Thursday, December 30, 2010

Palestinian Journalist Claims Israel No Apartheid State

Condensed by: Nadene Goldfoot

Khaled Abu Toameh is a Palestinian journalist who is also a citizen of Israel. He writes about Palestinian affairs, mainly on Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza. His past history was writing for the Palestinian press when the PLO was in command. Now he writes for the Jerusalem Post about Palestinian issues.

He feels that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about "Israel's very existence in this part of the world." Being a journalist interested in writing the truth, he's always looking for facts and truth.

He said that Israel is no apartheid state, but there are problems and some discrimination with the Arab minority. However, in an apartheid state he would not be working for a Jewish newspaper or live in a Jewish neighborhood or own a home, which he does. The laws of Israel do not distinguish between a Jew or an Arab. It's a free and open country with a democracy that respects the freedom of the media. He feels he can write any anti-Israel story and does not worry about his safety and that there is freedom to be a journalist in Israel. Here he is, a Palestinian Arab that only finds his freedom of expression in writing for a Jewish newspaper. How ironic!

Toameh said that if you want to find an apartheid state, look at Lebanon where the law bans Palestinians from working in 50+ professions. Apartheid is alive and well in many Arab and Muslim nations like Kuwait. His Palestinian uncle has been living there for 35 years and is still banned from buying a house.

Toameh continued saying that we should believe Hamas when they say they want to destroy Israel. Stop analyzing Ahmadinejad when he says he also wants to destroy Israel. He means it. The PLO, however, will say one thing in English and another in Arabic. Abbas is corrupt and weak without much power. The only reason he continues with the power he has is due to Israel's existence. If Israel had to withdraw to the 67 borders Abbas would collapse and Hamas would take over. He tells Israel not to give Abbas one inch of land in Judea and Samaria.

America and others need to tell Arab governments to stop the incitement that feeds radicals. Billions of dollars in aid from US and EU have been supporting various Arab dictatorships. They need to stop calling for Israel's death. We need to weaken Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas, the enemies of peace so that moderates can speak out. Military action is something they do understand, not talk and appeasement.

Resource: Abou Toameh, a Palestinian journalist's point of view. 8 page printout by Arsen Ostrovsky.

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