Monday, December 13, 2010

Isrmail Haniya's Chutzpah

Nadene GoldfootI have never read such Chutzpah from Hamas in my life as what is found in the reference below.

In 2006, Abbas was defeated in an "election" and the Hamas terrorists won in Gaza. By June 2007 they forced out Abbas who found refuge in Samaria.

Hamas terrorists are about to celebrate their 23rd anniversary of the birth of their group, said Ismail Haniya. They repeated their aim to recover all of Palestine from the Mediterranean Sea to Jordan". Ismail will accept a peace deal with Israel only if the Palestinian people approve it in a referendum, he says. However, in the same breath, he says they will cede nothing. They will not ever recognize Israel. Their intention is to make all of Jerusalem their capital of Palestine. They will have no Jewishness in Jerusalem.

As if that will ever happen, they also demand a solution to the Arab refugees. Of course he wants all of them to return and live there.

The author of this article sees a shift from never accepting a peace treaty to an acceptance of one. I say, look at his stipulation and demands. He's asking Israel to give up as if it is a beaten country. He's asking for the moon! This is not going for any sort of peace treaty, but it's a statement of absolute war! Nothing has changed Gaza's stand of attacking Israel.

Mahmud al Zahar, another Hamas terrorist leader, showed his distain and hatred of Israel by burning the Israeli flag at a rally in Gaza City. At the Jebaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza, they also celebrated wildly at another rally. Masked terrorists marched in the Nusseirat refugee camp's rally in Central Gaza.

I note that these people have remained in refugee camps willingly or by the directions of their leaders since 1948. They have continued to be surviving on the assistance of the U.N. They are people on assistance for the longest time for the U.N. The aim was not to get on with their life after making such a blunder as to follow their leaders in the first place, but to remain a pitiless group used as a weapon against Israel. For 62 years these refugees have not worked, have not tried to make something out of Gaza, but have become fodder for the terrorists. Keeping them helpless and angry has been a campaign of hatred against Israel.

Now I see that the younger generation of terrorists have such radical hate for Israel without even knowing where it has come from, other than their teachings in their Koran. For it's not what Israel has done to them, but what their leaders teach them that they are completely immersed in Jihad.

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