Thursday, April 07, 2011

Israeli School Bus Hit: Rockets and Anti-Tank Missile Used Against Israel
Nadene Goldfoot
Israel had to endure three hours of being attacked by 45 rockets  today.  A rocket taking direct aim at Ashkelon, Portland's sister city, was stopped by a new defense mechanism, the Iron Dome anti-missile system  by Israel which was now tried out.  This all came about after  a Palestinian anti-tank missile hit an Israeli school bus which had just let out 40 children at the nearby stop.  It  injured the school's bus driver and a seriously injured a 16 year old  boy.  A military spokesman said the bus had been struck by an advanced Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missile fired from about two miles away. Hamas, which rules Gaza, asserted responsibility for the attack. added 4/8/11
4/17/11  The boy died today.  He never had regained consciousness. 

Israel responded with an attack using their planes and artillary which killed 3 people.  By nightime the attack was over. 

This attack on Israel by Hamas was in reaction to Israel hitting their security compound in Gaza City after they had been  attacked. 
Resource: added 4/17/11

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