Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Weekend of 120  Rockets and Mortars Raining on Southern Israel
Nadene Goldfoot

So far 120 rockets and mortar shells have been shot into Israel this weekend.  Israel's IDF hit Gaza in retaliation and may have to have a ground offensive to stop the attacks.  Five Israelis have been wounded just trying to get to their bomb shelters.  The Iron Dome stopped 10 of the rockets. 

Offers of cease fire were relayed through the day.  After hitting Israel very hard, Hamas offered a cease fire which is typical.  In the past one is offered and then ignored.  This time Israel did not take them up on it.  This weekend Izzadin Kassam, the military wing of Hamas led by Ahmed Jabari would not listen to their Prime MinisterIsrmail Haniyeh who wanted a cease fire.

This escalation went on after Gazans hit the school bus wounding a 16 year old boy in the head.  It would have been worse but the bus had just let off 40 students.  Hamas pounded Israel hitting Beersheba, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ofakim, Sderot and other belt communities.  Usually it is Sderot that gets most of the punishment. 

More than 20 Hamas terrorists were killed in the attacks and others were wounded in Israel's answer of air strikes.  Earlier the air force killed 3 senior Hamas commanders in a car in Rafah.  The commander had been the one leading the rocket strike on Eilat a few months ago and was a part of the 2006 kidnapping of Gilad Schalit.  The IDF also hit a terrorist cell behind the firing of Grad-model Katyusha rockets into Ashkelon earlier which got a senior Hamas field commander. 

Hamas now is saying that they will escalate and hit more targets deeper into Israel if Israel does not stop the aerial assaults. 

Such an attack caused about 750,000 Israelis to go to their bomb shelters.  Governments have thought that if the casualties in Israel are not high, being bombed really is not all that bad.   It is.  There may have not been a loss of life all the time, but the pressure of living under attack constantly brings about PTSD and other problems.  The point is that they cannot live a normal life, homes are often taking the brunt of an attack, and it's just too much.  Hospitals have had to go underground as well as manufacturing.  The goal of Hamas is to destroy Israel and until that changes, they will not change.  There is nobody around except Israel that is trying to make this point.  We will never see the day that America would put up with one rocket or missile fired into its territory without putting a quick stop to it, yet they have been expecting Israel to do what they would not do without raising a ruckus with Hamas or Fatah.  Israel has had very little help on their side against such a monsterous way to live.  Hamas keeps getting their money for noncompliance and the UN keeps clucking away against Israel.    

Somehow, Hamas thinks they can escalate and Israel will do nothing and now they blame Israel for the violence.  They're copping a plea that Whoops,didn't mean to hit the school bus.  Gee, the yellow school bus was carrying children? commented Abu Zuhri?  That road is also used by IDF vehicles. 

Resource: IDF vows to keep up air strikes as 120 rockets hit South added 10:35 am

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