Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jordan's King Abdullah II Speaks Out Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The TV program, Meet the Press, on at 9:30 am this morning, interviewed King Abdullah II of Jordan and asked him about Israel. He's all for the USA pressuring Israel about the creation of Palestine. He said that the only reason Iran is using Atomic energy is to be a policeman in the area and the problem is the creation of Palestine, which about 57 nations are all for. The problem is Israel.

Of course, he negates the facts that since 1948 all the Arab nations have not accepted the decision of the United Nations of that day that created an Israel in the first place, and that the surrounding Arab nations have continuously attacked her and have never recognized her place in their society. I guess it's all Israel's fault for existing, and they feel that is definitely a problem to them.

The king showed his true colors in this interview. In his cultured English accent, he sounded so sincere as he spoke. I wonder how many people will decipher his message. He has the same feelings as all the other 21 Arab nations. He is speaking out against Israel's right to exist. The USA should pressure Israel into doing this, he remarked. He is for a two state solution which just has not been possible for 60 years. It takes a 2nd state that is willing to exist side by side with Israel as a good neighbor and the transition hasn't happened.

Jordan itself hasn't been bad. They've been fairly good neighbors, begudgingly, I suppose. The king is an intelligent man. He's had a lot of his own problems with the Palestinians as had his father, King Abdullah I. They did join their cousins in attacking Israel in the many big wars, however. Just being in existence has been enough to tick off these Arab nations. We haven't had to do a thing other than be a successful producing state and remain Jewish.

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