Monday, April 28, 2008

Ex-President Carter Lied on TV
I was listening to NBC's Meredith interviewing Carter this morning about Hamas and about his new book. She was questioning his meeting with the Hamas leader which was against USA's policy. First he denied that he had been asked not to go to talk with them as they are a terrorist organization. Condoleeza Rice had said that she had asked him not to go.
The big lie came when he said that after asking Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israel for a month to show good faith, it was Israel's fault that they didn't comply. According to the Oregonian of Wednesday, April 22, 2008, Hamas had a phone conversation with him telling him no, they would not stop firing on Israel. Also, Hamas refused to recognize Israel.
If you read my blog of April 22, you will see what I wrote about it on that day. I also have another article about Carter speaking with Hamas in
It is not unlike Carter to lie about Israel. He certainly did just that in his previous book where he knocked AIPAC. To lie like that on TV was amazing. Is he going to say that our Oregonian had it all wrong?

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