Monday, October 29, 2012

Amazing Facts About Qaradawi, Qatar and Palestinian Leaders

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas took over Gaza's rule in 2007.  Khaled Meshal is their leader, but the spokesman for the Palestinians has been Fatah's leader, Mahmoud Abbas from Judea-Samaria (West Bank). They have joined together and are both very strong against Israel.

Both Meshal and Abbas have been living in Qatar.  In the mid-1950s, Abbas became heavily involved in underground Palestinian politics, joining a number of exiled Palestinians in Qatar, where he was Director of Personnel in the emirate's Civil Service."  "The eldest son of Mahmoud, Mazen Abbas, ran a building company in Doha and died in Qatar of a heart attack in 2002 at the age of 42.

Not surprisingly, Khaled Meshal has had a house in Qatar for many years and has been seen in the capital, Doha since Hamas organizers were forced to leave Syria in early 2012.  What happened was that Meshal had been living in Damascus but when Syria wanted to have some indirect peace talks with Israel, Meshal objected.  The result was that Syria asked him to leave.  Meshal then went to Sudan.  Meshal had been living in Syria because he had been kicked out of Jordan 10 years prior.

 Qatar's Emir Hamad bin Khalifah Al Thani just visited Gaza and made the the gift of $400 million.  Immediately, the effect of that gift has been a bombardment rocket attack on Israel.  By visiting Gaza, he has in effect put an end to any chance of peace agreements between the Hamas-Fatah union and Israel.  Now Abbas is game enough to go to the UN on the 15th or 29th of this month to ask for recognition.  He's doing so against the advice of the USA and of course, Israel.  He's liable to lose their money, but who needs it when he as Qatar behind him.

Gaza had been fortified with money from Syria, who are a mixture of Sunnis and Shi'as and who are an extension of Iranian Shi'a Muslims.  In fact, it was Iran's money which was going to Hamas.  Hamas stopped supporting Syria, so Iran stopped supporting Gaza.  That's where Qatar stepped  in.

 Iran's terrorist group is Hezbollah,  Shi'as who plot and scheme out of Lebanon. They were trained by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. So Lebanon is really an arm of Iran, just like Syria.

  Abbas, who represents Judea-Samaria (West Bank) , is a little grumpy about Meshal's strong connection with Qatar saying, "no one should deal with Gaza as a separate entity from the Palestinian territories and from the Palestinian Authority", which he represents.

Qatar is supporting the rebels in Syria. Qatar also are the power-people in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Qatar  houses Qaradawi, the Egyptian religious leader who leads the Muslim Brotherhood.   Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is supported by Iran. So Qatar and Syria are now at odds.

The relationship of the Arab countries is not all sweetness and light.  Sunnis and Shi'as fight like enemies when is suits them though both are Muslims.

Qatar(Sunni)  with a population of only 744,029 is taking on Iran (Shi'a) with a population of 76,923,300.  Qatar follows the  Hanbali fiqh of Sharia law while Iran follows the Jafari fiqh.  Qatar has been buttering up the USA while Iran only ignores the USA and is contemptuous.  Qatar and Iran share the world's largest gas field which is why Qatar has so much money.  Iran stooped low and starting attacking and stealing equipment from Qatari gas rigs.  They pretend to be nice to each other but Qatar is making Iran mad.  What will the outcome be here?  Qatar houses Qaradawi, the Egyptian religious leader who leads the Muslim Brotherhood.   Iran has the Ayatolla Khomeini.  I see a brawl over not only oil power but religious power as well.  Both Qatar and Iran want all Jews dead according to their respective leaders, Qaradawi and Ahmadinejad.  .

This gets so convoluted.  Here is the line up of countries involved and the oil they produce and keep in reserve.  .

1. Iran -Shi'a-  2nd largest oil reserve  136.3 billions of barrels
2. Iraq-Shi'a and Sunni-3rd larges oil reserve  115.0 billions of barrels
3. Syria-Shi'a and Sunni- 15th largest oil reserve  2.5 billions of barrels
4. Lebanon-Shi'a and Sunni- no oil
5. Qatar-Sunni- 8th largest oil reserve 15.2 billions of barrels
6. Eygpt-Sunni- 13th largest oil reserve  3.7 billions of barrels
7. Sudan-Sunni-12th largest oil reserve  5.0 billions of barrels
8. Saudi Arabia-Sunni  Has the most oil 262.3 billions of barrels in reserve
9. Libya-Sunni- 6th largest oil reserve 41.5 billions of barrels
10. Jordan-Sunni- no oil
11. Israel-Jewish-no oil  -oil found, may be in production by next year.

The result is that these two Palestinian leaders have spent much time living in Qatar.  The larger neighboring countries have been pouring money into Gaza to gain power.


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