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Our Nemesis: Qaradawi

Nadene Goldfoot                                                            

86 year old Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a radical Muslim Brotherhood  religious leader, who is the world's leading Islamic scholar, arrived in the Gaza Strip recently to show his support for Hamas terrorists who aim to destroy Israel.  This hate-filled leader came as the leader of a delegation of 50 senior Islamics from 14 countries in order to urge Palestinians to continue the struggle against Israel.  Being he is the head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, he has power and influence.

One of his directions to Hamas  with its 1.5 million Gazan population was to not give up one inch of land to the Jews.  There is to be no concession on their demand of their "right of return" of millions of Palestinians to their pre-1948 villages and towns inside Israel."  This tiny state of Israel has 6 million Jews and 1.7 million Arabs.  It was created by Jews for Jews and is their refuge.  Being that there are  48 Muslim majority states or countries in the world already, Palestine would be the 49th.  It not only would be majority Muslim but is to be 100% Muslim.  They have no intentions of allowing Jews into their state.
He still insists that "Palestine" was never Jewish!  Evidently he refuses to read history books.  The Muslim Brotherhood should be embarrassed with this denial, as bad as Ahmadinejad saying that their was never a Holocaust in which the Nazis had killed 6 million Jews!  His denial of our history of almost 3,000 years of Jewish life before Mohammad was even born is ridiculous.  Obviously he's not about to talk about King Solomon who was so wise that the whole world had heard of him, even the Queen of Sheba.

So he preached to the gullible Hamas terrorists that "Palestine" has always been Arab and Islamic.  Always Islamic.  Amazing since Mohammad was born in 570 CE and died in 632 CE.  Jews go back to Moses who died in 1271 BCE when he commanded Joshua to enter Canaan and lead the Israelites into the land.  Jews eventually got around to accepting the idea of having a king and chose Saul, and then King David followed from 1010 BCE to 970 BCE and his son Solomon from 961 BCE to 920 BCE, and set up the monarchy of kings in the Empire of Israel and  then in the Empire of Judea.  Jews were overtaken in 70 CE when Jerusalem fell, but not all left.  However, all this history seems to be either unknown to these uneducated killers or ignored and denied outwardly.

Getting down to facts, Qaradawi is not too happy with Abbas ever sitting down to talk peace with Israel.  He's always pushing for jihad as the only tool to get what they want.  The Palestinians seem to be brainwashed into wanting to destroy Israel.  They love to hear his anti-Semitic remarks, so turned out to meet him by the thousands.  His banter is to speak of Israelis as "treacherous aggressors."  In 2009, one of his sermons was that "Allah, take this oppressive Jewish Zionist band of people.  Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them.   Oh Allah, count their numbers and kill them, down to the very last one!"

At the same time, John Kerry, US Secretary of State was talking to the Israelis and Palestinians with opposing goals than the Egyptian-born Qaradawi.

Qaradawi was expelled from Egypt by Sadat for his extremism.  He found comfort living in Qatar, and from there espouses his hatred for Jews on al-Jazeera TV.  He has the run of Qatar pretty much, being best friends with the government.  The USA will not allow him in the country but Britain says he is a "moderate" and allows him in.  To me, that is a political and business decision being so many Muslims live in England already.  It was not an ethical decision.

Qaradawi is known for justifying suicide bombings against Israeli civilians and other such forms of death for them.  He has said that he himself would strangle Jews if he could, but he is crippled and stays in his wheel chair most of the time.  He has put out a fatwa  telling his congregants to kill Jews.

This is not the usual conflict over land that one sees on the surface.  Down deep this is a religious conflict of the goals of Islam versus the survival of the parent religion, Judaism.  This is unfortunate, because it is extremism in Islam that has taken over a lovely religion brought to Arabs, the children of Ishmael and Esau who had left the house of Abraham so long ago.  Originally Mohammad wanted his people to also hear and follow what was in the books of Jews and Christians and he used his own words to bring it to them, but somehow along the way, jealousy crept into the message which is being used today.  Any Islamic preacher bringing a message that differs from Qaradawi is under threats.

The message seems to be making the rounds, as I just heard that someone has been receiving death threats for being Jewish.  Are we back to the 1930's?  Are more tolerant Muslims going to allow such an attitude that Abraham, 4,000 years ago tried to end?  For he did not only teach us that there was one G-d instead of the multitude people believed in that caused all such demonic acts as human sacrifice and such.  His teaching brought on Moses, who gave us the recipe for decent living that Mohammad admired so much, calling Jews and Christians, "People of the Book."  We were not to be killed because of that.   Why is religion in our life, in our DNA to find and to question about morality if not to have a world of peace for one and all?
Qaradawi is the "Joker" but  who is Batman?  Who is brave enough to counter this evil message in the world which has created such non-thinking robots-ready to carry out his orders?

Resource: by Khaled Abu Toameh,DB7611A2-02CD-43AF-8147-649E26813571,frameless.htm

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