Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hamas Attacks Own Gaza Gas Source
Four terrorists from Gaza crossed the Gaza-Israel border Nahal Oz at a fuel terminal and killed two Israeli civilians in their 30's. They had wanted to kidnap Israeli soldiers and have a trade-off for Palestinian terrorist prisoners. The terrorists had also hit a kibbutz. Ten rockets fell on it in thirty minutes.
After this happened, Israel used a plane to hit their car and a house in Gaza where terrorists were hiding. Israel had been warned that there would be an explosion on the border crossing. This was the place where imported fuel went into Gaza. Israel had cut it's supply before because of its use against Israel. Petrol is used in making rockets which they in turn fire against Israel. Not all of the supply was kept from Gazans. This happened right after a new supply of fuel was delivered by the European Union. The terminal may be completely destroyed now, so that their own people may not be able to get any supplies.

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