Friday, December 24, 2010

Hamas Wants Truce With Israel

Nadene Goldfoot

How long will a truce last this time? After shelling Israel with 26 rockets and mortars into Israel this week with one exploding near a kindergarten, Israel conducted an air strike that killed a 5-man rocket squad and included shooting a "Palestinian shepherd" near the border.

The 27th of this month is the anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, in which a Seattle Palestinian biased group wanted to escalate tension for Jews by having 12 buses run for a month with huge ads against Israel that were very provocative starting on that date. The deal was denied finally by the bus company who changed their rules to the better. This is the same city that saw a terrorist walk into the Jewish Federation office and shoot 6 women of which one died not so long ago.

Now Gaza's Islamist Hamas leaders have signaled that they have a desire for mutual ceasefire. Israel feels they escalated the situation so now they can simply stop the rocket fire. Hamas and other terrorist groups had been committed to an agreement they had reached last year to stop firing rockets into Israel. Today, another rocket from Gaza landed into Israel, so where's the desire? I'm thinking they just want to rest and maybe take a bath, get more arms and start up again. It would be nice if they ever meant it.
12/25/2010: The latest is that the total rockets shot into Israel is now 30 with a 15 year old girl injured and Israel retaliating by hitting a Gazan training facility and a tunnel carrying weapons of which was devoid of people. Hamas is now threatening Israel to quit retalitation and they'll make Israel disappear. "You are going to disappear! "they declare. First they asked for the stoppage of fighting and now they're threatening. What do they want or expect? They only see the creation of Judea and Samaria into Palestine as a lull in the attack to make "Israel disappear." 1/25/10

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