Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fatah Showing True Colors
David Bedein, an old friend from Safed, Israel, writes from Israel that Fatah is not the peaceful ally one would hope for. They have again started their terror attacks against Israel. 250 terrorists involved in attacks in 2003 and 2004 had been pardoned by Israel. Today many are fighting Israel again, even encouraged by Fatah's leader, President Mahmoud Abbas.
They are taking advantage of Prime Minister Netanyahu's election and the world view being against him. In March and April they killed Israeli police and civilians. The USA has been training the Palestinian security forces, and these people are being recruited to attack Israel in turn. The Americans have been providing a "Senior Leaders Course," a 2 month program in Ramallah, overseen by Gen. Keith Dayton. They have had 80 graduates in two 40 student classes. Now they are also training Fatah commanders from the Palestinian National Security in Jordan in a 3rd class. There are 15,000 men in this group who police borders, get military intelligence, have military police services and provide presidential security. The Fatah security forces are still known as the al-Aqsa Brigades which have been defined by American law as a terrorist entity. Here we see that the US military is training them to be better warriors. The military is not following its own American laws.
I wrote several months ago that Fatah's ambitions were the same as Hamas; they just went about their goal in a different way. Here they are proving me right. We have already seen individual attacks from the West Bank on Israelis that were unbelieveable.

Resource: Israel Resource News Agency Fatah Terrorizes While Undergoing US Military Training

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