Wednesday, April 01, 2009

American's Misunderstandings About Benjamin Netanyahu

by Nadene Goldfoot
The American press has been very hard on Israel's new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, or "Bibbi." They have painted him as a right-wing extremist against peace. Of course, this is also associated with America's Republican Party, which is also called "right wing" and brings on thoughts of ex President Bush.
Nothing can be farther from the truth. Netanyahu was prime minister many years ago, and was also under crucifixion from the press. At that time he talked with Arafat and made and kept an agreement to withdraw Israeli troops from Hebron in 1997.

This gave the Palestinians rule over more than 80% of Hebron with a promise of leaving more areas of the West Bank in coming weeks. Hebron had a long Jewish religious and political history, and he gave it up for the hope of peace.

Again, in October of 1998 at the White House he agreed to turn over 13% of the remaining land to Palestinians in return for their pledge to stop terrorism, prohibit illegal weapons and prevent weapon smuggling. The Palestinians failed in this promise.

Today, the Palestinians are in two camps; Fatah and Hamas. Giving up more of Israel's teeny territory is no longer an option. Israelis see how giving up Gaza only brought more terrorism. Palestinians need to show they want peace. Israel has always wanted peace and has continually demonstrated this fact. Is it because they have done so the reason the world expects them to continue to give away the whole state?

Netanyahu is committed to peace. He focuses on improving the lives of the Palestinians by helping their economy. He feels this is a complement to political steps. He said that "if we have a strong Israeli-Palestinian economic relationship, it's a strong foundation for peace." He feels they should govern themselves as long as they do not threaten Israel. His new government will do all in its power to reach peace with their neighbor. All neighbors ready for peace will find Israel's hands outstretched before them.

Netanyahu was prominent when I lived in Israel from 1980-1985. I adored him. I could understand him. He spoke English and Hebrew so very well. He was intelligent and strong in his convictions. To hear Americans moan and groan about him repulses me. They only depend on the press coverage without knowing the truth about him at all. After the Olmert administration, I am delighted that Netanyahu won. I would have voted for him had I been there as I am a citizen. I felt that Olmert was giving away the baby in the bathtub, and Bibbi cares deeply for the baby and will protect it with his life. It is his baby, too.

Resource: Mitchell Bard #326 Is Netanyahu an Advocate for Peace?

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