Wednesday, April 09, 2008

United Nations Bias Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The United Nations has been overwhelmingly topheavy with Arab voters. They have been biased against Israel constantly. The new members have been selected who follow this recipe of hatred and hypocrisy.
Robert Falk was appointed overseeing Israel's conduct in the Palestinian territories. He has a history of comparing Israeli treatment of Palestinians to Nazi atrocities against Jews. There's nothing like starting with someone who is already prejudiced. He is not impartial as you would want from a juror in a trial. He is a Princeton international Law scholar that is against Israel from the start.

He is replacing John Dugard from South Africa. He was almost as bad and had compared Israel with their treatment of Palestinians to apartheid practiced in his own South Africa, which was a policy of the white toward blacks that did discriminate.

Israel's ambassador to the U.N., the Canadian ambassador, and Florida Congresswoman Iliana Ros-Lehtinen said, "This sad occasion reinforces the need for the United States and other responsible nations to demand fundamental reform of the United Nations."

After hearing of the appointment, Israel's foreign Ministry said that it would not allow him to enter the country after hearing his statements. Israel will deny him a visa to enter Israel, Gaza and the West Bank until a September meeting of the council. Then Israel will ask that he investigate Palestinian human rights abuses against Israel. Israel will also protest against his appointment, in that he certainly cannot be a fair man who comes in with a preconceived bias against Israel.

This is so offensive to every Jew and Israeli. Jews lost 6 million of their people in the Holocaust. They of all people in the world know what it is like to be oppressed and destined for slaughter. The Golden Rule of doing to others as you would have done unto you came from the Jewish religion. To attack Israel with the statement of them being like Nazis to Palestinians who are raining rockets on them and trying to kill them is indeed a convoluted mind set. The victims of hatred are being told they are the Nazis.

The United Nations and these two officials seem to forget that there has not been a peaceful moment between the Palestinians and Israel since 1948. Palestinians have been constantly plotting and scheming and attacking, trying to drive Israel out. They have not had much time in the past 60 years to learn to live with each other except for the ones who did not leave hoping to gain Jewish property in doing so. Those who remained are citizens and have everything Jewish citizens have except that they don't have to serve in the army. No other state or country in the world would have to accept the treatment Israel has been given by an antagonizer. Yet all the pressure is always on Israel. Hundreds of atrocities are overlooked by the U.N. who only use a magnifying glass on Israel. Any other country would just wipe out their enemies in one blow, or at least try. Israel has lost many young men and women in their attempt at patience and hope that somehow, the Palestinians would want to live in peace.

We Americans complain in the comfort of our homes that the Iraq War has gone on for seven years. Israel has bars on their living room windows or depend on bomb shelters they visit constantly and have even had to wear gas masks. They've been under attack for 60 years. Living like that, they find the organization that is to be fair and impartial and help to settle worldly problems blames them; not only blames them but calls them the most vilest of names; Nazi. Oh United Nations, you're not what you were designed to be. You're a cancer in the body of humanity.

Reference: Fox News on TV 3:50 pm.
Haaretz Newspaper
Nadene Goldfoot

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