Friday, December 10, 2010

Abbas's New Friend, Darfur's Genocidal Ruler

Nadene Goldfoot

Remember the genocide of Darfur? It started in Sudan in February 2003 and is still ongoing. 400,000 black Sudanese were killed by Arabs of the government. Who was the government? President of Sudan Omar Hassan Al Bashir was in charge. Sudan is the world's 8th most populated Muslim country. Its population is 43,939,598 as of July 2010 with 70% Sunni Muslims, 25% indigenous religions, and 5%Roman Catholics. 52% of the people are black. 39% are Arabs. Al Bashir runs an authoritarian republic.
Darfur is a very large (190,420 square miles or size of Spain) region of Sudan divided into West, South and North sections. It had been an independent Sultanate for about 200 years but was incorporated into Sudan by the Anglo-Egyptian forces.

Almost a year ago on January 9, 2010, Amnesty International proclaimed Global Day of Action for Sudan Awareness. They wanted to educate the public of the plight of the Darfurians so as to help protect them.

"A long-awaited referendum on southern Sudan’s independence, set in motion by a 2005 peace agreement to stop one of Africa’s worst civil wars, is scheduled for Jan. 9, 2011.
The vote could bring an end to the nearly one-million-square-mile experiment called Sudan, which for many troubled decades served as a bridge between the Arab and African world."
NY Times.

Abbas of the Palestinians just sent a letter to Al Bashir saying that he and his people have complete faith in his wisdom. He gives his personal support to him. The letter goes on to say that the Palestinian people stand side by side with their brother country, Sudan.

Al Bashir has been charged with murder, extermination, forcible transfer of people, torture and rape. He and his government are not nice people. This is who Abbas stands with and recognizes. This is his role model. This is scary, indeed. This is not the kind of man nor the kind of future neighbor that Israel wants or needs. Hamas is bad enough. Instead of wanting to emulate someone like the USA Canada, or even Jordan, Abbas picks the worst of the Arab regimes to align his future with.

Abbas has done other things, like take part in ceremonies revering terrorists who have been killed in action in ceremonies in the West Bank. He hasn't changed the goals of education but seems to keep them all hepped up to hate Jews.

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