Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gaza Wants Fuel But Hits Israel's Fuel Storage Area

Hamas won the election somehow and took over Gaza. Last June Israel sealed off the Gaza Strip to all except for limited humanitarian supplies because this terrorist group showed their strength and hatred for Israel by sending rockets into Sderot and now Ashkelon, which is the distance their rockets can reach. The blockade is to put pressure on Hamas to stop firing the rockets. Even Jimmy Carter asked them to stop firing rockets for a month only, but they replied that they didn't want to stop. The terrorists hit the fuel area. They also have tried to hit the electric supply area that controls the fuel area as well as electricity into Gaza. They are hitting civilians and buildings indiscriminately. In Ashkelon, a rocket hit an area that one of my friends was sitting by only a few days before. Rockets have fallen in the perimeter of Ashkelon's only hospital. Citizens of Sderot have been in the bomb shelters continually, coming out to hurry to the bathroom and not much else.

Terrorists have attacked Israeli civilians, especially at the crossings where fuel, food and other goods go into the Gaza Strip. This Rafah crossing has opened a few times, but terrorists keep attacking. Almost all fuel goes through the Hahal Oz terminal which is on the Israeli border. Terrorists attacked it on April 9th, and killed two Israeli employees.

Aid groups are not happy about this. Now they realize that they are not getting food supplies. They are just realizing that fuel is not only for trucks but is necessary to generate electricity, power the hospitals, cars, pump water and sewage, and other reasons, probably to make rockets.

Instead of getting the terrorists to stop the rocket shooting, which is why there is a blockade, they turn against Israel, and feel no remorse for them. They whine that they had to wait for four days to get food to Gazans because they needed fuel for their trucks. They're even complaining that this is a war crime against the Gazans. Never mind that the terrorists are killing and attacking Israel.

The chutzpa of the terrorists is that they are accusing Israel of jeapardising the health of their civilian population! Is it healthy for Israel to dodge rockets? I believe the whole world has turned into the town of Chelm, the town of idiots. They did finally think to ask the terorrists, who are now being called "armed groups", not to shoot at civilians or border crossings that are used to transport fuel, food and other supplies into their Hamas territory. I don't think they are listening. They still call Israel the occupying power in Gaza, knowing full well that we have moved out a long time ago and are not "occupiers", but it sounds terrible to the uneducated public who care not to keep up with the situation. If these groups put pressure on the terrorists to stop firing and come to peaceful terms with Israel, I wonder if they would stop. It's much easier to pressure Israel.

Mahmud Zahar, senior Hamas terrorist, warned Israel that his terrorists would use "every means" against Israel if Israel did not accept a proposed truce around the Gaza Strip. By "truce", he stressed that this means opening all border crossings into Gaza including the Rafah crossing with Egypt, which bypasses Israel. This has been opened only a few times since they took over in June after they routed Fatah terrorists out of the area. Before then Abbas, head of Fatah, and Israel had an agreement which included European Union observers stationed at the terminal with surveillance cameras so that Israel could monitor the comings and goings. Of course Zohar will not tolerate any observers this time. No, they want to have full control so that they can infiltrate and attack Israel easier.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said that he didn't think there would be a truce in the Gaza Strip. He feels Israel is locked in a showdown with Hamas. What the terrorists want is a "Arab hudna", which is a time to rest so that they can commence attacking again. This is a confrontation.
Monday, Israel had an operation in northern Gaza and a missile struck near the home of a family and killed the mother and her four children. Israel pinpoints where groups of terrorists are, and again, they hid near homes of people. It's very hard not to hit civilians under these circumstances. This doesn't make Israel happy.

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