Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ramallah, West Bank
Rumbling in Judea/Samaria "West Bank"

Nadene Goldfoot

In discussing the creation of a Palestine right next to Israel, one has to wonder if this means only the West Bank or also does this include Gaza as well. Right now the Palestine Authority is mulling over the possibility that they may have to deport 50 Hamas terrorists because of their "lies and fabrications." No doubt these Hamas people are trying to influence the Fatah-following residents. This is the problem. The Palestinians are not a united people intent on peace. It's hard enough to keep the "West Bank" peaceful as it is without instigating terrorists from Gaza weaving their spells over them. There are agents that have infiltrated both sides. These 50 terrorist leaders have been asked to pick a country they would like to be deported to.

In the last 24 hours, Hamas in Gaza had arrested 10 top Fatah officials in Gaza. This might be tit for tat.

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