Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Realistic Creation of a Palestine State
by Nadene Goldfoot
Israel is not about to jump into the fire to please the nations of the world. It doesn't intend to self-destruct.
Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud party has just been deemed the new Prime Minister. His foreign minister is Avigdor Lieberman of the Yisrael Beitenu , the 2nd largest party in the coalition. Lieberman has declared that Israel will not follow the 2007 Annapolis meeting's outcomes. Israel had never ratified Annapolis, nor did parliament. Instead, they will continue to follow the 2003 road map.
Netanyahu has not endorsed statehood for the Palestinians. He believe they should govern themselves but have limited powers of authority that would not harm Israeli's security. The 2003 road map was more realistic. This plan made the Palestinian state contingent on the Palestinians reining in militants.
To me, it is utterly ridiculous to create a state that is bent on destroying its neighbor. They must sign papers and show after an x amount of years that they are accepting Israel and willing to go to the nth degree to live in peace. Otherwise, it's like taking a new medicine that you know will create cancer and kill you. I am very happy to read that Israel's new government is more realistic and not so eager to satisfy and please greedy nations.
Resource: Yahoo News: Israel not bound by Annapolis understandings: Lieberman, by Jeffrey Heller

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