Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Social Problems Among Jewish Israelis

If your brother becomes poor, you shall maintain him. (Bible, Leviticus, 25, 35)
Nadene Goldfoot
The Israeli population did not start off from a uniform level of income and education. People came from the Middle East such as Yemen and Morocco and others came from Western Europe and the USA.

To bring everyone to one level of income, consumption, education and housing takes a long time. They have progressively been moving in that direction. In 1971, the population of Israel included 1,400,000 immigrants of whom 700,000 came from Moslem countries where most were treated as dminnis; they were almost destitute.

Their education level was far below sabras (native born) and immigrants from other countries. Many were survivors of the Holocaust and released right out of the death camps in 1945. If they went to Israel, they were inducted into fighting in 1948.

Their families were much larger. A family from Aisa-Africa is 4.7 persons. One from Europe is 2.9 persons.
In 1968-69, 17.4% of heads of families were over 65 years of age.

In the early 1950's, new immigrants (olim) were placed in tents and shacks. 418,370 apartments were built in 12 years since then.

Now that Israel is 60 years old and has endured through many wars, and countless attacks, it's a wonder and a miracle how they have advanced. I think it's truly awesome. they haven't had a minute without a problem to solve. Kol ah ka vode.

Resource: facts about Israel

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