Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shock and Awe Over "Breaking the Silence" Group

Nadene Goldfoot
If ever there was a state of individualistic thinkers, it's Israel.  This is a more democratic state than others professing to be one.  Like Chaim Weizmann said to an American president in conversation; he was the president of 2 million presidents.

Jews have been taught to think for themselves in Yeshivas and in their homes and not be swayed by mass opinions.  Israel was created on democratic principals and is sticking to their decision.  Lately, a group of 30 former Israeli soldiers wrote about their experiences in the treatment of Palestinian children during operations and arrests in occupied territory as well as disclosing events about checkpoints which they themselves did not understand the rules they had to follow.  This was published by "Breaking the Silence."  Where this more likely would have been the topic of conversation with a guidance counselor in an AA group in the states,  it's made the press.  I have a feeling that their well developed sense of what is right and what is wrong brought about this admission.

We have our Peaceniks and parades of people in Israel marching for the left.  When lives were in jeopardy and even they were worried, the right gained momentum.  Everybody always has an opinion of their own.

One thing for sure; we don't cover up facts or gloss over them.  We are a people with ideals from the extreme left to the extreme right.  Where Egypt just erased (not an easy thing to do on stone walls) the presence of some Pharaoh who lost his following, we let it all hang out, like the escapades of King David and Bathsheba.  Even the story of how Joshua entered Eretz Yisrael is told in detail.  Our Tanakh sometimes reads more interestingly than today's soaps do with all our heros'  foibles because people are exposed with their frailties as well as their achievements.  .

Now I'm afraid that this will be fodder for Arabs and people like Goldstone to bash over Israel's heads.  Most soldiers try so hard, at the expense of their own lives even, to be more than fair with their dealings with the Palestinians.  Like American soldiers, sometimes this has not been the  case.

One thing I noticed was their disagreement at a checkpoint on the stringent Israeli rules that if someone's great grandfather had thrown rocks at Israelis, they couldn't get into the land to work.  That told me that these things are not forgotten and are on record.  I know that Israel has to take extreme care not to let anyone in who might either be a terrorist or who has terrorist connections.  I'm much older than this young soldier who in the sunlight and beautiful scenery might not feel the same way when greeted by some Palestinian needing a job in the Jordan Valley.  The fact that we've been at war with Palestinians for 64 years now makes this modern day soldier look at throwing things as not a big deal.

One thing to realize is that theseare the confessions of just 30 soldiers over the past 64 years where a state has had to have all their citizens be drafted into the army.  It's a very small % that have stories such as these.  What is important is the freedom of the press, and that freedom of speech is not suppressed.

 This would not happen in  a Palestinian state where Jews will not even be allowed to live.  It's already been planned that the future Palestine is to be Judenrein, (no Jews allowed.).  Judea and Samaria and Gaza use school books calling Jews all sorts of animals and debased creatures.  The hatred they have towards Israel has been well developed through horrible brain-washing techniques.  Yet Israel must stick to their principals of  not treating others as they wouldn't want to be treated.  The Golden Rule must be carried out, even under these outlandish circumstances.  

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