Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Egyptian Gas Pipeline Attacked and Exploded

The pipeline from Egypt that supplies Israel and Jordan's gas has again been attacked this month.  An armed gang in the North Sinai area in Egypt blew it up.  This was south of el-Arish, 30 miles from Israel's border.  It exploded and had to be shut down. 

Jordan generates 80% of its electricity from this pipeline.  Israel gets 40% of its natural gas from this source.  Syria also imports gas from Egypt.  Now Jordan will have to use diesel fuel, which is more expensive.

Bedouin tribesmen live in the area and have been known to complain about being neglected and oppressed by Egypt's government.  They had tried to sabatage the pipeline in July 2010.  There is opposition elsewhere because Israel is blockading the Gaza Strip for its own self protection against the group sworn to destroy Israel.  Then Egyptians have claimed that Israel is getting special treatment with lower rates.  The Supreme Court overturned a ban that had never been enforced. 

Egypt has been supplying Israel with natual gas since 2008 in a 20 year deal.  Oil has recently been discovered in Israel offshore and is being developed.

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