Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Mind-Set of the Islamic Movement Towards Jerusalem

Aksa Mosque

Nadene Goldfoot
Raed Sulah spent 5 months in Ramle's Ayalon Prison for assaulting and spitting on a police officer who was providing security at a demonstration sponsored by Sulah in 2007. He was just released on Sunday.

He sees a victory over "occupied Jerusalem and the Aksa Mosque and looks forward to the expulsion of Israeli occupation from both of these places. Nothing is more righteous in his eyes than the cause of taking over Jerusalem and the mosque. After his shout-out that they will cling to every piece of earth in Jerusalem, the crowd responded with cheers and then called out that "we'll sacrifice ourselves over al-Aqsa, Oh Raed."

I don't know why he is acting like there is such a problem for the Muslims in relation to this "Temple Mount." The mosque is under the administration of the Palestinian-led Islamic waqf, which consists of the diretor, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Islamic council. They have been allowed by Israel to retain their authority over the Temple Mount since 1967 when Israel won the battle of the Six Day War when Jordan and all the other surrounding countries attacked Israel.

How easily they get themselves all riled up over a city that is not number one of importance in Islam. It is the 3rd mosque that Muslims need to visit. The first is in Mecca and the 2nd is in Saudi Arabia. It was in Jerusalem that monotheism was declared by Judaism. Here, Muhammad stated in the 8th century that the angel Gabriel took him up into heaven on his horse to be shown signs of G-d. He then went back to Mecca.

The waqf prohibits Jews and Christians from entering the mosque. Israel complies with this demand by stationing Israeli soldiers outside to uphold their Islamic rules.

Yet, here is a Muslim leader plotting the takeover of all of Jerusalem and he's now out of prison.

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