Friday, May 17, 2013

Syria's Russian Back-up Has Arrived

Nadene Goldfoot
No wonder Assad was so cocky about Israel's possible  presence doing away with possible chemical weapons and missiles most likely destined to use against Israel.  His back-up of 12 or more Russian warships are  already patrolling.  Russia just happens to have a navel base in Syria and  tens of thousands of Russians stationed in Syria.  Tartus is their military outpost that some describe as sort of a service station, but they have plans of enlarging it.

Russia has sold the Russian  Yakhont missiles,a  supersonic anti-ship cruise-missile (P-800 Oniks) to Syria which could easily get into the hands of Hezbollah and harm both Israel and the USA. They can travel anywhere from 120 km or 74.5 miles to 300 km.or 186.4 miles, depending on altitude.  

Syria's Assad government is protected by Iran and Russia.  He must be like a puppet in their grips.


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