Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama Endorses King Abdullah's Plan Against Israel
The whole Arab League and including President Obama is endorsing an intitiative that will end Israel as a Jewish state stating it is for peace. Actually, it's their new proposal to end the state.
It would allow millions of "Palestinian refugees and their descendants" the right of return to Israel. This was not an acceptable consideration with Bush's administration, let alone any Israeli administration. It's an illogical idea that there were so many Arabs in the area in the first place, and this is just a way for them to take over our coveted land.
Israel would have to withdraw to the 1949-1967 armistice line, back to its beginnings at birth. Israel has already left Gaza which caused a disasterous outcome for Israel anyway you look at it. They would be forced to leave the whole West Bank, East Jerusalem, the entire Old City of Jerusalem where the Western Wall is, a most sacred site. A half million Jews would be forced to move.
George Mitchell said the US intends to incorporate the initiative into its Middle East policy. This statement comes after Obama met with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia during the G-20 summit in London. Obama spoke of his appreciation for Saudi Arabia's leadership in promoting the "Arab Peace Intitiative." I'm calling it the "Arab Takeover." Previously, Obama was quoted as saying that "the Israelis would be crazy not to support this initiative." I don't believe he understands a thing about it with such a statement. It would completely end Israel!
Oh yes, the Arabs have stated that if Israel complies, the Arab nations would normalize relations with Israel. Of course, it would then be an Arab country. Hello.

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