighbors.

In their right minds, these people accepting and demanding recognition of Palestine would not want Palestine to be next door to their country. In the present context, they are demanding that Israel accept a death sentence because they have run out of patience, sitting in their homes safe and sound, not having to worry about Katusha rockets, poison gases, poisoned water supplies, missiles, or atomic attacks.

These people have just condemmed the only Democratic country in the Middle East, their ally, their friend in need in fighting terrorism and diseases because Israel is a Jewish state. I think Harry Truman is rolling over in his grave.

At a time when Palestinian terrorists from Gaza are infiltrating and plotting harm to the police force of the Palestinians in the West Bank, I can see that Palestinians are still a divided group with their own infighting for power, and the strongest are the terrorists of Gaza. This is not the time for a state of Palestine to be created, for their goal is the destruction of Israel. Yes, even Abbas's people would go for that. There's no sign that they are readying their people for acceptance of Israel's existence; it's been quite the opposite.
The more the terrorists get people tired of hearing about the Palestine-Israel problem and give into their demands, the more they demand. If the day ever comes when nations speak out for Israel will be the day of peace in the world.
Resource: Friends of Israel
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