Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jordan, Israel's Neighbor
Jordan's population is similar to that of Israel's 7,184,000. They have 5,924,000 people. 95% are Arabs of which 44% are Jordanian and 31% are Palestinian. Being a monarchy, the government is different from democratic Israel. If you're a Palestinian you cannot buy land or be considered a citizen unless you renounce your Palestinian connection and become a Jordanian. This is what immigrants had to do when coming to the USA. My ancestors renounced the government of Russia to file for citizenship in the states.
Jordan was born on May 25, 1946. This is when the British Mandate ended for them. It is a constitutional monarchy with a representative government and a king and queen. It used to be called Transjordan. The Hashemite kingdom took over in 1921 with King Abdullah.
In 1950 they annexed the West Bank but in the 1967 War with Israel, where they joined about 6 other Arab countries to attack, they lost and Israel gained the area that was originally called Judea and Samaria. They not only had 700,00 Palestinians in their country by then who had left Israel in 1948 but gained 300,000 more from the West Bank. By 1970 Jordan was fighting the Palestinians who were trying to take over Jordan and many were expelled.
They signed a treaty with Israel in July of 1994. For a long time, Jordanians have entered Israel every day to work.
Jordan is 89,342 kilometers or 45,494 sq miles in size.
Israel is 20,770 to 22,072 kilometers or 8,019 to 8,522 sq miles in size.
One can see that Jordan has a lot more room than Israel. They also have a smaller population than Israel and have the room to take in more Palestinians. Since the West Bank lies between Israel and Jordan, it would be an easy move to bring in more Palestinians into Jordan. However, since when has logic prevailed in the Middle East? Perhaps the Palestinians just want a democracy only found in Israel.

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