Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simcha Torah Observed Despite Mortars and Missles Raining

Nadene Goldfoot
This has been the joyous season of  our High Holidays concluding with Sukkot on October 2nd and then Simchat Torah (Rejoicing of the Law from Moses) on the 9th, Tuesday. This was the time that reading of the Pentateuch in the synagogue was completed and the reading will start over again from the beginning.

For Southern Israel, it also meant the attack of 50 kassam rockets and mortars raining down.  Early that day 2 rockets fell, one at 6 am to start the morning off with and then another in the afternoon.  The city of Netirot was hit with one while the others fell without harming anything.  That night 3 Kassam rockets rained down.  That was it.  The IAF retaliated that night and hit a tunnel used by the Hamas terrorists.

50 kassam rockets and mortars rained down on Southern Israel.  Goats were killed on a kibbutz that belonged to the children.  The barrage came at 5:50 am.  That was in retaliation to Israel's retaliation of hitting 2 Jihad terrorists on motorcycles in Gaza.

Though Egypt told Hamas to cut it out, the terrorists ignored their directive and continued to attack anyway.

Resource: Arutz Sheva, IAF Hits Terror Tunnel in Gaza by Elad Benari

Arutz Sheva: Report: Egypt Orders Gaza Terrorist Ceasefire with Israel

by Chana Ya'ar 

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