Monday, April 28, 2008

Israel's Rights to Build Settlements
The Palestinians just aren't getting it. The Arabs were offered a chance to have their own state before May 14, 1948 and they turned it down as they opted to have the whole of Palestine and not share a drop of land with the Jews.
For 60 years they have not taken their option though they have been offered the chance many many times. Now, Israel has a perfect right to build settlements, though it is irking them very much. After the attack on Israel of 1967, Israel gained Jerusalem. Israel has stayed away from building in certain areas, but as the rockets keep falling in the south on Ashdod and Askelon, they have decided to build in parts that are under their control.
The sooner the rockets stop and Israel is recognized as a state by the Arabs, the better. Building sites can be discussed. Otherwise, I feel Israel has every right to do so. The Arabs are not compliant to Israel's wishes of not being killed, so Israel will just keep on building. When will they catch on that death is not the road to happiness?

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