Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Abbas Refuses to Recognize Jewish State

Nadene Goldfoot
Push has come to shove, and the President of the Arab "Palestinians" refuses to accept that Israel is a Jewish State. To do so might negate his idea of the right of return of thousands and thousands of Arabs to swamp his "Palestine", therefore putting Israel in danger all the more. It's their idea of driving Israel into the sea and ending it once and for all.

So we come to stalemate. Marshall, Obama's representative, has said that the only solution is to have a Palestine next door to Israel, no matter what, it looks like. Just get the job done, get it on his resume, two states, side by side, and then they can fight it out again. Marshall will then be out of the way of crossfire.
To have a state next door that does not recognize the most basic fact in that it is a state created as a haven for Jewish people, at a time in the world where there is no Jewish state at all, and this would be the only one, is insane. Would anything else be recognized? Rights, Safety ? No, this is the point. This is not a workable idea.
If everyone thought that Abbas was so willing to have a reasonable situation and work with Israel, they were mistaken. He has just taken a different tactic. He's just a different personality from Arafat, but has the very same intentions. It's a sad fact of life.

Abbas said all this at a conference. At the end he was presented a map covering all of Israel with the name on it in English, Palestine. There's his intention, boldly presented.

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